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Looking for a SUPPORT GROUP

Hi! I'm looking for a support group preferably in Bulacan area (Tabang, Guguinto, Malolos, Paombong, Calumpit, Plaridel, Balagtas). I'm not really depressed but I want to change my mindset from being a pessimist to being an optimist. I want to be surrounded by positive people or people with the same goal.

I know that change would start within myself but it would be more effective if I have the will, effort, and the GROUP. My friends and family aren't supportive. In fact, they are very negative about everything. I don't want to be like them that's why I do my best to think positive. I read a lot of self-help books, pray a lot, eat healthy, sleep soundly, and tried meditation. I also express my thoughts via writing. But I know positivism would be much stronger if it is collaborated by the group of people.

I'm a strong believer of the law of attraction. I hope I will attract people of my kind. Isn't it nice to draw confidence and encouragement from positive people? What I am looking for is like a religious group but the only difference is were not going to study the bible, instead were going to focus on ways on how:
- to be more positive
- to control anger
- to deal with pride and destructive ego
- to deal with hatred, insecurities and jealousy
- to develop successful habits
- to deal with rejection
- to deal with criticism
- to attract positive things in life
- to define your goals in life

In short, I want to meet a group of people who shares the same belief as mine, that thoughts are things. Whatever people focus on or nurture in their minds, they will achieve it. Positive energies, when collaborated, will achieve anything that it ask for.
I want a group where we will help each other to direct ones thought toward success, hope and positivity.


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