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Rank the greatest PGs in the modern era of RP bball

KevinDurantKevinDurant Member ✭✭✭
How would you rank these Point Guards of the modern era of Philippine basketball. Of course pioneers are Jaworski, Arnaiz, Fernandez Guidaben, Co among others (not saying these are PGs but just stating some stars of the first wave of PBA stars).

I would define the modern era as the second wave of stars entering the league. Late 80's up to now.

team accolades, contributions to team and the league and RP bball itself and may also include individual skills/talent.

I'd say the conversation will just go into these five. I think each one of them, at one point in their career was the best at their position.

Calma, Abarrientos, Magsanoc, Alapag, Helterbrand and Racela.

Kindly rank them with from 1-6, with #1 as the Greatest PG of the modern era of RP Basketball.


  • mackygulomackygulo Member ✭✭✭
    My choice are not about popularity and achievements. It's more about players I want to play for my dream team.

    1.) Robert "Sonny" Jaworski (until 1992)
    2.) Johnny Abarrientos (1996-2003)
    3.) Lamberto Romero Vicente Jr.(2007)
    4.) Willie Miller (2001-08)
    5.) Eugine Guilban (1992-94)

    If there's a worst list. MP is on top of my list.
  • popskypopsky Itatawid, ihahatid kita.. ✭✭
    Pabor ako sa list na yan kasi kasama si JJ.
  • hitch22hitch22 Member PExer
    I admire cerebral point guards, my list - Calma, Abarrientos, Magsanoc, Alapag, Cortez, Tenorio.
  • twelvedozentwelvedozen In God's perfect time. PExer
    Kasama talaga si JJ. :rotflmao:
  • booksalebooksale Member ✭✭✭
    here's my top three:

    1) ricky brown
    2) jimmy alapag
    3) johnny abarrientos
  • alindahawalindahaw Cafe..Waiting..Love ✭✭✭✭
    Jeje and Racela doesnt belong in the top 5.. Kung International games ang pag uusapan, i would pick Magsanoc and Alapag as our guards. You cannot go wrong with these two, great 3 pointers and playmakers.
  • TotnakTotnak Theistic Apologist ✭✭✭
    1. Johnny Abarrientos
    2. Hector Calma
    3. Jimmy Alapag

    outside of those 3, I really cannot think of any other PG that could be spoken of in the same breathe with them......

    The Flying A is arguably the best PG ever given his offensive skills, defensive IQ and achievements.....

    The Director comes in as a close second for me....I haven't seen anyone who could direct floor traffic the way Calma only beef against him is his lack of offensive armada....

    and The Mighty Mouse completes my list....he is like a lesser flashy version of Johnny A. with a potent three......
  • BMKBMK Member ✭✭
    Abarrientos, Calma, Magsanoc
  • booksalebooksale Member ✭✭✭
    nobody showing any love for the quick brown fox. how is that possible?
  • KevinDurantKevinDurant Member ✭✭✭
    Kaya nga modern era.
  • booksalebooksale Member ✭✭✭
    part of the modern era ba si hector calma?
  • Napa login ako bigla nung nakita ko yun pangalan ni Jeje.

  • E~boyE~boy Bann?d by Adm?n PExer
    manny pacquiao:confused:

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