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Official PEx Book Review: Charlie Sparks: A Sorcerer’s Tale

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Charlie Sparks was first written by the author when he was 11 years old and clearly a child’s colorful imagination is evident in this book. Over the course of a decade, the novel was rewritten and revised and the final Charlie Sparks: A Sorcerer’s Tale has finally come to press to give a special kind of adventure for young readers (and those young at heart too!)
Charlie Sparks’ idyllic teen life was shaken when he discovers the truth of his past. Charlie embarks on an adventure to Silver Spring, the magical world of sorcery where he will face dangerous monsters and demons nightmares. Charlie finds out that this isn’t an ordinary adventure as he will learn to discover the true meaning of heroism and sacrifice
The debut novel of CN Tan is clearly inspired by a lot of fantasy adventure books targeted to kids (most notably the Harry Potter series) but make no mistake as this book is not just a cheap rip-off as it also introduces unique elements which will be a quite a delight to readers who will grab this book. One thing I found impressive with this novel is was its imaginative world-building. The Sorcery World of Silver Spring where the story took place is so inspired that the sense of wonder is clearly felt all throughout the book. Every detail is carefully written because as you read the words you can easily see the picturesque environment of this magical world. The story is also filled with wonderfully drawn out characters that you can’t yourself but love them to bits. Truth be told, I can’t help but think that this story would work out better as a graphic novel as the vibrant setting and vivacious characters would likely work even better on that format. As for the story itself, I have to admit that there are time that the story tends to over-complicate matters by stuffing too much exposition and conflict building that it became slightly unfocused especially in the middle chapters. There are also quite a number of characters that were not developed to their fullest potential but as the story progresses; it became a quick page turner as you can’t wait to see what will happen next. The novel ends on a note which is open for a sequel or two but don’t worry as the story is strong as a standalone and you won’t feel like you were shortchanged of well-constructed plot with a good payoff.
While it is not flawless by any means, Charlie Sparks: A Sorcerer’s Tale is a strong debut from a young writer. The novel’s biggest asset is that it was not afraid to let loose and wander to the limits of one’s imagination. You can clearly see and feel the love the author has for the character and the world he has builds the words he had in his mind translated well on every page. The novel might not offer anything groundbreaking but it’s a story worth reading for anyone who yearns for a well-told story of drive, love and passion.

Rating: 8 / 10

The book is available at Fully Booked branches for P350. Those outside PH can buy via Amazon. You can also contact the writer through his PEx account - cyrilltan27 -


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