Filipino magic?????????????????????????????? — PinoyExchange

Filipino magic??????????????????????????????

do you believe in ancient Filipino magic? do you know anyone involve in such practice?

do you know about postive/negative magic & the signs?

listen fools.

sometimes the blank canvas is the most powerful but beware of those in sheeps clothing.

I know things you will never know and that you will never know but be careful about youre ego it shall prevail over you...,
Lakambini will come to clean the dirt but in the long run IT will need to change itself.
the blood of the ancestors shall prevail thus of you who clash with his wrath will fall into the territory where you shall not be needed
and those of you who open the pandoras box will reveal much of yourself than those you talk about.

sometimes the best things are kept secret.....................................
thats why dont mess around with Philippines .... and those ancestors of ours have cried for our motherland
but are watching you like a hawk in the Kingdom of god, but they know who the children of God are and you who will not see the Children
will never be able to enter gods kingdom.

when they comidify one of us they dont even know what they are talking about.....

the higher entity has a delicate task for all of us and I am one of is powerful advocates.

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