Metro Manila & NCR shud b dissolved into 1 city. pinoys don't deserve democracy

Squatter tanggal, pasig river malines
Corrupt traffic enforcers and ASBU power trippers will be forced to find other means of income. Mang holdup nalang sila sa gabi.
Traffic will be smooth, no more bus AND jeep stupidity
Other cities will be affected positively as well

Filipinos dont deserve freedom. Tapos ipagbawal and abscbn at gma magbroadcast sa NCR. Poison sila, the poor becoming tyrants


  • PinoyxchangePinoyxchange Banned by Admin PExer
    The monkey dinosaurs like erap binay , lahat na sila na mga mayor, will be reduced to mere mortals
  • cretinous00cretinous00 The sea! The sea! PExer
    are you another idiotic ch|nk who takes time to decide which continent to live in?
  • PinoyxchangePinoyxchange Banned by Admin PExer
    It's not the race or the bloodline, it's the culture. Filipino culture is a damaged culture, it's a lethal virus.

    You want to destroy china , easy, let filipinos breed there and export it's deadly culture of self destruction

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