Paolo Dela Concepcion Of Please

sobrang gwapo this guy from la salle... upper batch siya.. grad na yata... any info about this hunky cutie?


  • bondgirl2003bondgirl2003 vavavoom PExer

    i can't believe no one knows about this guy. he's tall (no duh! he plays ball!) mestizo, a former model for penshoppe (among other brands) and super talented on the courts. info naman on him o. thanks!
  • bondgirl2003bondgirl2003 vavavoom PExer

  • bondgirl2003bondgirl2003 vavavoom PExer
    uy guys!! i'm sure meron diyang may kilala dito!! sige na..

  • tWeNtYoNetWeNtYoNe Member PExer
    he played for the gateau de manille basketball team in the seniors div. of the whiteplains basketball league last summer... they won the championship... people say he's a bit of a ballhog and blames his teammates a lot whenever they mess up...
  • bondgirl2003bondgirl2003 vavavoom PExer
    twntyone...talaga? you know him ba? you think he's mayabang? i heard he's really mabait? pero ano ba talaga? ballhog? yung mahilig mang agaw ng bola?
  • Franc3scaFranc3sca Ic3_Princ3ss PExer
    yeah he's cute i heard... mayabang? lemme ask around... but i also heard he's taken.. correct me if i'm wrong...:rolleyes:
    coz if he's not, well....
  • limp17flimp17f |i|_k|mS_3ve PExer
    who is this guy?.....can ne1 pls post a pix of him hir...tnx....
  • bondgirl2003bondgirl2003 vavavoom PExer
    he's taken na??? who's the girl? he's so gwapo sobra!!!
  • Franc3scaFranc3sca Ic3_Princ3ss PExer
    whattt? no new posts?? awwwwww... :disgust:

    can anyone post any new info on paolo?

  • drea22drea22 Member PExer
    He was the ex of my older sister. he's real cute:) MVP of the la salle alumni league for two years now i think. Isn't he in the states now?
  • frictionfriction Member PExer
    whoa, im telling you sis, this guy is bad news... sobrang gwapo nga nya and everything, tall, cute, rich, physically attractive, smooth talker...pero im telling you bad news yung guy na yan i swear!! sobrang **** niyan pag dating sa girls, kung gano siya kagaling sa court playing ball, he's much better playing with girls.. bad news yan.. wag na yan...
  • tr|n|tytr|n|ty the queen bee PExer
    sorry but this guy is bad news. i know a lot of his "victims". be warned.
  • drea22drea22 Member PExer
    hey that's not fair. he treated my sis really well and was really nice to her, they just didn't work out. But honestly i heard he had a long time steady for like 5 years, and when they broke up he just went wild. Sis said they talked about her a lot and he couldn't just get over her. Maybe whar he did was because he was hurt ..? A lot of people say he's a really nice guy, and he was nice to me, maybe he's just misunderstood. My mom loved him like a son...
  • drea22drea22 Member PExer
    if you're gonna say bad things let him alone na na lang...
  • bondgirl2003bondgirl2003 vavavoom PExer
    drea22 - what's he like? gentleman? conio? airhead?kasi that's usually the stereotype with guys like him diba?

    trinity - what makes you say that naman? i mean, i saw this guy a couple of times na with some of my girlfriends and he seems like the cheery outgoing type.. pero never naman parang bastusin diba? okay so tell us your kwento so we know the real score behind this guy.

    and to the others who know him - may current gf ba siya ngayon? o pwedeng makipagkilala? where does he work now? dun ako mag aaply :)

  • drea22drea22 Member PExer
    bondgrrl don't fan the flames anymore. How would you like it if other people talked bad about you? Wether it's deserved or not it still hurts feelings right? Pao was part of our family for half a year and he was a real nice guy and a kuya to my youngest bro. he would walk him to the village court to play ball. And he never disrespected my sis. Just leave the guy alone na lang.
  • bondgirl2003bondgirl2003 vavavoom PExer
    i'm sorry drea. i'm sure he's a nice guy. i've heard lots of things about him lang the past few weeks.. na he's into a lot of flings and ****. but everyone goes through that diba?

    peace tayo ha?

    so what is paolo like?
  • tr|n|tytr|n|ty the queen bee PExer
    i'm just telling you facts. i know three different girls who have had the same experience with this guy. heck, he may have changed..god only knows.

    if you like him, then you like him. i'm just telling it as it is.

  • drea22drea22 Member PExer
    God! Why do you have to know anyway? DOn't you have anything better to do than dig up info on a guy who's probably a million miles away? Granted that some of the people here said he's bad news. why pursue it pa? LET IT GO. Start a new thread.
    Grabe ka naman. Marami pang guys dyan. tsk tsk, Shame on you. You shook up this hornet's nest.
  • bondgirl2003bondgirl2003 vavavoom PExer
    tell me lang about him. how come someone so angelic faced be so bad diba?

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