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At what age would you like to get married?

Any ideal age?

I've a friend who will get married at the age of 21. Do you think she's too young? They say that nowadays, the ideal age to get married is when you're already in your 30's.

Kayo, at what age would you like to settle down? :)


  • frenchkisserfrenchkisser PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    probably at age 26.
  • Hmm.... yup.... I got married and had my baby at the age of 25, nearing 25 I think.... so I believe around that age would be okay. ;) But you know I believe it's not just the age, but one's mental age and maturity.... Even if you're already 25 and yet you are not ready emotionally, mentally, etc., prepared, then you're not yet ready for marriage...
  • if God willing...mga 25 tlga...pra di ganong kalayo ang age gap sa anak..pero it depends on Him naman talaga eh
  • para sakin after kong grumaduate at pag may job na me. and xmpre pag ready na akong mag asawa. preferably mga 26 cguro tapos na ako non.
  • dee-deedee-dee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    if i do decide to get married..well, i would want to get hitched at 26. but Fairy_nd_meadow is right. besides it's not about the age...it's about being ready for marriage. and for one thing, i want to get married only ONCE in this lifetime.
  • Whenever I'm ready. That's probably my late 20s. :)
  • When I'm emotionally mature and financially stable....which I hope would be around the time I'm 28. Hmmm...a few more years to go...:cool:
  • Ideally, I want to get married around 35 na. I want to enjoy my youth. I want to enjoy being a bachelor. Then I'll get myself an a wife in her early 20's.:D

    Pero, mukhang malabo ata yun e. I just wish I'll be financially stable and emotionally ready to settle down na talaga before doing that. So mga 25 ok na rin siguro ako.
  • QuentinQuentin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    around 80. i'll then find an 18 year old bride.
  • :rotfl: I want to settle pag 28-30 na ako. I really want to make sure that before I get married, I am established na with my life and all. Gusto kong maka trabaho muna diba. Im not going to waste 4 anxiety-full years para sa wala diba. Sabi nga ng mama ko, dapat daw mag trabaho muna para di ka dependent sa husband mo. Paano kung magloko siya and then divorced you or something? Hehehe, neurotic yata ako pero I think its for my best and for the kids (kung mag bunga love namin). Im hoping na before 30 kasi pag lampas 30 ka na, may tendency daw nag may complications ang pregnancy mo. Charing!
    ;) But for the mean time, hanap mo na ako ng boyfriend!!
  • Ayoko talaga makasal pero if it comes, I want to marry when I cannot bear a child anymore (joke lang)!!

    Ideally, the age I like is mid-20s (shaks, malapit na ata yun, in a few years na pala) :D
  • when i find THE guy that i want to spend the rest of my life with..magpapakasal na ako! :*)

    pero ideal age to get married would be mid to late 20s
  • no one really knows when things will happen but i believe things comes to us in Gods grace and in His time.
  • ako....pag 28 years old na ko. hmmmmm......ilang years na lang pala yon =)
  • Bryan_FuryBryan_Fury PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Well for me My ideal age would be around 30 onwards........29 would be ok.....but the perfect age would be 30-35........Kasi when you turn 30.....you evolve into a different person due to your experiences of your "yesteryears"...........One more thing.....I would like to enjoy my life as a BACHELOR......AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE........;)......:)......So that when I enter "MARRIAGE" wala na akong mga "hangover" ng pagiging BACHELOR..........I would give my 101% Love and Attention to my Wife and to my future children.......Dami ko kasi kilala mga friends ng dad ko.......40-50 yrs.old na......akala mo mga 18 yrs.old parin.....SECOND CHILDHOOD? hehehehehehehe :D
  • i'll get a life first, make sure i've done everything in the world - party here and there, date here and there, i've done skydiving, lahat ng kalokohan sa mundo.....then i'll get married. cguro that would all be done pag 25 na ako, which is 7 yrs from now. then, it's time to get serious. i dnt wanna get married at late 20's or 30's coz, i wanna see my kids grow up too.
  • If I could, right now!
  • *keyah**keyah* PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Couple of cousins are telling me to not get married early. To explore life first - to do whatever I would like to do, travel, date around. But I think I'd settle down when I'm 26, 27, and then again, who knows? Maybe I'm not the marrying type.

    Bahala na.

    Basta enjoy life.


  • LaTtE`MLaTtE`M PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    27 or later
  • DracoBDracoB PEx Rookie ⭐
    siguro mga 30....and hopefully by 30 stable na ako....teka how do you define stable ba:rolleyes:
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