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Prospective International Transferee - BSN

Hi! I'm currently a pre-nursing college student with junior standing (69 credits) and a 3.449 GPA in California, USA.

I'm interested in applying to UST's BSN program, and intend to return to CA to take the NCLEX. I'm aware that some BSN graduates from the Philippines have been and still are experiencing retrogression/concurrency problems upon trying to gain an ATT for the NCLEX.

What I am inquiring about is whether or not BSN graduates from UST will be encountering these same problems, and if so, what are those problems (e.g., retaking classes)?

Also, I've looked at the requirements for International and Transfer admissions, but being in both categories, I'm wondering if both sets or a separate set of req's will apply to me.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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