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Best OPM Singles and Albums for 2014

May thread na bang ganito for this year?

2014 is one of the best year for OPM since there were a lot of hit OPM songs na hindi necessarily cover songs at revivals. Also, the good thing about this is that many GOOD OPM songs have already expanded to techno and RnB/Pop. Pag sinabi mong magandang OPM song, usually kasi mga pangbanda lang yan na mga kanta, but interestingly there were so many good Hip-Pop songs that hit the charts this year.

I would have to say, this year's best OPM album so far would have to be the soundtrack for Diary ng Panget. Maja Salvador's first 2 singles were also a huge surprise and deserved the attention it got from radio and sales.

Sa palagay nyo, ano anong mga magagandang kanta at albums na narelease so far this year for OPM?
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