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subpoenaed for minor car accident

Greetings mga sir/mam, any lawyer here? I just need an advice regarding my case. I was issued a subpoena regarding on a minor car accident which happened last sept 2013. Everything was documented and we both went to police station for a police report. I know for myself that it was the taxi driver's fault as he suddenly stepped on the brake upon seeing a passenger but he was saying otherwise, that its my fault. After the incident, the taxi operator didn't even bother to contact me regarding the repair of their unit. So,I left everything in my insurance for the repair of my car(a small scratch on the paint). Can you please help on what to do next? Im only a student and i really cant afford a lawyer. Can i question their motive why they filed after almost a year? i will really appreciate your help. Thanks!


  • Try to consult someone from PAO if you can't afford to pay for a lawyer.
  • b_9904
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    File a counter case against them. Kung ano naka file sayo, malamang criminal yan, yun din i file mo sa kanila.

    Kaso, if ikaw yung nasa likod at ikaw tumama sa kanya, mas mahihirapan ka na patunayan na yung taxi driver ang may kasalanan talaga, even if you have a vid.
  • They're trying to milk you. You need to consult with PAO but PAO has a nasty reputation. IF you think you're getting a free attorney, you're not. They'll ask you to submit a lot of documents to prove you don't have the financial capability to hire a private lawyer then after that they'll check your case and if it's not a winning case, they won't take it or advice you to just settle. I think the biggest mistake you made was that you just let the insurance cover for the damages to your car and not include them in the repairs. PAO is on the 4th-5th floor of the Justice bldg at QC Hall. Goodluck. Honestly, tagilid ka.
  • Kasalanan mo dahil nakatutok ka sa likod ng taxi. Kung sinunod mo ang three-second rule, walang banggaang naganap.

    Aregluhin mo na lang, wala ka bang third-party insurance na magbabayad ng damage sa taxi?
  • Exgirlfriend
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    I agree, kung nabangga mo yung taxi dahil suddenly nag break siya, ibig sabihin nun, eh kasi nakatutok ka sa taxi, wala kang tinirang ample space para makapag break ka at hindi mo mabunggo yung nasa unahan mo, once na biglang tumigil.

    Kaya I hope itong experience mo na to eh maturuan ka ng lesson sa pagmamaneho, na hindi dapat nakatutok ka sa nasa unahan mo, dahil anytime, pwedeng mag stop ng biglaan yung nasa harapan mo.

    Nasaan ba ang parents mo?
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