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FIFTH PAGOTAN's 4th Shell: Your name is FIFTH, but you're always FIRST in our hearts!

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22-year old Businessman


As his moniker suggests, Fifth is the more makulit twin. His twin brother is also a part of PBB All In. He likes pulling pranks and used to make and upload

funny videos online. Despite his antics, Fifth is business-minded. He owns a small hamburger stall, on which he is too focused to even have time for a girlfriend. Like

his twin brother, Fifth can also sing, dance and draw. He can also do Doraemon voice impersonations.

The 22-year-old Fifth Pagaton was dubbed by PBB as “Brad Kulit ng Pasay,” although he has a twin inside the PBB house, they will be judge as indiviual housemate who

can be nominated and evicted separately.

Fifth Pagotan worked as a businessman and owner of a humble hamburger stall. Despite being twins, both Fourth and Fifth Pagotan noted that they want to showcase their

different talents and interests. They are eager to compete and embrace their differences as individual.

The “Brad Kulit” of PBB All In likes pulling pranks and used to make and upload funny videos on YouTube. Although he is such a “makulit” kind of guy he is also a

business-minded individual and more focused on his business. Fifth Pagotan can also sing, dance and draw, he can even mimic Doraemon’s voice, one of his unique tale.

Origin: Pasay
Birth date: February 5, 1992
Occupation: Businessman/Journalist
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Drawing
Favorite food: Sisig,Tofu and Japanese food
Favorite Color: Blue

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    Bobby's Academic Achievements



    “Manibela” drives home with MMFF award


    While various movie celebrities emerged from luxury vehicles to walk the red carpet of the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Awards Night on December 27, 2012, FEU AB Mass Communication student Roberto Pagotan AKA “Bobby Solomon” arrived riding a taxi.

    The scenario seemed appropriate considering his MMFF nominated film “Manibela” focuses on the forays of a taxi driver.

    The student short film earned the “Most Gender Sensitive Award” under the New Wave – Student Short Film Category.

    Pagotan shared that he was visibly dissapointed when “Manibela” did not win the Best Picture Award but his mood changed when it was honored for something different later that night.

    “I was not aware that there was another award (Most Gender Sensitive) and I was shocked when our film was called the winner.”

    Manibela along with other entries under the MMFF New Wave – Student Short Film competition were screened from December 18-24, 2012 at the Glorietta Mall cinemas in Makati City.

    Other competing schools include Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Mowelfund Film Institute, Cebu Normal University, and University of the Philippines-Diliman, University of San Carlos and De La Salle University.

    The film was originally produced as a requirement for Pagotan’s Alternative Film Production Class under Prof. Diondy Palagtiw.

    The story behind “Manibela” was formed through his daily taxi ride going to and from FEU.

    “When I’m riding with friends, we usually talk about secrets and personal things without realizing that the driver is probably listening to us. It came to me that the driver could be commenting on his mind or what if the things that he hears are actually connected to his own life.”

    With regard to the film being gender sensitive, he shared that instead of dictating society how women should be treated, he told the story in reverse and showed how women should not be treated. “I wanted to show the reality, things that really happen. This is probably the reason why the film got the award.”

    He added that “Manibela” has earned him the attention of several producers to possibly do future film projects.

    “I really enjoy making films but I also know that it is not going to be easy. Moreover, I consider winning this award as a sign for me to tell more stories and go for it."
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    Bobby's Pre-PBB Commercials




    Criss Cross

    Nissin Yakisoba
  • RosethorneRosethorne 3 Fights & A Fight PEx Expert 🎖️
    Bobby's Original Youtube Videos

    Simbolo ng Pasko

    Heart Attack

    Bato-bato sa Langit

    Pinoy Ka!

    Gutom Lang Yan

    Sana Ngayon Ako Naman
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    Bobby's PBB Highlight Moments

    Get To Know the Twins

    Twins' Palakang Kabkab

    Twins' Emotional Moment

    Fifth Sings to Kathryn Bernardo

    Twins' First Challenge

    Twin's Second Challenge

    Twin's Third Challenge

    Fifth Tries to Save Manolo
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    Bobby's PBB Highlight Moments

    Twins' Uber Moment

    Twins' 8 Blind Mice

    Manolo Defends Fifth

    Twins' I Love You Mama

    Fourth's Eviction

    Fifth's Message to Fourth
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    Bobby's PBB Highlight Moments

    Fifth's Confession to BB

    Fifth's Confession to Manolo

    Fifth: Bisexual Po Ako

    Fourth: Kilala Mo Sarili Mo, Diba?

    Fourth: Tanggap Ko Po si Fifth

    Vice's Advice to Fifth

    Boom Matatag
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    Aftermath of the Revelation
  • RosethorneRosethorne 3 Fights & A Fight PEx Expert 🎖️
    Fifth's Eviction :mecry:

    UKG Interview

    Fifth Re-enters the BB House

    He's BACK!!! :bounce:
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    FILEX Moments :love:
  • RosethorneRosethorne 3 Fights & A Fight PEx Expert 🎖️
    FILEX Moments :love:
  • RosethorneRosethorne 3 Fights & A Fight PEx Expert 🎖️
    Fourth and Fifth have a secret task


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER] It was an eventful and happy third day for the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother All In. Twins Fifth and Fourth were given the task of finding out who among the housemates are siblings. Big Brother advised the two that should they fail their task, the housemates won’t be receiving their budget for next week since this amounts to 50% of their “Hating Kapatid” task. Immediately the brothers subtly interrogate their fellow housemates and started eliminating those who they don’t think qualify.

    It was also Jacob’s birthday the next day and Kuya tasked him to teach a housemate how to sing in exchange for the Japanese food he requested. At firs Jacob wanted to teach Manolo “Wrecking Ball” but they ended up singing “Sunday Morning” by Maroon Five as the wake up call the next day. The housemates were not annoyed and found their wake up call for that day funny.

    During lunch, the Japanese food Jacob requested was served. However, since their task was still in effect, everyone had to share the food equally including the wasabi. Not everyone appreciated this, specially Maris’ who ate Japanese food for the first time.

    Aside from that, housemates bonded more by sharing jokes, love advice and pick-up lines. Cess also shared how she deems herself unworthy to pray and talk to God. Jayme told her the story of “The Prodigal Son” and it made Cess cry, but it also made her leave the room.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fifth the "Turtle"


    Pinauso ni Fifth ang isang kanta sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya na may lyrics na hinahalintulad ang “love” sa isang “turtle.” That’s right! Love is likened to a turtle. Lahat ng mga housemates ay memorized na ang lyrics sa kantang ito dahil sa catchy lyrics at maka-LSS na tono nito. Pati na rin dance moves na itinuro ni Fifth ay alam na nila. Lahat ng housemates ay natutuwa sa kantang ito na ginawa ni Fifth. Isang linya sa kantang ito ay, “My love for you is strong, like the shell of a turtle..”

    Pero bakit nga ba nakabihis pagong si Fifth? At mukhang nagkakasiyahan ang mga housemates around him? May party ba o naparusahan si Fifth? Natutuwa rin kaya si Kuya sa “turtle song” ni Fifth, o naiinis?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Meet the San Chai and Dao Ming Si of PBB


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]During today’s episode of PBB Uber, May 19, Alex and Fifth were styled like phenomenal Asian drama characters, San Chai and Dao Ming Si as they proceeded with their own version of the hit series. They conversed in gibberish, imitating the Mandarin language and would even talk to their fellow housemates this way.

    Further, they also led the other housemates into singing and dancing to F4’s songs such as “Can’t Lose You.”[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fifth says sorry to a crying Maris


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]What is happening? Why is Maris crying and Fifth seems to be saying sorry to Maris? Is this a lover's quarrel? Or just a petty tiff between friends?

    Find out what’s happening between Fifth and Maris.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    The girls and boys compete against each other in a talent show


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]This Saturday afternoon, May 24, selected housemates were divided into two groups, 4B and 4G for a talent showdown.

    The group 4B was composed of the boys namely, Joshua, Fourth, Fifth and Jacob; whereas, 4G was composed of the girls, Loisa, Maris, Jane and Nichole. Big Brother gave them two hours to practice, which included their choreography, choice of songs and creative gimmicks to win the contest.

    The judges for this talent contest were Axel, Jayme and Alex. The rest of the housemates became the audience members.

    The boys performed N’sync’s “This I Promise You,” One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and Jireh Lim’s “Buko.” As their gimmick, they threw pick-up lines to the members of 4G one by one.

    Meanwhile, the girls performed Beyonce’s “Love On Top,” Yeng Constantino’s “Chinito” and Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

    The judges each gave their comments and scores per group.

    4G received the following ratings:

    Judge Alex – 7 points

    Judge Jayme – 6.5 points

    Judge Axel – 9.5 points

    Meanwhile, the judges gave 4B the following scores:

    Judge Alex – 8 points

    Judge Jayme – 7.25 points

    Judge Axel – 10 points

    In the end, Big Brother announced each team’s final scores. 4G garnered a total score of 23 points while 4B received 25.5 points, making them the talent showdown winner.

    The members of 4B thanked their supporters while the 4G members thanked the judges for their comments for they learned a lot.

    After the contest, Big Brother called 4B to the confession room.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]
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    Housemates share stories about their schooldays


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]It seems like the housemates are reminiscing about their schooldays. A pencil-garbed Alex and Fifth are interviewing the housemates one by one. Daniel tells them he had a girlfriend when he was in High School and that he hated his Portuguese subject. Joshua reveals that he wanted to be a soldier as a schoolboy, and he really has penchant for climbing walls. He climbed a wall when he was in Kinder and also in High School when he was cutting classes.

    Michelle loved Math. She liked learning patterns and equations. She arranged parties in High School because she was always the Public Relations Officer in class. In short, says Michelle, “ako yung malanding girl na na- a-arrange ng soirees.” Jayme had a hard time when she was taking up Nursing because it wasn’t her passion. She also remembers cheating in class. According to Jayme, “may times na nangongopya ako at nagpapakopya ako.” Jayme also reveals that she didn’t have a boyfriend in school because she is “NBSB” or “No Boyfriend Since Birth.”

    Find out more about the housemates’ bygone schooldays.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Is there sibling rivalry between Fourth and Fifth?


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]On PBB All In last Saturday, June 7, Fourth opened up about his relationship with Fifth to Big Brother inside the confession room.

    Fourth described Fifth as competitive. He said that their mother prefers Fifth more and that he thinks he is the least favorite among all of his siblings. He said that he might just be feeling jealous and that he wants his relationship with Fifth to change for the better and for their bond to become stronger. He also said that he has never opened up to Fifth about his feelings for he feels embarrassed as he wants them to be team mates always.

    Hence, Big Brother arranged a drinking session for the twins to bond.

    Their private bonding moment turned out successful as the two agreed to not mind the sibling rivalry that other people seem to insinuate between them. Moreover, they agreed to start opening up to each other and to always remain united.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Uber presents PBB All In’s Top 3 songs


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Top 3 on the list is Maris’ song entitled, ‘Kabaduyan’. While the song is playing, several video montages of the Loisa-Joshua-Jane love triangle are being featured as well.

    Top 2 goes to Fifth’s Turtle song. The song includes lyrics like, “My love for you is strong like the shell of a turtle. My love for you is elongated like the neck of a turtle…,” among others.

    Meanwhile, Maris, Loisa, Fourth and Fifth perform the first song on the list live from Big Brother’s confession room. It is entitled, ‘Bibimbap’. The housemates already performed this song during Sandara Park’s visit to the house last month. [/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Who is the housemate that best represents a Filipino?


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Some people answered Michele for she resembles the Katipunera Gabriela Silang, brave and a natural leader. Some answered Jayme, who is religious and has respect for her parents, classic traits of a Filipino.

    Another answered the demure Vickie, while a group answered the twins, Fourth and Fifth as they are always happy regardless of problems.

    Lastly, a group replied they like Manolo who is always smiling a common trait of a Filipino.

    In your opinion, who is the housemate that best represents a Filipino?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    The housemates entertain the kids with the story of Noah's Ark


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]To start off, Cheridel narrated the story of Buboy, played by Fifth, who does not want to do his assignments. Buboy brought in Superbook's mascot, Gizmo and joined the children in the audience area. Superbook is an animated show featuring the stories in the Bible that will soon air on ABS-CBN.

    Cheridel began narrating Noah's Ark where Fourth played the role of Noah while Maris represented the people who do not believe in him. Joshua served as an animal while Jane became the dove, bearer of good news.

    After their short production, the children shared their realizations. [/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]
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    Kuya divides the house, the twins, and the housemates


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]In the continuation of the special nomination in Kuya’s house, Manolo lost to Fourth, making Manolo the fourth nominated housemate this week.
    When Loisa and Vickie met for the fourth challenge, Loisa lost to Vickie, which evened out their score to 2-2. Kuya gave them a tiebreaker that challenged them to locate durians using only their sense of smell. Vickie won and Loisa became the fifth nominated housemate this week. Loisa became emotional and cried because this is the fourth time she has been nominated.

    Afterwards, the housemates were happy when they were given their groceries as a reward for their winning their weekly task. As an additional treat, Kuya gave them new jackets and officially dubbed them the “All In Ten.” Kuya told them that it also signals the beginning of more challenging tasks for them.

    Kuya divided the house area into two and asked Fourth and Fifth to choose their side of the house and to become the leader in their chosen side. The housemates were then asked to choose whether they wanted to be in Fifth or Fourth’s group. Jane, Joshua, Cheridel, Maris, and Manolo chose to be with Fifth, while Daniel, Vickie, and Loisa chose Fourth. The two groups were then told that they could neither speak nor go to the other group.

    Fourth and Fifth, in a previous conversation with Kuya, revealed that they were always compared with each other growing up, and they always competed with each other and there was “inggitan.” Fourth said that these caused emotional distance between them as grown ups. However, Fourth said that they have become closer since their stay in Kuya’s house because “naging magkakampi kami, kami ang magdadamayan sa bahay ni Kuya.”

    What will be Kuya’s challenges for the two groups? Who among Loisa, Manolo, Cheridel, Daniel and Jane will say goodbye this week?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    What are the housemates constructing?


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]This Tuesday afternoon, Fifth and his team were wearing hard hats and sawing woods.
    Fifth was also doing measurements while his team members seemed to be planning on building something.

    What is it? Is Fourth's team doing the same thing?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fifth on Cheridel: 'Mahilig i-down ang ibang tao, akala ko pa naman napaka-positive niyang tao'


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]In this week's task called "Twin or Lose" Team Fourth and Team Fifth were asked to each build a side of a house that is identical to each other. Only Fourth and Fifth were allowed to communicate with each other in this task. Clearly, Kuya's goal was to drive the importance of communication not only to the group but also to the twins who admitted to Kuya their problem in communicating with each other.

    When the two teams were segregated and isolated to their part of the house, Kuya had given Fourth and Fifth the chance to talk and divide everything that their teams were going to need, but it turned out that they forgot to divide the condiments between them. Fifth also forgot to bring essentials for his group such as rice, oil and forks and spoons.

    For the first day, the team tried to cook 'tinolang manok' with what they have and they ate it without rice. Cheridel wore her Mommy attitude and gently chided Jane for forgetting some of her stuff and Joshua for being "pasaway." She also kept on mentioning the things they lack. Fifth finally snapped on the second day and told Cheridel, "Kino-konsensiya niyo pa po ako sa tono niyo. Nandiyan na yan tapos kino-konsensiya niyo pa po ako kagabi pa"

    Cheridel and Fith were not talking for some time. Cheridel talked to Maris about what she feels, telling Maris that she's only being vocal so that the person she's talking to would learn "pero kung hindi, hindi na lang ako magsasalita bahala siyang matuto sa pagkakamali niya."

    Meanwhile, Fifth was talking to Manolo. He told Manolo how hard it is to be compared to his brother Fourth and that right now he is on the losing end. "Siguro ganun yung pinapalabas ngayon sa labas, na mas magaling si Fourth kaysa sa akin. Na ako yung bad side at siya yung good side." Manolo advised Fifth not to 'overthink things' and that if that were the case, this is Fifth's chance to prove that he is not the 'bad side.' Manolo impressed upon Fifth the importance of focusing on the 'now' and focusing on short-term goals that would eventually lead to the achievement of his long-term goal.' After Manolo&'s pep talk, Fifth felt better and thanked Manolo for his sound advice.

    Fifth also opened up to Manolo about Cheridel, "Mahilig i-down ang ibang tao, pag nagbibigay ng advice pa-down. Noong una siyang pumasok dito, akala ko napaka-positive niyang tao." Manolo agreed to this saying, "every time she talks ganun ang nararamdaman ko. Hindi lang ako nagsasalita."

    While Team Fifth was busy cooking outside, Kuya was talking to Joshua in the confession room. He leveled out a punishment to Joshua who was guilty of misdemeanors like oversleeping and not wearing his lapel mic properly. As his punishment, Kuya required Joshua to sleep for the whole day and he was not allowed to even open his eyes. How is Joshua's punishment going to impact on Team Fifth?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Team Fifth lags behind because of Joshua


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]In the continuation of their weekly task “Twin or Lose,” Team Fourth made good progress in the completion of their task. Daniel said it was the best week in Kuya’s house. The other members of the team agreed with him that they’re happy to be on Team Fourth. Vickie praised Fourth for being a responsible and thoughtful leader.

    Meanwhile, Team Fifth had various challenges on their shoulders. One was their lack of condiments in the kitchen. Kuya gave them a chance to get some by blowing small darts through a straw to pop balloons attached to the condiments. The team was able to get sugar, oil, soy sauce and vinegar but they were unable to get food utensils and their toothbrushes.

    The biggest challenge they had though was Joshua. Because of his punishment they lagged behind in their weekly task. They had to carry Joshua wherever they are, and they had to carry him while feeding him. When Maris called him “baby,” Kuya told them to treat him like one and they had to lull and sing him to sleep. They also had to hush and carry him whenever he “cries.”

    Everyone complained of having a hard time carrying his weight around and Maris even told Kuya, “Nararamdaman ko pong pabigat talaga siya.” Kuya called them into the confession room and he gave them a chance to end Joshua’s punishment. Fifth, as their leader, accepted the challenge. They had to carry Joshua for an hour and for half of that hour they had to repeatedly carry Joshua around their side of the house. It taxed the whole group to a point where Fifth said, “Mayroon ng namumuong sakit ng katawan at sakit ng loob.”

    Joshua felt so ashamed that he shed tears when he heard how much his team is suffering because of him.

    When the hour of carrying Joshua was up, everyone rejoiced. Cheridel told Kuya, “Sana po tumatak sa kanya ang hirap niya at ang hirap ng mga nasa paligid niya.”

    Joshua talked to Kuya and admitted being “tamad” and “walang kusa” even when it came to his studies. He also said that after his punishment, he would try changing his ways, not only for his parents but also for himself.

    Fifth and Cheri also talked about their problems. Fifth admitted his shortcomings as a leader. He also apologized and said why he was frank with Cheri, “Masakit po kasi paulit-ulit.” Cheri told Fifth, “Alam kong hindi ko kasalanan pero sinasabi ko lang ang totoo. Alam ko pwede akong makasakit pero sinabi ko pa rin.”[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Manolo and Fifth talk about Cheridel


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Pinuri ni Fifth si Manolo sa pag- step up into para sa isang activity o task na pinagawa sa kanila ni Kuya. Ano kaya ang activity na ito?

    At tuloy pa rin ang usap nila tungkol kay Cheri. Kung kayo si Fifth, at kayo ang lumapit kay Cheri para mag-sorry, matutuwa ka ba sa sinabi ni Cheri sa kanya na, "alam kong hindi ko kasalanan pero sinasabi ko lang ang totoo. Alam ko pwede akong makasakit pero sinabi ko pa rin.”

    Ano sa palagay ninyo? Alamin ang full conversation between Fifth and Manolo.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]
  • RosethorneRosethorne 3 Fights & A Fight PEx Expert 🎖️
    Mommy Gloria realizes her shortcomings as a mom to twins Fifth and Fourth


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Kuya made eight housemates cover their eyes with goggles that rendered them “blind.” Manolo and Daniel were tasked to be their “eyes,” and assist them with eating and locating stuff.
    Kuya told Manolo and Daniel that Fifth and Fourth’s Mom was coming to the house but the other housemates should not know about it.

    In the confession room, Kuya was welcoming Mommy Gloria, who flew in from another country just to be with Fourth and Fifth. Mommy Gloria admitted to Kuya how she felt ashamed when Fourth said something during the Mother’s day episode.

    Mommy Gloria recounted, “Parang akong sinampal noong sinabi ni Fourth na halos kalahati ng buhay niya wala siyang naalala na bonding namin. Ngayon ko lang nakitang umiyak at nagsalita ng gano’n si Fourth.”

    Mommy Gloria said that Fourth’s words were a cause for introspection. “Mula nang narinig ko ang mga salita ng anak ko, napaisip ako kung ano nga ba ang mga naging bonding namin at wala nga akong halos maalala.” She also admitted to being biased with her siblings and her family when Fourth and Fifth were growing up because she was the breadwinner of her family. “Breadwinner ako, akala ko sapat na nagpapadala ako.” She said, “May konti silang galit kasi tinulungan ko yung mga kapatid ko.”

    This made Mommy Gloria realize something very important. “Gusto ko ang natitirang buhay ko, gusto ko ilaan ko sa kanila.”

    She described Fifth as “malambing,” while Fourth is “not showy.” She said of Fourth, “Nahihiya siya, matagal ko kasi sila naiwan, hindi ako ang nag-alaga sa kanila pero nararamdaman kong mahal nila ako.”

    During their talk with Kuya for the Mother’s day special, Fourth told Kuya how proud he is of his Mother, who had to work abroad when he and Fifth were just infants so she could provide for her four children.

    However, the twins also revealed their pain remembering the times when they felt their Mom favored her family and her siblings more than her own children. They remembered times when their mom’s family had gifts while they only got simple stuff like toothbrushes.

    They also shared how they lost the home they grew up in when her mom and her sibling sold it. Fourth also remembered how alone they felt growing up. “Hindi namin alam kung kanino dedepende, kung kanino namin mararamdaman na priority kami.”

    Fourth also revealed how they have a problem communicating with their Mom. “Ang bonding namin sa Facebook lang, pero ‘pag kaharap ko parang ibang tao. Hindi kami sanay mag-usap na personal.”

    After her talk with Kuya, Mommy Gloria was allowed to go inside the house and be with Fourth and Fifth. Mommy Gloria handed drinks to Fourth and Fifth and patted them on their heads, without them realizing that it was their Mom. The housemates could feel that someone was with Manolo and Daniel but they had no idea who it was.

    When will Fifth and Fourth get to talk to their Mom?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Is Fourth’s team getting ahead of Fifth’s?


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]In line with this week’s task, Fifth admitted to Big Brother that his twin’s team is already ahead of them. He also said that Fourth’s team would decide to do things on their own without consulting them first, which is contrary to what they have discussed. Maris and Joshua also echoed this and said that the other team would do something first then tell them after.

    In Team Fourth, Fourth was happy that they are already half-done with building. Meanwhile, Loisa said that if their team would wait for the other to finish with what they have to do, it leaves them idle and thought it is wasting time. Daniel, on the other hand, said that they are really focused and working fast on the construction.

    Later, Manolo and Daniel, whom Big Brother asked to rehearse dance moves, taught their blindfolded team members their choreography. The two teams later performed the dance blindfolded except for Manolo and Daniel.

    Fourth and Fifth’s Mommy Gloria: ‘Hindi lang pera ang kailangan ng mga anak ko'


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Kuya gave Fourth and Fifth small boxes containing noodles and toothbrushes. The two knew right away it was from their Mom because she used to send them similar stuff from Japan.

    Kuya told them that if they want to see their mom online, they would have to go through a challenge. Using only a toothbrush, each of them has to clean their boards and look for six letters. If only one succeeds in the task, only one of them would be allowed to talk to their mom.

    Fifth was the first to finish and he helped Fourth locate the letters on his board. Even with directions from his twin, Fourth found the task difficult because aside from being encumbered by a rubber harness, he constantly slipped on the wet ground because he was not wearing shoes.

    Luckily for Fourth, his teammates were there to help him. Loisa gave him his shoes and when his board slipped, Vickie and Daniel held it for him. Fourth said that the reason he persevered in his task were thoughts of his Mom. He also said, “Kailangan maka-usap ko ang mama, baka lumakas ang loob ko dito sa bahay ninyo.”

    Finally, Fourth was able to locate all six letters. From their letters, the two were able to form the phrase “I love you, Mama.” After finishing their task, Fourth expressed how happy he felt. “Nangingibabaw ang kasiyahan ko. Bahala na kung anong masabi ko.”

    Kuya allowed the two to talk to their mom via video chat and their mom pretended, as per Kuya’s instructions, that she was still in Japan. It was an emotional moment for the three, especially for Fifth who sobbed like a child and told his mom repeatedly, “I love you, Mama.” Despite it being an emotional moment, the three kept the conversation light.

    Later, even Fourth was openly crying when they saw their mom approaching them. Mommy Gloria hugged her sons and told them, “Pareho ko kayong mahal. Proud na proud ako sa inyong dalawa.”

    Their Mom explained to the two how much she loves them which is why she had to work abroad. She apologized for her shortcomings as a mom. She also said how hurt she was when Fourth told her, “Sana sa Daddy ko na lang ako nakatira.” Fourth apologized and told her he didn’t mean what he said.

    The two also told their mom, “Kaya kami nandito para makasama ka na namin. Mahirap dito pero kakayanin namin.” As a final message to her sons, mommy Gloria told them, “Magdasal kayo. Be strong like a turtle.”

    Mommy Gloria told Kuya how this task enabled her to do things for her children. “Nasusubuan ko na sila, noong maliliit pa sila hindi ko yun nagagawa.” She also realized that, “Hindi lang pera ang kailangan ng mga anak ko.” Another thing she realized was, “Kahit mga bata pa sila noon, natatanim sa isip nila yung maliliit na bagay.”

    For his part, Fourth told Kuya, “Mas narealize ko dito sa loob na dapat ipaalam ko sa Mama kung gaano ko siya kamahal. Parang nawala ang hiya ko.”

    Fifth was also very happy because telling each other what they feel could be the start of better relationships in their family.

    Cheridel explains why she saved Manolo and nominated Fifth

    WARNING: SCARY PICTURE - Don't Click If You're Fainthearted :glee:

    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Meanwhile, newly-evicted housemate Cheridel shared why she chose to save Manolo and gave Fifth automatic nomination. She said that she liked Manolo since the first day they have met and that she sees her son in him. On the other hand, she said that Fifth has many talents that can be further honed outside Big Brother’s house that's why she nominated him.

    Random people on the streets gave their opinions regarding Cheridel’s exit from the house. Some thought that she deserved it, saying that she talks too much, reprimands the housemates and “pabigat." Someone said that it was better for her to go as there were times she missed her child too much. However there are some who said that she should not have exited for she adds happiness inside the house.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fifth sings "si Cheridel tinoyo", Robi reveals he has stage fright during high school


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Gumawa ng isang kanta ang mga housemates na kinaaliwan ng mga guests na sina John at Robi. Sa lyrics nito may mga linya na “si Cheridel tinoyo,” “Last week ang buhay ko ay YOLO, ngayon buhay ko kay gulo.”

    Kinakanta ito ni Fourth at Fifth. Si Fifth ay nagkaroon ng alitan with Cheridel last week dahil sa pagka-iwan ni Fifth ng condiments katulad ng toyo at suka kung kaya nahirapan kumain ang kanyang grupo. Marahil ng dahil dito, nakakuha rin siya ng automatic nomination mula kay Cheridel.

    Napansin ni John at Robi ang galing ni Maris sa pagtugtog ng gitara at “pag-kapa” ng nota. Nagkwento rin si Robi na may stage fright siya noong high school at nahasa na lang siya sa pagiging host dahil kay Luis Manzano at sa iba pang hosts ng MYX at dahil rin sa iba pa niyang shows like PBB at ASAP kung saan host din si Robi.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]
  • RosethorneRosethorne 3 Fights & A Fight PEx Expert 🎖️
    Fifth cannot get over being called ‘bakla’ by a netizen

    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Daniel, Vickie, Fifth, Loisa, Jane, and Joshua received more negative criticisms about themselves. Loisa thought she was being called “backstabber,” while Jane claimed she was being called “malandi” and “peke.”

    Fifth, however, was gravely affected by this comment from a netizen: “Ayan nanaman si _____ parang bakla kung magreklamo, kaya siguro di sila magkasundo ni _______#alamna.”

    Fifth said that it could be him they’re calling “bakla” because he was being bullied the same way even outside of Kuya’s house. Fifth said it hurt being called “bakla” but it’s nothing new to him. He told the housemates, “Nakaka-apekto pa rin, masakit siya. Minsan titiisin mo na lang. I don’t need to explain myself to them. Lagi ko na lang ba ipapaliwanag ang sarili ko? Hindi. As long na totoo ako sa sarili ko at totoo ako sa mga pinapakita ko, I don’t need to explain myself to them.”

    Daniel admitted to having gay friends and liking them a lot. Fifth agreed to this and said, “’Wag natin sila sa gender tingnan, sa character, sa ugali nila.”

    When Kuya asked if there was any truth to that statement from the netizen, Fifth admitted to being “ma-reklamo” but he didn’t admit to being “bakla.” He told Kuya that he was just being himself and that in fact he was advised by his friends to “act matigas” inside the house but he did not want to do that.

    After they heard all the negative comments from the netizens, Robi told the group that they “will be judged whatever you do so just do what you do. Instead na baguhin, pag-ibayuhin, i-improve mo.”

    Later, Kuya told the housemates to do something special for houseguests John and Robi because they were about to leave the house. The housemates pranked the two and gave Robi a red envelope saying he was to leave the house. John received a black envelope saying he was going to stay in Kuya’s house. When the two had accepted the news, the housemates revealed that they had been pranked and that both of them were going to say goodbye to Kuya’s house.

    Robi and John thanked the housemates for their stay. John told the housemates that maybe the reason they were sent inside was to remind the housemates that life is always a mix of good (news) and bad (news) and “we always have a choice and whatever that choice is paninindigan natin at wag tayo mag-regret.” The housemates told Kuya how they thought John and Robi’s stay was “bitin” because they were still having fun getting to know the two.

    In the confession room before they left the house, Robi and John told Kuya they had fun with the group mainly because they were a “good vibes group.” They also said they learned a lot from them.

    Both John and Robi picked Loisa as the housemate whose personality stood out because she felt “genuine and totoo.” They said of Loisa, “Nakakatuwa siya, hindi biro na maging nominado ka ng anim na boses and yet you can smile like that. That’s not a joke.” The two also gained understanding of why Alex became so attached to the group. They said that in their two days stay “tinanggap nila kami ng buong-buo.”

    After Robin ad John left, it seemed like Fifth was still not over being called “bakla” by a netizen. Kuya asked him pointblank about his sexuality. What could be Fifth’s answer?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fifth opens up about the good and bad news in his life


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Fifth opened up about the good and bad news he has received in his life to Big Brother.

    In the confession room, he admitted that he made mistakes in the past but added that he is matured enough to correct them.

    Fifth also shared that some of the good things he experienced in the real world, such as receiving honors in college and a movie he shot, winning in a film festival.

    When it comes to the bad news he received, he recalled the time their house was sold, his business that went bankrupt and when his father had a heart operation.

    Later on PBB All In Primetime, Fifth confesses his true sexuality. What will be Fourth’s reaction to this?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fifth confesses why he feared owning up to his bisexuality


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Because of the things that were still troubling him, Fifth went to Kuya’s confession room and told him that he wanted to clear up some things. He began by telling Kuya his fear that if he came forward, some things might be taken away from him like his opportunities to fulfill his dreams. He also said it might affect his being a commercial model. “If i-clear ko po ang issue baka di ko maabot ang mga pangarap ko. Baka maitigil ang commercial modeling na malaki ang naitutulong sa akin at sa pamilya ko.”

    He went on to describe himself as, “Kung iibig po ako hindi ko po iisipin ang status ng buhay ng tao, yung itsura ng tao o yung sexuality ng tao. Kung mahal ko yung tao mahal ko yun, hindi ko iisipin kung ano siya.”

    Kuya asked Fifth point blank what his sexuality is. Instead of giving a straight answer Fifth gave voice to more of his fears. “Di ko po kasi alam ang magiging reaction ng tao, ng parents ko, yung mga kaibigan ko kaya mahirap po.”

    Kuya reminded him Fifth of why he was chosen to be a housemate in the first place. “Lahat kayo dito ay tinanggap ko sa aking bahay dahil bitbit niyo ang kanya-kanyang ninyong kwento at pagpapakato-totoo sa kanyang sarili.” Kuya also told him to decide on the best course.

    Fifth made his decision and said, “Sasabihin ko na lang po. Malalaman ko rin naman po kung sino yung mga taong talagang totoo sa akin.” After a nervous pause, Fifth added, “Open-minded po ako na tao at yun po kung marami po na hindi tanggap yun okay lang. Siguro po basta alam ko po yung sarili ko at yung mga tao pong nagmamahal sa akin, yun po… Bisexual po ako.”

    Fifth revealed that he already knew as a kid who he was and that only his family and a few friends knew about it.

    Resident psychologist Dr. Randy Dellosa spoke about bisexuality and said that bisexuality is when a person has or can have an “emotional or sexual relationship with a guy or a girl.” He also said that in coming out, it’s normal for a bisexual person to have fears—the greatest of which is being stigmatized by his family and the people in school or his workplace.

    Fifth also said that he has made the decision to come out because “Siguro pinapansin na rin ng iba, kaya tatanggapin ko na lang para ‘wag na magamit para masaktan ako. Kasi sa sarili ko tinanggap ko na.”

    Fifth revealed how hard and painful it had been for him growing up when he was always teased as the “malambot” and Fourth the “lalaking-lalaki.”

    Kuya reminded Fifth that truth will set him free. “Ang importante ay kung alam mo sa sarili mo kung sino ka at kung wala kang matatapakan na tao at kung ang kinikilingan mo ay kabutihan.”

    Fifth thanked Kuya and said he confided in Big Brother because he could feel his sincerity and that everything is not just for “show.”

    Fifth then approached Fourth. He began by telling Fourth that he thought people were already talking about “gender or gay issues.” Fourth insisted for Fifth to ignore the negative comments he is getting outside of Kuya’s house. But Fifth kept mentioning one thing: “Sinabi ko na kay Kuya.” He kept on repeating it until Fourth caught on. Fourth seemed at a loss for words so he went back to the kitchen, leaving Fifth by the pool.

    Fifth told Kuya that he didn’t know if he ought to tell the people he is close to inside the house about his being bisexual. He also repeated his fear. “Iniisip ko kung kailangan pa magpaliwanag, kung magiging kaibigan ko pa sila.” Kuya told Fifth that at that point everything Fifth was thinking about were just assumptions. Fifth then decided to tell Manolo that he is bisexual. At first, Manolo didn’t know if Fifth was joking but when Fifth said he wasn’t, Manolo sobered up and said, “It’s not being gay or straight, it’s being good or bad lang.”[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fourth supports his twin brother Fifth


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Even though he had already confessed to being bisexual, some things were still bothering Fifth. For one, he was wondering if he made the right decision in coming out so publicly and two, whether he would be accepted by everyone now that he’s out.

    He talked to his brother Fourth and Fourth’s stand was that as long as Fifth is showing everybody who he is, he need not explain himself. Fifth underscored the fact that Fifth was pressured by the negative comments about him to come out and Fourth said, “Nag-aalala lang ako sa mga nanghuhusga.” He also told Fifth, “’Wag ka matakot, di mo kailangan ipaliwanag. Kapag may problema ka, kami dapat ang ng pamilya mo ang una mong sinasabihan.”

    Fifth also went to Loisa. Loisa, in her surprise and confusion said, “Bisexual din ako.” Later, she clarified this to Kuya and said she thought bisexuality pertains to having boy and girl friends.

    Loisa assured Fifth that nothing will change with the way she regards him because he did not become her friend on the basis of his sexual preference. She also said, “Hindi naman kailangan malaman ng buong Pilipinas. Pakita mo lang totoo.”

    Loisa also told Fifth that coming out publicly would be a good idea if it would help him. “Feeling ko kung magiging komportable ka at makakahinga ka, gawin mo.” She also said that if his friends really love him then it should not matter that he is bisexual. “Pag nawala sila, di ka nila deserve maging kaibigan.”

    Later, Fifth also confessed to Joshua who responded with his usual calm. He told his friend that there will be good and bad feedback about it from the outside world. He said that open-minded people would wholeheartedly approve of Fifth’s coming out.

    In his talk with Kuya, Fourth revealed that he knew of Fifth’s sexuality when they were in high school. He said they didn’t really talk about it but on rare occasions, he would advise his twin when he was having relationship problems. “Halimbawa may away sila ng karelasyon niya, pinapayuhan ko siya na wag masyado agresibo.”

    Kuya asked Fourth whether he accepts his brother. Fourth said, “Opo Kuya, tanggap ko po siya ng buong buo po.”

    Fourth, like Fifth, told Big Brother about his fears. “Baka husgahan siya, family namin, ako, mommy namin.” Fourth also told Kuya how badly this issue is weighing down on Fifth. “Ayaw ko po siyang makitang naghihirap. Kung pwede lang pasanin din yung nararamdaman niya, kukuha po ako. Sobra pong mahalaga sa akin ang kapatid ko.”

    Kuya reminded Fourth that he has to be brave just like his brother, and courage means accepting the fact that one could be hurt. He also advised Fourth on the importance of being vocal about his feelings, especially to his brother.

    Later, the twins talked and Fourth told Fifth what Fifth needed most to hear in order for him to overcome his fears and have pride in showing the world who he is. “Ano man ang desisyon mo one hundred percent kami nakasuporta sayo. Kahit anong mangyari wala namang magbabago, ready ako sa kahit ano mang mangyari.”[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fifth and Loisa are safe from eviction


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Fifth and Loisa are officially safe from getting evicted this 9th eviction night of PBB All In while Fourth and Vickie will have to wait until tomorrow night to know which between them will get the boot from the Big Brother house.

    Loisa got the highest percentage of votes with 43.58% while Fifth got 17.84%.

    Later, former house guest Alex Gonzaga talked to her sister, host Toni and said that she wants to hug Fifth who recently admitted that he is bisexual. She was then given the chance to visit Fifth via the 100 seconds encounter.

    Fifth got surprised when Alex entered the confession room. They kept on hugging each other while giggling. Alex said that she is proud of him while they expressed how much they miss each other. Alex also said that she is excited for him and told him to enjoy whereas Fifth kept on saying, "I love you" to Alex.
  • RosethorneRosethorne 3 Fights & A Fight PEx Expert 🎖️
    Fifth breaks down as Fourth leaves Kuya’s house


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Last night, Loisa and Fifth were saved from being evicted. Loisa secured her place as a housemate when she got 43.58 percent of public support, while Fifth got 22.96 percent.

    When Fourth’s name was called, it was met by a stunned silence and loud “ha?” from Fifth. After a few seconds, Fifth broke down in sobs. “Why Fourth” also trended on the social media platform Twitter.

    Before he left the house, Kuya asked Fourth to describe his new self. Fourth says, “si Fourth po ngayon mas matapang magmahal, wala ng hiya magmahal, walang takot ipakita ang pagmamahal sa pamilya, sa kaibigan, lalong-lalo na sa kapatid kong si Fifth.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Vice imparts empowering message to the housemates


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Last Friday, Vice Ganda visited Kuya’s house to give inspiration to the housemates. “Magagamit ko ang oras na ito para ma-impart ang pinagdaanan ko, baka makatulong sa pinagdadaanan nila.” He also said that the first person he wanted to see was Fifth. “Sobra akong naka-relate kay Fifth. Gusto ko siyang yakapin para palakasin ang loob niya.” Vice was alluding to the time Fifth admitted he was bisexual. Vice shared that when he was watching Fifth’s admission he didn’t notice that he was already crying.

    Before he entered the house, he exchanged text messages with the housemates. From the use of terms such as “karakaraka,” “unkabogable,” and “savehhh” the housemates had an inkling that it was Vice who was going to stay overnight with them. They also woke up that morning to the song “Boom Panes.”

    Later, Vice Ganda walked in while they were dancing “Whoops Kiri.”

    Vice taught the housemates to dance “Boom Panes” and used the message of the song to impart an empowering lesson to them. To Maris, he said she is beautiful, even if her beauty would not meet most people’s standard of what beauty is because she is “pango and hindi tisay.” Vice said that that’s the message of the song, embracing who you are and not being ashamed of it.

    After watching Manolo dance, he asked Manolo what he feels because he knows that he’s not a good dancer. Manolo said, “Nahihiya po ako na hindi ako magaling sumayaw.” Vice told Manolo to change that attitude. “Kung tatanggapin mo yang weakness mo, magiging strength mo yan, magiging flawsome.” Flawsome, according to Vice, means flawless and awesome. He said Manolo looked even cuter because of how he danced.

    Vice recounted how he was called “horselita” and other horse names in school. Vice said he used to wonder why because for him, “Maganda ako.” Until one day, he looked in the mirror and accepted that he indeed looked like a horse. Instead of being depressed, he decided to embrace his flaw and use it as a gimmick in comedy bars where he performed as a standup comedian. From there, Vice said he was chosen to play the part of Petrang Kabayo.

    What other lessons would the housemates pick up from Vice Ganda? When will he talk to Fifth about Fifth’s bisexuality?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Vice Ganda shares more life lessons to housemates


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Vice Ganda continued sharing wisdom with the housemates. He recalled having alopecia (a condition that results in having bald spots) and a declining hairline when he got so stressed with work. However, he deemed the condition a blessing because “doon ko naisipan na mag-iba iba ng hairstyle.” He revealed that’s the reason for the line Boom Panot in his song. He said, “panot ako pero maganda pa rin ako.”

    Vice commented on Joshua’s being “malandi sa girls,” but he said there’s nothing wrong with it as long as Joshua knows his boundaries. “Walang masama kung hawakan mo paminsan-minsan, hanggang alam mo ang responsibility mo sa kanya bilang kaibigan niya at alam mo ang limitasyon mo.” He also said that touch is different from “hipo.” Jane also told Vice “di ako papayag kung alam ko na ganun ang ginagawa.”

    Vice then asked Vickie if she likes Daniel. Vickie answered, “biruan lang yon.” Vice said, “walang masama kung magka-crush ka. For sure ang foyfriend mo nagkaka-crush din sa iba, pero may limitasyon tayo.” He also said he’d understand if Vickie could not own up to her admiration because she wouldn’t want to be labeled “malandi.”

    Vice also took this opportunity to give Fifth a hug. He told Fifth, “I love you, iba ang pagmamahal ko sa ‘yo.” He shared how Fifth made him cry when Fifth admitted his bisexuality. He asked Fifth, “Takot ka ba?” Fifth said, “Noong una takot, buong buhay ko lumalaban na ako, nakakapagod din pala lumaban. Kaya ginusto kong tapusin na, para di ko na kailangan lumaban.”

    To this Vice said, “Nakakapagod lumaban lalo na kung wala naman laban. Bakit kapag bakla o bisexual ka kailangan mong i-explain?” He also assured Fifth that there’s nothing to be afraid of because he is not alone in his fight. That there are a lot of people going through the same things he went through.

    When it was time to share the stuff that they wrote on the teddy bears they decorated as a fundraiser for Typhoon Glenda victims, Vice read his as, “I commit mistakes and that makes me human.” He explained this to mean “kahit ano namang gawin mo, kahit magpaka-safe ka, magkakamali ka pa rin.”

    Fifth’s bear had the word “bisexual” written in big letters on it. This, he said, is an affirmation of who he is and he even came up with a metaphor for his coming out. “Yung turtle lumabas na ng shell niya.”

    When it was Joshua’s turn to read what he wrote, Vice was put off when Joshua admitted asking for Fifth’s help on what to write. Joshua also showed lack of enthusiasm for the task at hand. Vice told Kuya, “na-feel bad ako slightly. Ang dali lang naman pag-isipan kung ano ang isusulat. Pero anong magagawa ko kung ganon siya? So, nirespeto at in-accept ko na lang.”

    Jane called Joahus’s attention to his behavior but Joshua kept insisting “tinatamad talaga ako e.” He kept saying “ayaw kong umangat.” Jane tried to explain that it is not about “pag-angat,” but before she could explain further she got pissed off because Joshua was not listening and she walked out on him.

    Later, Kuya allowed the adults to bond over cheese and wine. The housemates shared to Vice why they hate leaving Kuya’s house. “Iba ang mood dito e. Nakakalungkot na ayaw mo na siya iwan, ayaw mo na lumabas.”

    When Fifth said that he is not aiming to be a matinee idol like Enrique Gil or Daniel Padilla, Vice said that he would never be able to achieve it. “Hindi ka pwedeng maging Daniel Padilla, ikaw si Fifth.” Vice said that whenever anyone would tell him that he is the next Vic Sotto, he would say reject it and say, “I am the first Vice Ganda.”

    He also pressed Vickie regarding her feelings for her boyfriend Jason Abalos. Vickie admitted missing Jason and her fears that something had changed in him. One of her worries was that Jason could be jealous because she was being linked to Daniel.

    While they were discussing Jason, Daniel’s silence became apparent. Vice advised Daniel not to let the issue affect him. The four also dissolved in laughter when Vice thought Vickie was wearing a bracelet Jason gave her. It turned out that the bracelet was given by Daniel.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fifth, Manolo, Jane, and Joshua are nominated this week


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]In the “Ligtask” challenge, the housemates have to win a challenge in order to save his chosen housemate. In the challenge, the housemates have to touch four kinds of animals namely: guinea pigs, worms, frogs, and snakes. They have to count these animals correctly in the given time frame.
    Fifth was so squeamish he didn’t touch the guinea pigs and the frogs when he counted them. He also kept screaming and took some time before he could touch the snakes in order to count them.

    Maris and Vickie also chose not to touch some animals. Maris opted to count the snakes without touching them, while Vickie could not even count them.

    Manolo, Daniel, and Joshua had no problem touching the animals. Daniel and Joshua took some time touching the snakes but they eventually got around to it.

    Loisa, although surprised at the kinds of animals she had to touch, had no problem at all touching them, even the snakes.

    In the end, it was the housemates who faced their fears who succeeded in their task. Manolo saved Daniel; Daniel saved Vickie; Loisa saved Maris, and Joshua saved Loisa. The housemates who are officially nominated this week are Manolo, Fifth, Jane and Joshua.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Fifth gets evicted from the PBB house


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]The “Brad Kulit ng Pasay” got the lowest percentage of votes with 16.52%. In his conversation with Big Brother in the confession room, he said that he learned to be true to himself and to others. Fifth, who was highly emotional, was welcomed back to the outside world by his twin brother, Fourth.

    Meanwhile, Jane garnered the highest percentage of votes with 42.11%, followed by Joshua who received 23.80%. It was a close fight between Fifth and Manolo, who got 17.56% of the votes.

    Fifth returns to PBB house


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]This Thursday noon, former PBB All In housemate Fifth was seen helping the current housemates namely, Joshua, Maris and Loisa in a task inside Big Brother’s house.

    Has Fifth returned to the competition? Why did he re-enter?


    Fifth returns to Kuya’s house as a ‘pretend housemate’


    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]In this week’s “cake task,” housemates Joshua, Loisa, and Maris were asked to keep a hundred candles lit for 24 hours and were given only a minute to re-light the candles.

    Kuya asked the help of ex-housemates Fifth and Ranty, and the “bodega” housemates Jane, Vickie, Manolo, and Daniel to make the “cake task” even more challenging.

    Kuya tasked Fifth to pretend that he was back as a regular housemate to, according to Kuya, test the housemates. Kuya also asked Fifth’s help in blowing out some candles as a challenge to the housemates’ task.

    Kuya also bid the “bodega” housemates to create “weapons” that they would use to extinguish the flame of the candles. Each one will be given five minutes to try to put out the candles and the housemate who put out the most number of candles will be saved.

    When he entered the house, Fifth lost no time in quizzing the housemates about some things. He asked Joshua why he became close to Loisa on the heels of expressing his love for Jane. Joshua said he did it because Jane made an issue of it every time he would go near Loisa. When asked about this same issue, Loisa told Fifth that she distanced herself from Joshua because she could feel Jane was getting jealous when Joshua and she were together. Fifth also gave his opinion when the housemates chose a category for group eviction. For Fifth, “Dapat pag may napatunayan, yun ang dapat mag-stay, hindi dapat umalis.”

    When it was time for the “cake task,” Fifth blew out two candles when no one was looking. However, Joshua was smart enough to know what was happening. He pooled the group together and told them that he thinks Fifth is on a secret task from Kuya. The observant and quick Joshua said, “Tingin ko pinatay ni Fifth yung dalawang kandila.” Joshua, Maris and Loisa even did their best to make Fifth tell them what he was there for. After this, Joshua didn’t allow Fifth to be left alone with the candles. There were always two people with him.

    Later, Kuya asked them to take the cake to the activity area. Ranty who was wearing fatigues launched an attack on their candles. Before leaving, Ranty took off his face stocking and bid the housemates goodbye.

    After Ranty, Manolo came out to try his luck with the candles. Manolo used a fan attached to a long stick and in his attempt to put out the candles, he inadvertently hit Maris and Loisa who were trying to protect and light up the candles.

    Before he left though, Joshua recognized Manolo. Will Joshua also recognize Daniel, Jane and Vickie? Will they succeed in their task?[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]
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    :wave: Welcome to Daddy Bobby's 4th house! :bounce: Thank you for all the love for our beloved Turtle! Now that he's no longer a housemate, let's continue to support him in the outside world.

    Like what big brother told Daddy, he may be the Fifth in his family, but he'll always be the First in our hearts :love:
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