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Ano ang masasabi nyo about sa hazing that they call brotherhood?

Do you familiar or know who General Purisima is? When PNP chief General Alan Purisima was a cadet at the PMA in 1977, he landed in the hospital and almost died after being hazed by upperclassmen who repeatedly dropped shot-put balls on his stomach. Binagsakan siya ng sobrang bigat na bola sa kanyang tiyan ng ilang beses ng kanyang upperclassmen at pinutol ang kanyang bituka.
During the most difficult and the darkest time of your life, God will be there to light your path. Every cadet of PMA has experienced hazing from their upperclassmen. and oh yes, i remember when my dad telling me the death of one of his friends in PMA during their hazing more than 3 decades ago.



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