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Determined to be filthy rich.

Greetings people of PeX. This will be my first journal in forums. I've been thinking to write a journal here in a forum rather than start a blog. Don't have time to maintain a blog anymore. By the way my name is Robin Lavi?a and you can call me Robee. Writing journals is my past time to take of the stress in life and enjoy meeting new people while sharing my thoughts.

I will start posting new topics every free time. Just to share some things of my life to everyone. I'm also a Vlogger and will share my new videos here. Probably will embed them.

I currently work for Convergys in Mandaue City, Cebu. Working as a Tier 2 Technical Support Representative for Microsoft Surface account. Living independently is a great choice to have more freedom and learn more from life. I've recently started living independently and adjusting.

Later updates will have features of photos and videos. Thanks for letting me share.


  • I've been trying to Vlog these past couple of weeks and started by making a journal using just my webcam. It's just plainly rants about my life. I'm not really expecting to get views or lots of followers on this matter. Me on Vlogging is to improve my English communication skills and speech skills to talk to people. I've never been at talking and opening up and this has become my therapy. I'm taking Vlogging as a hobby and just enjoying my free time to speak in front of a camera and to many people.

    I'll show you some vids that I have already uploaded and share it with you.

    View my journal since day 1:
    Journal #1

    I've been doing some side vlogs such as chocolate reviews:
    M&Ms :

    And here are my special Video Game records:
    League of Legends :

    Super Street Fighter 4:

    Hope you guys will enjoy watching my videos. I do hope that I can publish more vlogs in the future because I'm having financial difficulties when it comes to recording videos. My main niche is making journals in YouTube but maybe if my financial backup won't work then I'll go with Wordpress blogging. Since blogging is much more cheaper and accessible than making videos.

    As of now, it's not yet clear of what my publishing course will be but I'm sure that I'll be in business for the rest of my life.
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