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New campus for Mapua?

"IPO capex @P700mn, sees 10% earnings growth I-people (IPO) unit, Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT), allotted P700mn in 2014 capital expenditures to boost research facilities to attract more graduates. MIT is doing market studies in 3 unnamed locations, as it expands marketing to attract more enrollees. Another P206mn will be earmarked for a 3rd building in Malayan Colleges, Laguna. IPO sees 2014"


It only means na ang focus ng Mapua is not really the undergraduate programs kundi and graduate studies programs niya. Kaya ginawa ang research center. :naughty:

With regards sa new campus saan naman kaya?
And will it be under Malayan (like MCL) or Mapua (like Mapua makati)? :rolleyes:


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    iPeople’s Mapua to seek more grad students

    THE EDUCATION arm of the Yuchengco Group of Companies has budgeted more than P700 million in capital expenditure this year, primarily to boost its research facilities in a bid to attract more graduate students.

    THE MAPUA Institute of Technology campus in Intramuros, Manila -- MAPUA.EDU.PH
    Listed iPeople, Inc. (IPO), the operator of Mapua Institute of Technology, said it will allot P400 million for the school’s new research facility which is expected to be finished by December.

    This comes on top of Mapua’s average operating expenses of P100 million annually, according to Mapua Executive Vice-President for Finance and Administration Ruth C. Francisco.

    “We’ll go into research -- and over the long run -- that should strengthen the company and our education function. We already have some research projects that we could locate in the research building and we hope that we can develop linkages internationally and have collaborative research with schools abroad,” Mapua President and Chief Executive Officer Reynaldo B. Vea said in a recent interview.

    The school currently offers masters degrees across all engineering fields as well as several doctorate degrees. It also plans to introduce a Master of Business Administration course next year, “at the earliest.”

    “We have a sufficient number of graduate students who will engage in research, that’s why we felt the need for a research building,” Mr. Vea said. “We can attract our own graduates, but we hope the greater population [of graduate students] will come from outside -- even from other countries.”

    He said iPeople is expecting 10% growth in profit this year, alongside an expected 10% increase in student population.

    Currently, Mapua has around 14,000 students in its Intramuros branch, and another 2,000 in its Makati City branch.

    Mr. Vea said the group is trying to attract more freshmen students through “aggressive marketing.”

    This is to curb the impact of an expected absence of enrollees in the first and second years of college following the full implementation of the K to 12 educational system.

    “Our outlook is up...We’re doing market studies right now in three locations -- I’m just not at liberty to say -- but we’re planning to expand,” Mr. Vea said, adding that the plans will be finalized by September.

    Another P206 million worth of capital expenditure will go to the construction of a third building in Malayan Colleges Laguna, another wholly owned subsidiary of IPO-owned Malayan Colleges, Inc.

    Mr. Vea also said the group is “always open” to the possibility of acquisitions.

    “From time to time we get offers to sell and we evaluate everything closely; we hope some of them will be consummated. So far walang nako-consummate by way of acquisition,” he said
    School-related operations account for around 90% of the revenue of iPeople, according to House of Investments Vice-President for Finance Ring F. Joven.

    House of Investments is the holding company of the Yuchengcos and is the parent company of iPeople.

    Aside from education, iPeople’s portfolio also involves information technology. Its two main operating subsidiaries are Malayan Colleges Inc. (MCI) and the Pan Pacific Computer Center (PPCC).

    MCI also has two other wholly owned subsidiaries, the Malayan Colleges Laguna and the Malayan High School of Science. PPCC, on the other hand, provides the IT-related requirements of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, which include hardware, software and IT-related services.

    iPeople’s net income rose 20.38% to P190.65 million, as gross revenue grew 12.64% to P543.12 million. Costs and expenses increased 8.21% to P330.73 million.

    iPeople shares last traded on July 2 at P11.50.

  • hybridcompositehybridcomposite PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Any update on this?
  • if ever mapua will go into MBA, it will be practical to partner with a foreign business school so there is no need to waste time inventing again. maybe, nangyang of singapore is a good prospect. quality of mba education is now found in singapore.
  • the reason why taipans buy local colleges and build them into cash cows is for the certainty of high profit margins....the name of mapua as an institution has deteriorated due to commercialization and greed. but if u look at ATENEO KATIPUNAN & UP DILIMAN, the quality of their high education has remained constant. why is this so? it is the complete reverse with MAPUA. JOHN GOKONGWEI who is not even from ateneo donated huge sums of money to the ateneo jesuit fathers to build up their MANAGEMENT COURSES thru the JGSOM. HAS DADO BANATAO DONATED MONEY TO MAPUA FOR A PROFESSIONAL CHAIR OR A RESEARCH GRANT? SO NO WONDER THE MAPUA QUALITY OF EDUCATION HAS VANISHED.
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    sabi sa FB feeds nila meron sila tatayo campus sa mindanao..
  • yes....sa davao city ata ilalagay ang mapua branch dun. don't know baket dun pa sa davao? mababa na talaga ang market value ng mapua....kawawa naman ang name ng mapua family na nagtatag ng mapua. may ateneo de davao na nga dun d ba? mas mataas pa nga ang standard nila kaysa mapua....tsssk
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