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Cost of Home improvements

Hi, help lang po on estimating home improvements, nakabili po kasi ako ng house and exterior finish lang ang meron. High ceiling pero provision lang for loft. Wala pa talagang laman kahit paint. Ipapagawa ko na sana but i have no idea magkano aabutin. The house is 30 sqm lang naman pero im planning to have 3 bedrooms, gagamitin ko na *** loft area as 2nd floor. Addition din kitchen and garage na parang balcony yung taas...my budget is only 200k, aabutin po ba or atleast magkano po ba aabutin? Simpleng finish lang naman po gusto ko... Any ideas? Nga pala, the house is the cresta model sa avida cerise nuvali, if anyone could help po... Thanks!


  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    post ka ng pictures.

    pero from the looks of it, the most you can do is have 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor..
  • Yung 2 bedroom po sa taas then 1 maid's room sana sa baba? Kaya po ba nung budget? Thanks sa reply,,can't post pics,nde pa ko marunong e.. :-)
  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    medyo mahirap talaga e.. 30 sqm.. is really kinda... tiny.. :( usually talaga yung loft is not even a room. it's just a floor with bed on it, and maybe may railings para di mahulog. lol. parang rooms without walls.

    pang bachelor lang or newly weds lang talaga yan e..

    cause the most floor area you can do with the loft is 20 sqm. make it 30 sqm, and ang grabe ang init nyang bahay na yan without circulation.
  • c1234c1234 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Hi! If you have time, you can email us the floor plan of your house at [email protected] so we can review if your budget and requirements are feasible.

    Thank you and best regards,

  • I think possible pa naman yung gusto mong mangyari sa bahay mo. Yun nga lang baka mabitin ka sa budget mo. Kung pwede mo pa sigurong madagdagan kahit hanggang P350K. If you are interested to set a meeting, you may send your contact details via PM.
  • guys how about for a 60sqm na bare house? 2 storey po 3 bedrooms pero tiny rooms lang. gusto ko ifully furnished like with beds (double deck) cabinets. ceiling, kitchen, and palit paint kasi ang pangit ng pagkaka paint nung na turn over e. kasya ba 500k ko? ipapa rent lang namin kasi pero furniture and appliances kaya pwede na dyan?
  • Thanks sa mga previous replies.. Regarding po sa size, yes maliit, pero i've seen kasi *** mga recent lay outs ng mga bahay *****, rooms can go as small as 2x2 sq.m. ganun lang din naman kasi gusto namin,.. hindi rin kami fan ng malalaking bahay.. :-) anyway, until now hindi pa natuturn over samin yung house so tengga pa yung renovations.. :-) Any other comments? I'm still hoping to furnish the house at the most minimum of expense.. Kuripot lang :-) Help!
  • Hi po @annapeng! Puno na po inbox ninyo, kindly email me your requirements at [email protected]. Thanks po!!
  • Hi guys, if you need home decoration, we offer window blinds and artificial grass po.

    send me pm for more details.
    Thank you!
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