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[MALAYSIA] KUALA LUMPUR Guide 2014 (Please read Page 1 before posting)

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Welcome to the PEx KUALA LUMPUR Guide 2014!


Thread 1 - all about kuala lumpur/malaysia
Thread 2 - All About Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *Truly Asia*


MALAYSIA: General Information
  • Religion/Race: A predominantly MUSLIM country. The population mostly are from these three (3) races: Malay, Chinese, Indian

  • Primary Language: Bahasa Malaysia | Secondary: English, Chinese, Indian

  • Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR/RM). Approximately 1RM= 14PHP

  • Time: GMT +8, same as the Philippines

  • Sunrise & Sunset: Sunrise at 7am | Sunset at 7pm

  • Climate: Monsoon season from October to March, with scattered rainfall in the afternoon. Climate and weather is generally the same all year round

  • Weather Disturbances: In general, Kuala Lumpur does not experience typhoons/storms. Only moderate rainfall especially in the afternoon

  • Temperature: Same as Manila, about 32-35deg

  • Tourist Visa: NOT required for Filipino citizens, for a period of 30 days

  • Airports: KLIA – Major Airlines | KLIA2 – Budget Airlines

  • Direct Flights to KL: Major- Malaysia Airlines, PAL | Budget - Cebu Pacific, Air Asia

  • Standard/Cost of Living: A bit more expensive than Manila, but a lot less expensive than Singapore

  • Electricity: Runs at 220V, same as the Philippines, but different socket/plug

  • Driving: Right-hand drive

  • Transportation: Taxi, Train, Bus. The KL Train System is not as advanced as Hong Kong and Singapore, but it will take you to most of the major tourist spots.

  • Safety: Kuala Lumpur is GENERALLY safe, but there are pickpockets and “riding-in-tandems” as well. Common sense for safety is a MUST

[highlight]Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):[/highlight]

[highlight]1. WHAT TO WEAR[/highlight]

While it is not forbidden to wear shorts/skirts and sleeveless shirts, please observe respect as Malaysia is still a predominantly MUSLIM country. Wearing of skirts and sleeveless shirts are not permitted entry to Muslim Mosques.

[highlight]2. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS[/highlight]

Please refer to for the list of public holidays. Dates of Muslim, Chinese and Indian holidays change every year.

Major holidays: Ramadan (July/August), Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb), Deepavali (October), New Year (January 1)
Christian holidays: Holy week holidays are NOT public holidays here. Christmas is a public holiday (December 25)

[highlight]3. ITINERARY[/highlight]

Please take time to prepare your own itinerary and at least have a general idea. Travel blog resources are endless, and google is your friend. We are not a travel agency and make everything for you, but we can suggest and make changes to your itineraries based on the collective information here.

For those who want their itinerary reviewed, please state the following for us to evaluate and take into consideration your special needs:
  • Purpose of Travel – Sightseeing, Shopping, Cultural/Museums, Layover/Quick trip. State if your only interested in Legoland, in that case Singapore should be your destination as it is nearer.

  • Type of Travellers – Are you travelling with kids, senior citizens, persons with disability (PWD)

  • Number of days – 3D2N, 4D3N, etc.

  • Date and Time - Of arrival and departure

[highlight]4. AIRPORT & IMMIGRATION[/highlight]
  • Major airlines (Malaysia Airlines, PAL) – KLIA

  • Budget airlines (Cebu Pacific, Air Asia) – KLIA2

  • You will NOT pay anything upon entry and exit of Malaysia airports

  • KLIA2 is HUGE. AS IN REALLY HUGE. Please allot at least 2-3 hours before departure as it takes about 20-30mins of brisk walking from check-in counters to boarding gates.

  • Malaysian Immigration Officers are generally OK. They MAY ask you about the purpose of travel, number of days of stay, place of stay, and return flight tickets.

  • Female solo travelers should exercise extra caution. Dress DECENT. There are many instances that female travelers are subjected to extra scrutiny especially those who dress in skimpy outfits and who appear to be working in the red light district.

  • Be sure to be READY with following documents upon immigration. Present these documents ONLY WHEN ASKED, these are not required but highly recommended to have on hand:
1) Return/onward flight tickets

2) Accommodation/Hotel Booking confirmation – Choose your hotel at Booking/Agoda with free cancellation, book it (you don’t have to pay anything, just enter your credit card details), save the PDF confirmation, print, and then cancel your booking

3) Itinerary – Not required but at least have a general idea of where you plan to go around Malaysia when questioned

4) Company ID/Certificate of Employment – To ensure that you are not trying to find work in Malaysia

5) Show money – Not required, but have some ready proof just in case. They don’t ask for show money unless they suspect you to be a TNT or illegal worker. A decent amount of show money depends on you.
  • ALWAYS bring your passport (or a photocopy of it) wherever you go. You might encounter roving policemen in uniform who ask foreigners proof of identification. Also, some IT stores ask for proof of identification (usually passport) when you buy expensive IT gadgets.
  • Immigration Officers will ask for your biometrics. Just scan your 2 index fingers when asked to, as shown below:

[highlight]5. GETTING TO AND FROM THE AIRPORT (KLIA/KLIA2)[/highlight]

Three (4) ways to get to/from the airport: Star Limo/Star Shuttle, Bus, Train, Taxi.

The most convenient option is to take the STAR LIMO/STAR SHUTTLE.

  • Fare: RM18/person from airport to hotel (hotels in KL only); can be purchased at bus ticket counters in the airport
  • How it works:
    1) Arrive at Airport (KLIA/KLIA2)
    2) Look for Star Shuttle counters
    3) Advise your Hotel name
    4) Pay RM18 for pickup at KLIA, RM15 from KLIA2
    5) Get a bus ride to KL city
    6) Transit to hotel by Star Limo
  • They also offer Limo service from Hotel (Kuala Lumpur city area only) to KLIA or KLIA2 with just only RM20 per person.
  • If you need return pick up, call 03-4043 8811 / 017-250 3377 / 012-969 0636 / 016-203 3798 after hotel check-in (at least 8 hours before your departure).
  • Booking received via email will not be entertained.
  • Travel time: 1 hour (at least) with moderate traffic

  • Bus fare: From RM8-10/person; can be purchased at bus ticket counters in the airport
  • Routes: KL Sentral (most common), 1Utama
  • Seat assignments: YES. But sometimes it is not followed
  • Luggage compartments: YES. You can put your luggage at the side compartments of the bus. No limit to weight/quantity
  • Travel time: 1 hour (at least) with moderate traffic
  • Schedule

  • KLIA Ekspres – Straight to KL Sentral, non-stop
  • KLIA Transit – With 3 stops in between
  • Fare: RM35 from KLIA/KLIA2 to KL Sentral (Check the website for detailed fare matrix)
  • Seat assignments: NO
  • Luggage compartments: YES, but limited
  • Travel time: KLIA Ekspres (28 minutes)
  • Schedule

  • Coupon Taxi (Fixed Rate) or Meter Taxi
  • Taxi Fare: Depending on location, number of people and luggage
  • Usually from KLIA to KL Sentral is RM80-90 inclusive of toll fees. If your hotel is located in Bukit Bintang, around RM100.
  • Number of persons: Only 4 persons can fit a regular taxi, but if you have big luggages then they will split you to 2 taxis or put you in a big taxi/van
  • Additional 50% surcharge between midnight until 6am

[highlight]TIPS: [/highlight]
  • If you are travelling alone and on a budget, the cheapest way is to take the BUS (RM8-10). From KL Sentral, you can take the train to the KL City Center.

  • If you are a group of 3-4 persons, better take the TAXI straight to your hotel/airport for your convenience. It will be more expensive if you take the TRAIN (RM35 x 3 persons = RM105) not to mention the waiting times and the hassle of carrying your luggages.

  • Beware of OPPORTUNISTS in KL Sentral. There are taxi drivers in KL Sentral waiting for tourists to take the bait as you alight the bus. They are very persistent and will rip you off the fare. Normal taxi fare from KL Sentral to Bukit Bintang is around RM15-20, but these opportunists will hike the price up to RM50.

  • There is a coupon taxi station in KL Sentral where you will have to line up and pay a fixed price depending on the location of your hotel, however the queue may be very long and may take up a lot of time waiting. So if you have heavy luggages, best to take the taxi from the airport straight to your hotel.


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    [highlight]6. COMING IN AND OUT OF SINGAPORE[/highlight]
    • If you are planning to visit Malaysia and Singapore, you should book your flight tickets MNL-KL-SG-MNL or MNL-SG-KL-MNL. It will save you a lot of money and time. A lot of people are making a mistake on exiting Singapore, tour KL for a few days, and go back to Singapore to catch their return flight to Manila. It is a waste of precious time and money.

    • Immigration by land travel is stricter (in my experience) as compared to air travel. The reason is that Malaysia is a convenient excuse and exit point of Singapore job hunters. I have known a few who have been questioned and denied entry especially those who are in and out of Singapore after the 30-day valid stay was exhausted.
    Three (3) ways to go to Singapore: Bus, Plane, Train

    BY BUS
    • Starmart Express -
      KL Terminal: Kiosk AK-01, Monorail Stations, Ground Level, Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi, 51000, K.L
      SG Terminal: 6001 Beach Road #01-47, Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589, (Near Nicoll Highway MRT Station)
      Fare (online booking): KL-SG (SGD 28) | SG-KL (SGD 28) – According to some PExers, booking on the spot (walk-in) is cheaper than booking online.
      Schedule: Please check the website

    • First Coach -
      KL Terminal: Bangsar (KL) | Bandar Utama (PJ) | Subang Parade
      SG Terminal: Novena Square | West Coast Plaza | Star Vista
      Fare (online booking): Bangsar to Novena Square (RM 55) | Novena Square to Bangsar (RM 85)
      Schedule: Please check the website

    • Aeroline -
      KL Terminal: Corus Hotel
      SG Terminal: Harbourfront
      Fare (online booking): KL-SG (RM95) | SG-KL (SGD 50)
      Schedule: Please check the website

    BY PLANE – Budget Airlines

    • Fare: MYR 33 (USD$10) for 2nd class seat , MYR39 (USD$12.50) for 2nd class sleeper, MYR114-135 (USD$36-43) for 1st class deluxe sleeper (private cabin sleeper with private shower /toilet and LCD TV)

    • Duration: 6-7 hours

    • KL Terminal: KL Sentral

    • SG Terminal: Singapore Woodlands

    • Note: I haven’t tried the train to SG personally, so please read the detailed blog review below for the price, how to book tickets etc.

    • Blog reviews:

    [highlight]Neverending question: Bus vs. Plane vs. Train to Singapore[/highlight]
    Train – cheapest, but the longest time
    Plane – most expensive; 1 hour flying time*
    Bus – affordable; 5-6 hours travel time

    My personal opinion: Either bus or by plane. Pag nagsale si Air Asia/Tiger Airways/Jetstar, mas mura pa siya.

    BUS: Nakaupo ka lang for 6 hours. The only time na bababa ka is MY immigration and SG immigration. Sa MY immigration, you won’t have to bring your luggage. After clearing MY immigration, the bus will ply the long bridge connecting MY and SG. Pagdating ng SG immigration, you will have to bring all your luggage, clear immigration, clear customs, then get back at your bus (take not of your bus number/plate number).

    PLANE: 1 hour flying time, pero in total, parang 5-6 hours din because of travel and waiting time.
    Travel to KLIA2: 1 hour
    Waiting time at KLIA2 before boarding (check-in, immigration etc): 2 hours
    Flying time: 1 hour
    Changi Airport (arriving, clearing immigration, luggage, customs, getting out): 1 hour
    Travel to city: 1 hour
    TOTAL TIME: 6 hours

    TRAIN: Haven't tried it yet. From feedback, it's takes too long.

    [highlight]OVERALL: Halos pareho lang either BUS or PLANE. It’s up to you whichever is more convenient. [/highlight]

    [highlight]7. FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE[/highlight]
    • RM 1 = P14 (Approx.)

    • There are a lot of money changers in the Bukit Bintang area and inside the malls (Suria KLCC, Pavilion, Mid Valley, Central Market)

    • You can exchange your PHP to RM here in Malaysia. No need to exchange your PHP to USD then to RM, you will just incur double forex losses.

    • As a general rule, don’t exchange all your money in the airport. Money changers in the airport have the lowest rates. Just exchange enough for your fare going to the city.

    • Hindi nagkakalayo ang mga rates ng mga money changers, kung may difference man e 0.01-0.10 lang. Hindi niyo ikahihirap ang kaunting forex difference so exchange wherever it is convenient for you.

    [highlight]8. PREPAID SIM CARD[/highlight]
    • Hotlink/Maxis is the most reliable prepaid sim card/network with the widest coverage. LTE is also available for prepaid but you have to avail at least 1gb internet pass

    • Where to buy: In the airport Hotlink/Maxis booths, they will set it up for you with internet packages depending on your need

    • How much: It depends on which package/plan you choose. Ranges from RM15-20

    • Call to the Philippines: Dial 132006391xxxxxxxx. RM0.20/30secs or about P6/min

    [highlight]9. WHERE TO BUY/EAT[/highlight]
    These are the most popular restaurants found all over KL, most especially in the malls (Pavilion, KLCC, Mid Valley etc.)

    Madam Kwan’s – Traditional Malaysian/Chinese/Indian cuisine, try the satay, hokkien mee, prawn noodles and banana fritters

    Nando’s – Barbeque chicken

    Old Town Coffee– Traditional kopitiam/coffee place. Lots of traditional coffee/tea mixed beverages and toasts/bread.

    Din Tai Fung – Chinese restaurant famous for their xiao long bao

    Jalan Alor – Street full of hawker-style food, located in Bukit Bintang. Mostly Chinese cuisine but you can find Thai and Indian food as well.

    Low Yat Plaza – Located in Bukit Bintang, beside Sungei Wang. 7 floors of IT merchandise: cameras, mobile phones, computers/laptops, game consoles, IT accessories, etc. You can haggle for the price and ask for freebies.

    Keychains, ref magnets and other souvenirs - head to Central Market (Pasar Seni) or Chinatown (Petaling Street). Chinatown offers the cheapest souvenirs.

    Old Town Coffee – most popular are the Hazelnut and White Milk Tea variants. Regular price is RM14 per 15 sachets/packs. Supermakets such as AEON and JUSCO offer it at around RM11 when on promo.

    Beryls’ Chocolate Kingdom
    38, Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Operation Hours : Monday - Sunday from 9am to 6pm

    You can also buy Beryl’s chocolates in supermarkets and in Central Market. There’s also a Beryl’s Outlet Store in KLIA2 just before entering the Departure Area.

    Other local chocolate brands can be found in Central Market, Chinatown and supermarkets.
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    [highlight]10. COMMUTING & TOURING AROUND KUALA LUMPUR[/highlight]

    • Except for the Star Line (Yellow Line), ALL train lines meet at KL SENTRAL (train hub).

    • Most tourist spots are accessible via the Kelana Jaya Line (Green Line) and the Monorail (Purple Line).

    • MyRapid Card is a reloadable stored value card, which you can reload/top-up at machines at all train stations.
    • You can use the MyRapid card on the following train lines/bus:
      - Kelana Jaya Line (Green Line)
      - Monorail (Purple Line)
      - Star Line (Yellow Line)
      - All MyRapid buses

    • MyRapid Card is RM12.00, inclusive of RM2 nonrefundable deposit.

    • Single Journey tokens are also available at all machines.

    • You heard it right, buses that roam around KL for FREE! If you’re street savvy you can visit most tourist spots by riding the GO KL Bus for free.

    • There are two GO KL Bus Lines: Purple and Green


    • Don’t be confused with the color of the bus, the signboard at the top indicates which line it is.

    • Both Purple and Green Lines have designated bus stops with about 15-30min intervals (estimated)

    • Price: RM45/person for 24 hours or RM79/person for 48 hours
    • It will drop you off to all of KL’s major tourist spots

    • Pro: The HOHO will drop you off to the tourist spots, less planning required

    • Con: Interval is quite long according to feedback
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    [highlight]11. ACCOMMODATION[/highlight]



    • Traders Hotel – I personally tried this, indeed the BEST hotel with unobstructed views of the towers.

    • Mandarin Oriental – Just beside the towers

    • Hotel Maya – 5 minute walking distance to the towers (Front)

    • Corus Hotel – 5 minute walking distance to the towers (Back)

    • Piccolo Hotel

    • Grand Millenium

    • Ritz-Carlton

    • Prince Hotel

    • Melia Kuala Lumpur

    • The Royale Chulan

    • Hilton Hotel

    • Le Meridien

    • Aloft Kuala Lumpur

    • The Gardens Hotel

    • The Boulevard Hotel

    • Cititel
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    [highlight]12. TOURIST SPOTS/ATTRACTIONS[/highlight]

    • What to see: The twin towers are especially beautiful when lighted. Suria KLCC is a mall right below the towers. KLCC Park is right behind it for leisurely walks.
    • Directions: Take the Kelana Jaya Line (Green Line) to KLCC Station. Petronas Towers is right above KLCC/Suria KLCC Mall.
    • Best time to go: 7pm (twilight), the towers when lighted in the evening is beautiful
    • Entrance Fee: RM80/person, Tue-Sun, 9am-9pm. Best to buy online, then claim tickets on the day itself.

    • What to see: Statues and temples of Indian gods, amazing cliff and cave formations, 272 steps going up the caves. There are a LOT of monkeys in the area especially up the stairs
    • Directions: From KL Sentral, take the KTM Komuter (Red Line) to Batu Caves Station (Last station). The Red Line in the train map is not complete, it is actually extended with Batu Caves being the last station.
    • Fare: RM2/person via KTM Komuter Train (Red Line)
    • Travel time: About 30-40mins from KL Sentral
    • Best time to go: Early morning, from 9am
    • Entrance Fee: FREE for the most area. But for the gardens and ponds, there is a fee (not that much to see there anyway)

    • What to see: Great architecture, KL City Gallery, a very tall flagpole, and a very large square/open field
    • Directions: Take the Kelana Jaya Line (Green Line) and get off at either two stations: Masjid Jamek or Pasar Seni. Medyo long walk from there.
    • Tip: Alight at Pasar Seni Station and pass by Central Market, exit from the back of Central Market going to Merdeka Square
    • Best time to go: Equally stunning both day and night.
    • Entrance Fee: FREE
    • KL City Gallery with the I <3 KL sign is right across Merdeka Square
    • Not much shade in this area as this is an open field
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    • What to see: This is the city center of Kuala Lumpur, rows after rows of high-end shopping malls, drinking bars, clubs, street food and good bargain shops

    • Directions:
      o Go KL Bus: Free buses roaming around the city center
      o Monorail Station: Bukit Bintang Station
      o Walk: From KLCC, take the underground walkway, then take the elevated airconditioned walkway to Bukit Bintang. Approximately 20-30mins walk.

    • Shopping Malls
      o Pavilion – High-end shopping mall
      o Lot 10 – Biggest H&M store in KL (3 floors)
      o Sungei Wang and Berjaya Times Square – cheap bargain finds, similar to Greenhills
      o Lowyat Plaza – Malaysia’s largest IT/Gadgets mall

    • Jalan Alor
      o A street full of hawker centers serving various cuisines, but mostly Chinese, Thai and Malay food
      o Open from 5pm-2am
      o Must try: Bbq chicken wings, Satay, Hokkien Mee, Steamed Fish, Dimsum
      o Payment: Pay as you order, cash only

    • What to see: Observatory with views of the KL skyline
    • Directions: Take the Kelana Jaya Line (Green Line), alight at Dang Wangi Station. Alternatively you can take the Monorail (Purple Line) and alight at Bukit Nanas Station.
    • Best time to go: Anytime
    • Entrance Fee: Observation Deck RM49/person | Open Deck RM99/person
    • The KL Tower also has a high-end revolving restaurant at the peak, check the prices from the website below.
  • chocobangbangchocobangbang bang bang bang! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    • What to see: An airconditioned one-stop shop for souvenirs and novelty items
    • Directions: Take the Kelana Jaya Line (Green Line) to Pasar Seni Station. Walk about 200 meters from there. Or alternatively you can take the GO KL Purple Line and alight at Pasar Seni.
    • Best time to go: Anytime. Covered and airconditioned area.
    • Entrance Fee: FREE
    • All souvenirs (keychains, snowglobe, tshirt, clothes, ref magnet etc) can be found here. Haggle your way to the cheapest price.
    • Lots of Pinay sellers, so you will feel at home.

    • What to see: Divisoria-type market of souvenirs, clothes, accessories. Souvenirs are cheapest here.
    • Directions: Take the Kelana Jaya Line (Green Line) to Pasar Seni Station. Walk about 300 meters from there. Very near Central Market, walking distance.
    • Best time to go: Daytime
    • Entrance Fee: FREE
    • Magulo, mainit, at medyo delikado. Be careful with your belongings.
    • Tip: If you will haggle, you HAVE to buy it. Nagagalit at naninigaw ang mga Chinese vendors pag tinawaran ng sobra pero hindi bibilhin.

    • What to see: Largest Chinese temple in KL, at the top of Robinson’s Hill offering an excellent view of the city
    • Directions
      o Taxi – 15-30 mins from KL Sentral
      o Monorail – Tun Sambanthan Station, cross Jalan Syed Putra and walk up the hill
    • Best time to go: Anytime
    • Entrance Fee: FREE
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    • What to see: A theme park on top of the mountains with casinos, hotels, and cool breeze. The outdoor themepark is CLOSED for renovation until 2016 (no specific date). The indoor themepark is OPEN and is kid-friendly.

    • Is it still worth going? It still depends on you. Going up the Genting Highlands, you will have to take a 20minute cable car ride (Skyway) up the mountains with fantastic views. A lot of casinos are in here.

    • Also, the Chin Swee Temple is a 15minute FREE ride from First World Hotel. The free shuttle bus departs every hour from 9am-9pm.

    • Directions/Tickets: Find the Resorts World Genting ticket booth at KL SENTRAL and buy your tickets there. Roundtrip Bus+Skyway (cable car) costs about RM25/person, inclusive of entrance to the park, except the amusement park rides. Be there early as seats fill up fast. Bus ride to lower Genting is about 1 hour from KL Sentral.

    • Tip: Take an early bus schedule at around 8 or 9am, spend HALF DAY touring (including the Chin Swee Temples, have lunch there, and take the 3pm bus back to KL Sentral. That’s enough time for you.
  • chocobangbangchocobangbang bang bang bang! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    • What to see: Putrajaya is a city in a garden because of its wonderful landscape roads, parks, man-made lakes, architectural style buildings and flowers bloom in any corner of the city. Government offices of Malaysia are located here.

    • Directions: KLIA Transit Train – Take the train to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya Station, fare RM9.50/person from KL Sentral

    • How to go around:
      o Taxi Tour – At the ground floor of Putrajaya Station/Sentral, there’s a taxi booth which you can avail of the taxi tour. RM70/taxi for 2 hours, fits 4 persons. The taxi driver will bring you around the famous spots in Putrajaya. You have ultimate control of your time, spend as long as you want in each site, but limited for 2 hours.

      o 1 Ringgit Putrajaya Tour – Read all about here:
      “Look for “The Best of Putrajaya Tour” booth and register yourself. The tour is available during Saturdays and Sundays only. Every 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. make sure to be there 30 minutes before the tour starts. You will pay the one ringgit to the driver. Make sure you have exact fare.”


    For the John Lloyd-Bea fans, this is where they shot Miss You Like Crazy :lol:

    • Official residence of the Supreme King of Malaysia
    • Directions: Taxi or Hop-on/Hop-off
  • chocobangbangchocobangbang bang bang bang! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    • Directions: From KL Sentral, take the KLIA Transit Train to Bandar Tasik Selatan/Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). From there, you can queue at any ticket counter and purchase tickets bound for Melaka. Buses leave 30mins apart at peak hours, travel time is 2 hours. For public holidays like Chinese New Year/Hari Raya, you will have to purchase in advance online to reserve a seat.

      The bus will drop you off at Melaka Sentral and from there, look for Bus #17 (Fare: RM2/person) that will take you to Melaka proper. I suggest to get off at the center, which is Dutch Square, and walk from there.

    • Accommodation: Hotel Hong – RM100/night, airconditioned, free wifi, and free dropoff to Melaka Sentral upon check-out.

    • Tips: Best to go on a weekend and spend the night there, when Jonker Street is open.

    What to see/do in Melaka?
    Dutch Square/Christ Church

    Jonker Street
    • Night bazaar open only from Friday to Sunday
    • All kinds of bargain finds and the best street food

    Melaka River Cruise
    • The river cruise is about 45mins, roundtrip. You will sail along the Melaka River, best at night when the artsy houses along the river are lighted.
    • Fee: RM15/person for foreigners

    Melaka Museum – Galleon shaped museum

    Cheng Hoong Teng Temple

    Menara Taming Sari
    • Revolving tower that gives you unobstructed 360deg views of Melaka (Fee:RM20/person)
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    -reserved 2-
  • chocobangbangchocobangbang bang bang bang! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    -reserved 3-
  • chocobangbangchocobangbang bang bang bang! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    -reserved 4-
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    Pagawa naman ako ng itenerary.. 2 days siguro pwede na. Bday ng 5 year old ko.

    Eto gusto namin puntahan.
    1. Petronas towers- pa pic lang
    2. Genting highlands
    3. Legoland.

    Then derecho na kami universal singapore.
  • regdorregdor Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Maybe you want to cross the border as well and experience Thailand province. Shopping is great in this northern tip city of Thailand.

    Songkhla, Thailand. Crossing the Malaysia-Thailand Border.
  • lonely_planetlonely_planet Member PExer
    Thank you for sharing. Very helpful.
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    Hi Chocobangbang,

    Congratulations! I am finding this very informative and the format is clear comparable to the PEX HK Thread. I plan to go to KL by next year kasi. Keep it up!
  • joy_ajoy_a Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Hi Chocobangbang,

    Congratulations! I am finding this very informative and the format is clear comparable to the PEX HK Thread. I plan to go to KL by next year kasi. Keep it up!
  • eblingebling Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    well done Chocobangbang!!! very helpful and informative. parang guide for Dummies 101 for KL. i love it!

    sa galing ng page one, dapat most ng post sa thread na ito ay mga JBRs na lang and any updates! anjan na lahat ng info and survival tips sa page 1, ano pang hahanapin!!!
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    very informative*okay*

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