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Australia Employer Nomination Sceme/ Temporary work (Skilled) Visa

Hello Everyone I am Aldrin and I really need more information regarding the visa that I am planning to apply.
I need people who already applied for this visa who "passed" and I really really need your help guys.

My employer wants to sponsor and hire me in Australia as Graphic Designer for his business. If his business has been approved he will be my sponsor in everything but my real problem is "The Employer Nomination Sceme or Temporary work (Skilled) Visa requires an assessment skill from VETASSESS as Graphic Designer.

**My question is does VETASSESS requires a diploma?
Because I just learn everything through internet and improve my skills on my own. Been doing this for 7 years as a Graphic Designer. that's why my employer want's my work and me to work there as his Designer..I am a bit worried about the Assessment.

My cousin told me that when she applied for working visa "but she was in Australia that time as student" she didn't submit any assessment as long as she has sponsor (her employer) and she has been granted.

**So my another question, is there also a chance for me to be granted an Employer Nomination Sceme or Temporary work (Skilled) Visa as long as I have my Sponsorship from employer without submitting skills Assessment?

**Is there any other way about my problem?

Thank you guys in advance. Please I need your full guide, help and information.
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