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Alien working as Technical Consultant to a Philippine company

For an Alien to work as Technical Consultant to a Philippine company, what visa is appropriate?
Let me qualify: Technical Consultant (TC) in this instance is not directly employed by a Philippine company...the TC will provide consultancy services as a 3rd party.

Any thoughts is high appreciated.



  • ArnelEAArnelEA Member PExer
    Please help
  • ArnelEAArnelEA Member PExer
    anyone please?
  • silvermugsilvermug it's a boredom thing PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    To which country? US? usuallY, The company you would be working for should be taking care of your immigration needs.

    By third party , you mean you won't be a regular employee but a contractor? Either way , you would still end up in thr payroll of that company, because they will pay you (I hope?)

    I think you would still fall in the h1b cat. I hope someone who has actually been in the same situation replies.

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