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Talk about your latest creative finds here. Discuss your favorite D.I.Y trends, share some crafty tips and tricks and even expose your masterpieces in this forum.

Bring out the Martha Stewart in you!


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    Yey! :cheers:
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    Pin! Pin! Pin! :bounce: :rotfl:

    sana gawan ng pin ang Arts & Crafts at Books & Literature :hiya:
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    Oh. May sub-forum na rin for this. Yay! :cheerleader: :glee:
  • Hi yesto! Can you transfer my thread - 'Looking for a Craftstore' in Hobbies and Recreation to this sub-forum instead please?

    THanks! :)
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    Oh my.. good lord that you have this thread here.
  • Hi! We manufacture jewellery organizers, office accessories and other organizers made from faux leathers and indigenous materials. Where can I possibly post this information? We accept made to orders as well and you can see our items in bigmalls and couple of events. We welcome resellers.
  • where can i buy plaster of paris? and the little wood used in making DIY houses?
  • Hi! Do you have a website? Looking someone to complete a commissioned piece. Thanks!
  • I love this thread. I really love doing arts and crafts. It's my passion. I'm into scrapbooking. I have tons of scrapbooks.
  • Thanks for this thread:)
  • Hello, I'm a new member. Hoping I can find friends here who like to draw...not the real drawing.. like a doodle art. Then create a card or a small book out of it...
  • We design invitations for any types of occasion. Basically, you will be paying for my design itself as a exclusive design or we can also send the finish product (hard copy) if you prefer. Aside from invitations, we also create slide shows for special memories (captured images) for yiur family and loved ones. For more information, you can call/text me: 09176577840 or visit/like my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/mrsHatsDesign21

    My service fee is very affordable and rest assured a high quality work that will exceed your expectations.

    Also available: Tarpaulin design and photo retouching service.
  • mahal ako wrote: »
    where can i buy plaster of paris? and the little wood used in making DIY houses?

    "You can buy plaster of paris at National Bookstore."
  • hello,

    I am new here. i am glad to bump into this thread. I am a crafty person. i love sewing and crochet. i just did not have much time to spend since i have been employed since after graduation and became an HR professional and now a business consultant operating in Cebu. but the economic downturn in 2008 made me use my craft as a side business here in lapulapu city, cebu. i started with a single high speed machine then hired one sewer to do the mass production me. slowly i am now serving few manufacturing companies for their working uniforms, headcaps, aprons, masks, and a navigation trading company for their courtesy flags and code signals. my husband uses autocad to create patterns for courtesy flags and code signals. i am lucky to have started the love for crafts at an early age of 10 where i used to borrow my aunt's manual sewing machine to create my sheered skirts and aprons back then. and i used to imitate the crochet talent of my mother. now i make my own crochet patterns too. I am converting my music room into my own sewing room where i can design and produce my own bags, pillows, and other home decor items as an expansion to my hobby and business at the same time.

    hope to hear from anyone out there...
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    May makukuhang pin po rito sa ARTS AND CRAFT FORUM? :rotfl:
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    HELP!! Saan po ako makaka bili ng fabric dye? Yung "JOBOS" or "dyobos?" Venus po yung tatak? Wala po sila sa National Bookstore. Thank ou!
  • Anyone up for t-shirt printing? Which one is the best the traditional or digital print?
  • The latest craze in town, the best alternative to cross-stitch; 5D DIAMOND PAINTING! Instead of sewing threads, you PASTE BEADS OR STONES cut like a diamond. The craft started in Northern Philippines, and is slowly gaining popularity. It can be quite addictive, especially with many designs to work on. Once done with your art, you have the option to FRAME and RESELL it.

    I started out buying one, and loved it. My 2nd purchase was for 45 boxes that I started offering to friends. My next purchases were direct from factory. A kit comes complete with printed canvass, multi-colored stones, and pasting tools.

    When you buy a kit and want to compare prices, compare also 3 factors - 1) canvass size (same design can come in small to XX-large sizes), 2) stone coverage (some designs are fully covered with stones which is more expensive) and 3) stone type (opaque or translucent).

    I have a video on TIPS and TRICKS and some guide on how to choose what type to buy.
    Feel free to check out my FB page Z&M DIAMOND PAINTING-PHILS.
  • Please visit craftgoals.ph on Instagram and facebook.com/craftgoals.ph/ for available craft bundles and sets. Thank you!
  • Hi i am proposing a arts and crafts center as my thesis. Can someone help me regarding my topic? I want to further my knowledge regarding arts and crafts. A place where people can enhance their skills and knowledge with arts. I will provide art programs where people can dance and sing, and craft workshops. What can will be the spaces in my proposal. Help please!!! Thnkyou
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