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Are you willing to date a bisexual male? (for females only)


Well, let's say I am realizing how happy it will be to find a lady who's going to know my past and "possibly" build a lifetime relationship together (marriage - YES, doesn't matter how long it will be to get there, as long as we'll be happy in that journey).

I am 30, had one "highschool love" ex-gf who left and migrated to AUS with the family, had 3 serious same sex relationships and I am now getting to my second year of being single - yes - no dating, no sex with the same going to second year. I am professional, 5'8, may hitsura, and practically just being honest about what I feel right now - wanting to date a lady who would accept my past and take a great shot.

Funny realization isn't it, but to be honest I am serious, and I know I am not the only one who feels the same way.

I'm curious on what I can get for comments.



  • pwinsesapwinsesa PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Let's say I've (unknowingly) dated a bi despite my friends warning.

    So yes, as long as his sexuality will never hinder, in any way, the getting to know stage. That at the time we are working on what could be a potential relationship he can stay faithful and loyal, no feign affections.

    otherwise, i'm not gonna waste my time.
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