Share your hopeless romantic story

If you have one, please share it here as I would like to listen to my fellow peeps. I actually wanted to share if I had one, but unfortunately I don't have any. :( So that's why I would like to listen to others instead. :)


  • kailangan ba true to life? :lol:
    si pepper pakwento mo, though open book ata yung lovestory nun.. :D
  • jcdyjcdy Equilibrium PExer
    ^ Hahahaha! Sama mo naman. Kala ko pa naman may story ka i-share.
  • bakit naman naging masama? :hmm:
    intay ka lang, pag may nasagap akong story, ikwento ko dito... :lol:
  • jcdyjcdy Equilibrium PExer
    ^ Kasi parang sinisingle out mo si pareng pepper eh. Sige, hintayin ko yang kwento mo.
  • sinisingle out kasi siya ang latest kong nabasa na nagka lovelife.. :p
  • peppermint009peppermint009 Member PExer
    "pepper" ako ba yang pinagtsitsinmisan niyo ha? *peace*
  • jcdyjcdy Equilibrium PExer
    ^ Uu ikaw nga pre, hahahahahah! :lol:
  • peppermint009peppermint009 Member PExer
    di ko alam uumpisahan eh pero sana may mauna muna dito..*** muna jcdy sige na next ako pwamis :)
  • jcdyjcdy Equilibrium PExer
    ^ Kung meron lang sana ako, nag-share na sana ako pepper, kaso wala talaga eh. Zero ako pagdating sa love life at nag give up na ako diyan matagal na. So, sige na wag kana mahiya, mag share kana. Sabi nga nila sharing is caring.
  • peppermint009peppermint009 Member PExer
    Sige...medyo mahaba haba to and popost ko siya dito as soon as matapos and watch out also in this thread baka post ko rin dito :rotflmao::bashful:
  • pluviophilepluviophile Member PExer
    It's not my story, but it's the romantic tale of my lolo and lola. They have the same job, foes at first (opposites), then nalaman nilang magkapareho birth date nila, same exact date. Yun ata yung naging ceasefire moment nila, at sabay na sila yearly na nagce-celebrate. My lolo was a notorious playboy, my lola's an NBSB.

    Sinasamahan ni lola noon lolo ko sa pamimili ng valentine's card pati minsang pagpili sa proposal ring ng lolo ka sa isang girlfie, buti na lang declined. They've become each other's best friend, until my lola has to leave her job for a calling. Pumasok siya ng kumbento. She's really intent into becoming a nun.I think that was the nauntog moment of my lolo.

    The convent and church was hours away, pero dun siya nagsisimba every Sunday. Siguro hindi nakayanan, my grandpa has to tell the mother superior na my lola was pregnant daw of his child :lol: Pinakalat yung tsismis.

    Angry and was asked to take a leave, bumalik c lola sa trabaho. War sila hanggang sa natauhan siya, in-accept niya na di na siya magmamadre. Friends sila ulit. One day, she was invited to a grand birthday party by lolo.

    What happened was a mala-Zoren-Carmina-style gunshot proposal and wedding :love:

    So hindi na sila naging romantic bf-gf, nor naging mag fiancee-fiance, derecho hubby-wife!

    Did the relationship work? yes, I guess a factor was that they were friends for years. Were they happy? They have 6 suplings. Ah, did they stay together? Yes, decades and decades until namahinga si lolo last 3 years ago. My lola puts flowers besides my lolo's picture frame everyday.

    I don't know if this could be coined a hopeless romantic story, but i guess this could be a hopeful story for the romantics. There are no formulas, and each story is unique, but you just have to wait sometimes, and when you' ready, your story will happen to you. Hone yourself to be good, and the good and most beautiful will come to you. There are miracles, that's what my lola used to say, we just have to believe it'll exist on it's ripe time.

    'Tsaka what they have must have ended already, at least they have the best of times, the best memories to look back to. :)
  • pluviophilepluviophile Member PExer
    Ah pwede pahabol? can I share another one? (i'm a sucker for this, hehe)

    This story was told by my Fil Lit teacher way back, and this story was the story of her best friend. It was confirmed bcoz the woman talked in the class once, her husband talked too, like wow, we were swooning by how magical and fated their story was :love: Truly, truth is sometimes more stranger or might i say, more beautiful than fiction.

    It's the Kite Story :)

    Two children grew up in this same big city, pero sobrang layo ng home residence nila, mga one hour din ang layo. They never knew each other, but both these two souls have a fond memory about summer and kites.

    Mahilig si guy noong bata na magpalipad ng kite, like he make those beautiful ones, artistic siya. Si girl, have fond summers with his papa na nagpapalipad rin ng kites, until one day, may lumapag na lang na kite sa bubong nila.

    That kite was really beautiful and has this unique design, so she kept it in a big box. Lumipat sila...nalipat sa attic yung boxes. She grew up, nag High school, college..she forgot..

    She graduated, went to countless empty relationships, she ends up being hurt all the time...hanggang sa maimbitihan siya na maging speaker sa isang school. I forgot why she was invited..or her nature of work, but in her speech, she slightly included the tale of that kite she had almost forgotten, na lumapag sa bubong nila.

    At the end of her speech, lumapit sa kaniya ang isa sa mga nakinig sa speech na graduating student. He asked her about the details of the kite, and if she kept it, could she show it to him?

    As it turned out later, yung lalaking nagtanong at yung batang nagpalipad nun noon ay iisa. How?

    At their first date in this field, the girl brought the old kite, while the guy brought this new kite, the exact carbon copy of the girl's old kite. :)
  • jcdyjcdy Equilibrium PExer
    ^ Wow! Thanks for sharing these 2 awesome stories. Sad to hear about your lolo, but it was a very nice story about their love. Just goes to show how we can never imagine how love can start between 2 people. If you have anymore stories, please do share them. The intention/idea of this thread is to share and inspire others, so I guess it doesn't really have to be a hopeless romantic story, as long as it inspires others. Thanks again pluv for sharing.
  • peppermint009peppermint009 Member PExer
    Wow, really like both of the stories
  • Wow... Nice stories, pluv.. :love:

    Ikaw jcdy, mukhang may isheshare ka na rin ata? May something something kayo ni ano? :p
  • jcdyjcdy Equilibrium PExer
    ^ Naku wala pa din ako mai-share. Wish ko lang meron hahaha! :lol: May something something kami ni ano? :wondering: Wala naman yun, ayaw naman talaga niya sakin, palibhasa 4th party lang daw ako. :mecry: Ikaw, la ka ba mai-share? Matagal ko na hinihintay na mag share ka dito. :)
  • Haha... Edi gawan mo ng paraan na maging party ninyong dalawa na lang.. Idelete yang ibang unnecessary parties. :lol:

    Within the year hopefully.. Hehe.. Nalilito pa kasi ako kung seryoso ba siya, di ko kasi mafeel.. :depressed:
  • peppermint009peppermint009 Member PExer
    Haha... Edi gawan mo ng paraan na maging party ninyong dalawa na lang.. Idelete yang ibang unnecessary parties. :lol:

    Within the year hopefully.. Hehe.. Nalilito pa kasi ako kung seryoso ba siya, di ko kasi mafeel.. :depressed:

    :naughty: ayun oh lumalablyf :D bakit di mo madetermine if seryoso siya? In 500 words kwento mo *** case/situation
  • valerie_hatesyouvalerie_hatesyou starrköpfig
    Just sharing :)

  • jcdyjcdy Equilibrium PExer
    ^ It's so sad, but also sweet at the same time. :~(:sweet: Thanks for sharing. :)

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