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choi106choi106 PEx Rookie ⭐
An Emerging MBA-like League..

supported by ABSCBN with city team names with big commercial companies. hhmmmm.. totoo ba ito"? sana maging totoo para magkaroon ulit ng exciting na game tulad ng cebu gems vs negros slashers noon.... :D:D



  • CDBL ang icocover ng ABS, which will open this July, spearheaded by Joe Lipa. GMA ang magcocover ng FBA, which will open on Nov naman. Hehe, both were trying to revive or targets to be like an MBA, di ko lang alam ano difference ng mga 'to if ever. hehe. hoping di naman sila mag flop just like Liga.
    Anyway, Sta Lucia will make a comeback, don't know which of the two league nga lang sila magco-compete. And some Dleague teams are rumored to join, too.
  • anyway, ang taray ng logo ng FBA ha. lakas maka-pbl :glee:
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