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Things you want to say but haven't told anyone yet

JameauxJameaux PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
It can be your secrets, skeletons in your closet, wild experiences, confessions, among others.

This thread is made specifically for altnicks, newly-registered users, or lurkers who simply decide to share. But of course, known PEx users are very welcome!

My goal? I simply want to learn from other people's experience. Also, to let others learn lessons in life. I realize that some stories may have a big impact to change someone else's life. To inspire, to teach, to preach, whatever it is that you think worth sharing to another human being.

I wanted to start the story but I feel tired and sleepy so hopefully, someone is interested in being the first one to share.

This thread is about YOU!

Thank you for sharing. :)


  • -gelay--gelay- PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ promise us first you're not gonna make a song out of our stories. :lol:

    ok... dear ate charo err kuya Jameaux,

    once upon a time, me inside the coffeeshop

    barista: ma'am may i have your name pls?
    me: katniss (who gives their real name anyway haha)

    so i lazily sat down while waiting for the coffee ... opened up my kindle then went busy reading. after a while, i went to the counter to check my order - "hi! following-up my order..."

    barista: for ms. katniss? yes, we've been calling you ma'am.
    me: aiii sorry, i forgot i'm katniss. :lol:

    there's a lesson to be learned naman - don't use fictitious names unless you are completely paying attention. :rotflmao:
  • JameauxJameaux PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    Oi thanks for sharing! To be honest, I admit I can use some as inspiration for writing something.

    Susyal ang name na ginamit mo ha. :lol: Naka-relate ako bigla dahil gawain ko rin yan dati. Binibigay ko na name "Carlisle". May mga barista na tama spelling meron naman mali. May nagsulat nga ng Karlay eh.

    Napansin ko medyo similar yung thread ko sa kay bossing CB huh. Pero since iba naman ang goal ko dito palagay ko OK lang. I wanted to share but its going to be long so maybe later or tomorrow na lang. :)
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