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Style this Plain White Shirt!

yesto Administrator
Hello Pex fashionistas,

How will will spice-up this plain white shirt?


  • Wear it with grey skinny jeans and belt :p
  • gooseberry
    gooseberry very loosey
    Not to wear it at all. LOL.


    White tshirt is a classic article of clothing and it will go well with anything. For styling, it depends on whom I am styling.

    Man/Woman/ body type/ what will their agenda for wearing that shirt.

    Those play a lot of factor on how to style a shirt.

    I would personally wear it as it is with some old pair of jeans and vans checkerboard slip ons to keep it old school.
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    I wear plain white shirts on weekends. I just pair them with a dark pair of bottoms to give good contrast and a pair of shoes that again have a good contrast with my bottoms and I just make sure that all my accessories match. In my opinion, the plain white tee is a staple and should be in everyone's closet as it is highly versatile and can be worn as either an inner layer or outer wear.
  • 5110
    5110 Be Iconic
    White shirt
    Gray&White cowboy scarf
    Gray belt
    Gray skinny
    Gray suede shoes

  • You can wear it with black straight jeans.
  • I'll wear it with a simple tribal necklace, maong shorts, black shades and white converse :D
  • F-A Soldier
    F-A Soldier Your Personal Jesus

    or if you have stained wingtips



    Marlboro Man
  • MoonStruck
    MoonStruck Sintunadong Rakista
    Hindi ako fashionista. :bungi:

    But you can wear accessories. Layer. Wear blazers or jackets. Distressed jeans.
  • image1xl.jpg

    you know me. layered for life.
  • I wear plain white shirts on ends of the week. I simply combine them with a dim combine of bottoms to give great complexity and a couple of shoes that again have a decent appear differently in relation to my bottoms and I simply ensure that every one of my Buy Research Papers in Usa extras coordinate. As I would like to think, the plain white tee is a staple and ought to be in everybody's storage room as it is profoundly flexible and can be worn as either an internal layer or external wear.
  • yesto wrote: »

    Necklace from Miniso! Affordable and super bagay sa mga white shirts ko! Buti nalang nakita ko sila sa Whatchu Mobile App. :)

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  • yesto wrote: »

    Make it with custom logo design as a synthetic work..
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  • hi,
    You can add some embellished material of golden color or straps to the shirt. Golden and black color make the great ensemble. I know because i recently purchased the white color dress from luxury pret collection. It was adorned with white tissue straps.
  • If it's a lady that'll be wearing it.

    - Casual Fridays/Summer at the office:
    Good fitting jeans, cardigan/shawl/scarf, classic watch, neutral coloured ballet flats or white sneakers, structured handbag

    - weekend "tamad" outfit:
    With a pair of denim cutoffs or city shorts, flipflops or sandals (make sure you get a pedicure!), small crossbody bag

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