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RIP Anthony Villanueva

Former boxer Anthony Villanueva, the first Filipino athlete to win a silver medal in the Olympics, passed away early Tuesday after suffering a heart attack. Villanueva has been living in dire straits for the past few years after suffering a stroke. Unable to talk or walk by himself, he was supported by his partner who had to make ends meet by selling vegetables. Villanueva has been receiving financial support from the PSC but this was not enough to cover his medications and treatment.

Villanueva rose to fame after winning the silver medal in the 57 kg. division at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, losing to Stanislav Stephaskin of the Soviet Union in a bloody and controversial final bout. His silver medal finish surpassed his father Jose's bronze-medal feat at the 1932 Los Angeles Games. It is the highest ever accomplishment by a Filipino athlete in the Olympics, a feat matched only by Mansueto "Onyok" Velasco at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Despite his achievements and the glory he brought to the country, Villanueva died penniless and a forgotten man.

He was 69.



  • mykel14mykel14 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Nakakalungkot. Paano ba naman gaganahan ang mga atletang Pinoy?


    May he RIP.
  • It's disheartening to see a national treasure die this way. Almost bedridden, unable to speak and poor. A long forgotten figure in Philippine sports who was once greeted by thousands on his triumphant return home.

    Remember, the guy is an Olympic silver medalist. The only other Filipino to achieve that feat was Onyok Velasco and since no athlete from this country has won an Olympic gold, their achievements are the highest ever in the quadrennial multi-sport spectacle.

    In other countries, a monument or stadium would have been named in his honor. Instead, Anthony Villanueva had to fend for himself, and with the care of a long-time partner, lived in poverty in a faraway town. If not for the efforts of Chino Trinidad, Dyan Castillejo and other sports broadcasters and journalists who would report on his condition once in a while, he would've just faded away in obscurity. Villanueva was so poor that he attempted to sell his Olympic medal several times. The medal is now on display at the PSC Museum in Manila. :socool:
  • work_placework_place Member PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️
    Hindi po natin sya priority.
    - Noynoy Aquino.

  • ylle45ylle45 Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    hindi naman kasi priority ng admin na ito ang sports:glee:
  • Sad to say but nonsense news like Mommy D's birthday bash and Ai Ai's vagina tightening got more airtime than Villanueva's death. Anyway, for those who want to appreciate the accomplishments of Villanueva and other Filipino sporting greats, visit Resorts World Manila starting June 1 for the Pagpupugay exhibit. Life size photos of athletes and sports memorabilia will be on display during the two-week exhibit. A brainchild of sports broadcaster Chino Trinidad, the exhibit aims to increase public awareness about the accomplishments of Filipino athletes especially those who have long been forgotten. :socool:
  • RIP Mr. Villanueva
  • It's disgusting to see a national treasure like Anthony Villanueva succumbing to illness because he cannot afford to pay for his medical needs. While there's a big-time crook out there given all the medical attention that she needs at the taxpayers' expense. :socool:
  • ylle45ylle45 Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️


    hindi alam ng ABN0Y admin ang dapat unahin:(
  • KARTOGKARTOG PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Rest in peace Anthony Villanueva.

    May you get what you truly deserved in the next life that our society failed to give you in this life.

    I haven't actually seen the Stephaskin-Villanueva Olympic finals match, only accounts and tidbits from writers and columnists. I hope PTV4 shows Villanueva's entire 1964 Olympic campaign as an homage to the athlete who gave the rare honor to the country.
  • TheEndofDaysTheEndofDays PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    The entire 1964 olympic tv coverage is stored on Japan media archives. It is on black and white

    You need several clearance to have a copy of the media
  • KARTOGKARTOG PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^ That sounds officious.
  • Work at Home. Try this one
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  • RIP, Anthony Villanueva
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