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Formula One

Who among here are Formula One Fans? I've been one since I was a child! It would be great to see a fellow Pinoy F1 fan. *okay*


  • I used to be a fan of F1 until it dawned of me that 90% of what F1 was saying that the multi-million dollars they were spending on developing technology for those race cars will be used on production models was just pure BS. So far I haven't seen a carbon fibre, V8-V10, 14,000rpm, Honda civic that runs on 120 octane. That's why I switched to WRC, way more realistic. Production cars just tuned up.
  • Well there has been some technological transfer to production cars in terms of aerodynamics, engine design and hybrid technology. It's just that you can only see these technology transfers on high end production cars like the McLaren F1. We probably won't see them in daily commuting cars like the C-Class or the Infiniti cars anytime soon.
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