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#15peakMyMind: Who are your Hollywood celebrity crushes?



  • ColleenCastroColleenCastro Member PExer
    I bumped into these funny photos, they gave me a good laugh. HAHAAHA! Funny and cute!
    Why don't you share yours..
  • darknight10darknight10 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Blake Lively
    Melissa Benoist
    Elizabeth Olsen
    Kelley Jakle
    Lily Collins
    Michelle Keegan
  • Stily1941Stily1941 Member PExer
    My current celebrity crush is Jennifer Lawrence. I started to like her performance and beauty in hunger games but in movies like Silver Linings Playbook she really showed her versatility and amazing acting skills. She is so funny around celebrities, like she is a normal person that all of a sudden became famous, she like freaks out when she meets other famous people.
    and she always stand up for not giving young girls the wrong image, like she wouldn't loose any weight for Hunger Games, even though the character was supposed to, because she said it might make teenagers want to loose weight. She is one of those celebrities that continuously improve and grow hotter and hotter with age. Even Jennifer Lawrence without makeup looks extremely hot and beautiful.
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