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Please Support Our Fellow Talented Pinoy Crafters :)

There are many talented Pinoy creators and crafters out there.

Pero we just don't see them in the mainstream kasi we are bombarded with all things commercialized and mass produced! Para maintindihan natin and to give us an idea why its very important to be aware and to support them, I have handpicked 10 reasons why:

1. Buying directly from the maker, which is a much more intimate and personal shopping experience that isn't available from corporate companiesy.

2. Avoid the malls! No crowds, no traffic, no sea of same, same, same, no depressing crush of commercialism.

3. You are not just buying an item, you are buying a piece of the artist. You are supporting the love, sweat, tears, future, family, confidence, mind, body and soul of that person. It creates an amazing relationship between 2 people: the buyer and seller. You are not just a customer, you are a supporter, a fan, a collector of art.

4. Handmade puts humanity back into our lives.

5. That are often one-of-a-kind and that in turn makes shoppers feel more special.

6. You are providing additional financial support for stay at home moms, who have chosen to stay home to take care of their kids & provide personalized care & guidance for their children, who in turn will (hopefully) grow up to be better people who will have wonderful memories of their childhood with a parent.

7. Buying handmade shows our children that not everything in this world needs to be mass produced. It teaches them to love and appreciate the unique and the imperfect. And iinspires them to do their own creating as well.

8. Exclusivity: Each of the handmade things is a unique and a one of a kind. There are not two handmade items that are the same, which makes each item a special object. Crafty hands are behind each object fabrication process, from the design sketches till the wrapping and shipping.

9. 61. You can always meet and talk directly with the designer, craftmaker or artist that made the piece you bought!...and we will be so happy to talk to someone who bought one of our handmade items!

10. Shares a story; whether it's about the maker, the material used, or the origin, it adds more interest to the item itself.

How can I start?
First you can visit and like their social media pages kahit na hindi muna kayo bumili. And I have set up a website called Squaresale, it is an online handmade marketplace where artisans and crafters from all over the Philippines can post handmade products, basically I am supporting them with a better platform to display and sell their one-of-a-kind, amazing, personalized and handmade crafts.

The website is ..Our talented handmade crafters have now uploaded over 190+ products from all around the Philippines. The website is still new and it launched last march. The way the website works is the transaction will happen between the seller and the buyer only. Hindi middleman ang Squaresale. That means walang commision sa sales ng crafter, walang listing fees sa mga products nila, and no other fees that you can think of! I am saying this because I want to be as transparent as I can be with my goals to help the handmade community :)

Also please support and like our Facebook page at and follow us on our Twitter account at and i will be posting regular updates on new sellers and handmade products.

Truly they deserve a great deal of recognition for being a vital part in our current economy. So please support them :)

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my humble post :) Have an awesome day everyone!!


  • ach_choo
    ach_choo Repent you savages! Repent!
    You can help them with marketing. But first, make a major product decision: mass-produce with competitive price or premium quality and price? For hand-made shoes i'll go with the latter, hand-made US and italian shoes are made pretty much like those in Marikina. The only difference is quality and consistence for both raw materials and finished products.

    Bristol (P 4,000)

    Red Wing (at least P12,000)
  • mikeem
    mikeem Member
    Thanks for the advice :) ..this is my way of helping them market their products :)
  • mikeem
    mikeem Member
      Check out the full photo of Squaresale's #Week1 of our #ReasonsToBuyHandmade only on our official Facebook page at:

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