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Would you prefer to buy textbooks online?

Quick poll lang. Would you prefer to buy books (textbooks, novels, etc.) online, given na same price siya pag binili sa actual bookstore? By same price, I mean free na yung shipping so pareho lang talaga price niya from National and other bookstores. Responses would be appreciated! :bashful:


  • I would prefer buying books directly from the book stores rather than online.Because I would like to personally check the content of the text books.
  • online textbooks ang pinipurchase ko e kasi ang bigat magdala ng books noh..:rotflmao:
  • Laurence_writerLaurence_writer PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Mas gusto ko yung personally tumingin ng book sa stores. There's still something special with flipping the pages and touching the spines. Besides, it gives me the chance to check whether the book contains some damages and I can even compare it with other similar books in the stores.
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