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NoT HavaianaS!

What flip flops do you use? or sa madaling salita ano panlakad mong tsinelas.. (especially for dudes)

aside from havaianas.. which i find overpriced and unpractical at 700up for a pair? :hmm:

im looking for alternatives..

i must admit, havs are a pair of eye candy.. maganda. pero.. 1k talaga? lol

i used to have (introductory) pairs from a popular rubber shoe brand, converse ata yun or fila.. pero after i retired the pair, di na sila nagpatuloy ng line..

i currently have mojos.. maganda at matibay.. kahit gamit sa rapids ng ilog at malakas na alon ng dagat, hindi napigtas.. dami na napagdaanan.. kaso their line these days, hindi magaganda itsura.. hehe

any suggestions? anu gamit nyo?


  • yesto
    yesto Administrator
    this might not be the answer you are expecting pero maraming ok na flip flops sa mga tiangge.less than 200 pa.. sa mga bazaars try mo din.
  • gooseberry
    gooseberry very loosey
    I generally don't use flip flops as my panglakad footwear. I use them for the bathroom and when I'm cleaning my car.

    I normally use Birkenstock if there are long walks in the park.

    I like how sturdy the Abercombie flip flops are but it's too wide for me. I can get by with anything kahit yung sa palengke nabibili. I'm not picky and I can rock it kahit saan. It's just my preference not to wear them in public.
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    Rubber thongs are supposed to be utilitarian. I only use them for going to the toilet or for the garden or garage. For the outdoors, if I know my feet will get wet, I use rubber sandals as rubber thongs or "flip flops" can slip off your feet and they have bad grip on surfaces.

    For my purposes, I use beach walk which can be bought very cheaply at any SM department store for around P100-200. I can't really remember. From my own experience, they last just about as long as any other quality rubber sandal like a Havianas though the rubber they use is a bit stiffer.
  • +1 for the cheapo tsinelas. I don't own a single pair of the expensive "flip flops", but my wife has been bugging me to get one (maybe so she doesn't feel so bad about hers, haha). I don't wear them outside the house, and will put on sneakers if I go out to walk the dogs or run to the corner store.

    I'd wear Birkenstocks or leather sandals though. Had a pair of Birks years ago, and liked them.

    Edit: looked at Zalora's sandals selection.

    These look good:

    These don't look good:
  • gooseberry
    gooseberry very loosey
    Ha! I have that first one. It's an old model of Gizeh- Birkenstock. The newer ones look a little skinny. I'm not a fan. Luckily those sandals last a long time so I haven't replaced mine yet.
  • It's actually not a Birk. Zalora doesn't carry Birkenstock.

    But yeah, it's a knockoff of the Gizeh/Ramses.
  • mystical1832
    mystical1832 Dream High
    I use riders. Soft and comfy.
  • resisus
    resisus Don Lakwatsador
    I wear Birkenstock when strolling the mall, park, doing some errands, etc.


    I don't intend to buy any Havaianas as it is way overpriced and overrated. But, I did buy one pair because it was on sale and I really liked the design. I only wear this when I am going to the beach or swimming pool, same with my Crocs flip flops. Do not buy any Havaianas unless it is on sale. Haha!

    I'm eyeing on Outland sandals.
  • kaso yang birks, parang disaster ata kapag ganto tag ulan?? di ba nabaho yan or nag dedeteriorate kapag nababasa?
  • resisus
    resisus Don Lakwatsador
    Di naman, air dry mo lang.
    The one thing I have with Birkenstock eh kapag maulan at maputik. Medyo nagkaka-itim yung sole. Hirap tanggalin kahit na sabunin.
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