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On PEACHES Arcialla of DLSU -COS

Any info about peaches arcilla of COS? Post naman kayo!


  • jajajoomjajajoom Member PExer
    i know her. She's a very good friend of mine.
    she's pretty, kind and very nice. lam ko may bf na siya eh... ;)
  • jesterjester GoLTi InC. PExer
    Yup lam ko rin may bf na sya....

    She looks like the classic type with glasses and all :redsmile:
  • omiomi Member PExer
    kilala ko rin si peaches. same college kami. bait yun, minsan makulit
  • _FioNa__FioNa_ Member PExer
    o? gano na sila katagal ng bf nya? taga LaSalle din ba bf nya?
  • Zblaknayts43Zblaknayts43 Member PExer
  • deejdeej MeMBeR DiN PExer
  • traumatiktraumatik lyricalthug PExer
    Originally posted by jester
    Yup lam ko rin may bf na sya....

    She looks like the classic type with glasses and all :redsmile:

    talga!!! balita ko jester lahat ng hot girls sa la salle chiks mo e....:D
  • TwIsTeD_RubzTwIsTeD_Rubz straight circle PExer

    kilala ko yun ah. dba zblak? wcha wanna know fiona? bwahaha

    who is Alysees Villaluz? hehe.
  • _FioNa__FioNa_ Member PExer
    Originally posted by TwIsTeD_Rubz
    wcha wanna know fiona? bwahaha

    anything u're ready to spill out :D
    who is Alysees Villaluz? hehe.

    cno nga sya :?: hindi ko nagets un bata sya niya?
  • _FioNa__FioNa_ Member PExer
    sino nga sya? yun ba yung boyfriend nya?
  • cHarL!e's AngELcHarL!e's AngEL couch potato :) ✭✭✭
    i know Peaches from way back in Zobel..miss ko na yung bruhang yun! :glee: we haven't talked/seen each other in a while but Alysees isn't her bf, they're blockmates. as far as i know taga-UST guy niya & they've been together for more than 1 yr :sweet: naks naman si Peaches may mga secret admirers!

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