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Raef LaFrentz and the Nuggets, the team of the future

With the return of Raef Lafrentz and the rest of the Denver Nuggets; Antonio Mc Dyess, Ron Mercer, Nick Van Exel, Chauncey Billups and Popeye Jones (not to forget Keon Clark).. The Nuggets should be one of the best teams in the NBA this upcoming season. Don't forget their coach, Dan Issel who brought the Nuggets past Seattle during the 1993 Playoffs


  • I heard that Mercer is unhappy in Denver (so is Nick). I saw Raef play and he is definitely an exciting baller, but i wouldn't put the future of Denver on his shoulders yet. He's still young and has a lot to prove. This season, he will surely get double teamed a lot, how well he reacts to that would determine his potential. Hope they do well though (Nick the Quick is my dawg!) lets just wait and see.
  • In a division that has the defending champion Spurs, the revitalized Rockets, the ever-irritating Jazz, and the hotshot Timberwolves, the Nuggets have a snowball's chance in hell of making it to the playoffs. Dan Iseel did take them past Seattle a couple of years ago, until he got tired of coaching and of selling his concept to his team. Nick the Quick did great for The Rock's Lakers, but he looks like he's still hurting from the trade that brought him to Denver. Cheaney was NCAA player of the year when Webber called his infamous time out, but that's bout all he's done since. McDyess regrets turning Phoenix down last year. Mercer was a talent that Pitino wasn't able to maximize in Boston. As for Raef, he was great in Kansas alongside Paul Pierce, and his rookie year had potential until his injury. The Rock still says he's better suited to a power forward role than a center.
  • i agree with the Rock, i mean seriously man, the Denver Nuggets as an elite team in the NBA? they have a talennted core of young players but they need time and experience to before they become one of the better teams this season
  • With LaFrentz and Van Exel now joining division rivals the Mavericks, guess we can close this thread as well as say goodbye to the Nuggets' so-called future now.;)
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