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Exciting Game for Summer 2014!

Are you starting to find a way to get active this summer and excited to try some of the newer sports around your area? According to news, 70% of Filipinos are becoming more conscious now in terms of their healthy lifestyle. Hence, many are seeking to kill boredom and stay fit this summer. It is really important to seek new activity rather than staying at home when you know that school is over.

Recently, sports analysts are reporting that the rising sport in the Philippines is American Football. This sport is a tough game with compound strategy to score points by moving the ball to the opponent team’s end-zone and preventing the opponent from entering yours. This widespread football mania got more exciting plays involved like passing and catching the ball, rushing the downfield, and knocking other players to the ground. Some of the important physical skills that you will develop and acquire from playing this game regularly are speed, balance, strength, agility, stamina, quickness, and endurance. Moreover, those who play this sport have fewer risks of acquiring health problems such as osteoporosis, heart ailments, and circulatory disorders.

American Football has becoming popular in the Philippines. As the matter of fact, there is a non-profit association in the Philippines, AFFP (also know as American Football Federation of the Philippines), which brings a new kind of sport challenge among Filipinos. AFFP is founded on October 2011 and is composed of its pioneering team members, Philippine Punishers which composed of male players and Philippine Valkyries which represents as the very first American Women’s Football Team of the Philippines. Philippine Punishers has competed against Guam All-Stars, Hong Kong Cobras, Beijing Guardians, and Sharks Saipan. On the other hand, Philippine Valkyries also competed against Guam Gridiron Divas on January 2014 and expecting to join more competition locally and internationally. One of the goals of AFFP is to establish the longevity of the sport and introduce the game in all levels regardless of class and gender. For those who might want to try new sport this summer, AFFP conduct training every Sunday, from 10am until 1pm. You may also find “Philippine Punishers” and “Philippine Valkyries” on Facebook. Take a new experience this summer and meet new friends!

For more details, you may contact AFFP:

Coach Michael Magnabijon – 09272292840

Sponsorship/Marketing/Media Relations

Mark Joshua Castro – 09279607037
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