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Top 5 Tom Cruise movies

according to the man himself, 'Vanilla Sky' is the best flick he's ever done. what do you think?

1. Top Gun
2. Color of Money
3. Taps (kahit extra lang sha dito)
4. Jerry Maguire
5. Born on the 4th of July

his worst?

The Firm


  • tin28tin28 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    di kaya pinili nya vanilla sky becoz kasama nya dun si penelope nya and its another one of her moves to spite nicole kidman??
    ala lang..nangiintriga lang
  • StJamesStJames pong! PExer
    i don't think so. ok pa rin naman sila ni nicole kidman eh. in fact pupunta si tom cruise sa sydney next week not only to promote the movie but to see nicole and the kids.
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    diba kaya nagsimula yung romance ni penelope cruz at tom cruise sa set ng vanilla sky? :confused: di naman siguro sinadya ni tom cruise na kunin yung vanilla sky because of penelope...
  • namename .oOoOo. PExer
    Jerry Maguire :love:
  • (* - *)(* - *) Forever cute PExer
    1. Mission Impossible 2
    2. Mission Impossible
    3. Jerry Maguire
    4. Eyes Wide Shut
    5. Magnolia
  • mytyragirlmytyragirl Live Life Simply ! PExer
    Jerry Maguire
    Eyes wide Shut
    Mission Impossible
  • I love Tom Cruise!!!

    For me, his best movies are Top Gun, Jerry McGuire, Far and Away (with Nicole Kidman), Mission Impossible. :D
  • GrouchoGroucho drinkless drunk PExer
    1. MAGNOLIA - only because its ensemble acting and he was not bad in it, and I personally liked the film despite the negative raps it got from purists who thought it was too ambitious and colossally flawed.

    2. A FEW GOOD MEN - only because the play was engaging and mannered acting was reduced to a minimum. Especially liked Jack Nicholson's "You can't handle the truth" explosion.

    3. COCKTAIL - did anyone watch this loser of a film? Almost beyond redemption, except one person's honest performance: Tom Cruise. Go watch this again and watch him deliver his lines.

    4. JERRY MAGUIRE - honestly, the ONLY film I forgot it was Tom Cruise who played the character. For once, he believably dissolved into character and he was good as a lowlife sports agent with, eventually, a heart (and a Renee Zellweger to boot).

    5. RAIN MAN - although it was scenery-chewer Dustin Hoffman who romped with the award, Cruise was like a jazz bass to Hoffman's alto saxophone -- very reliable supporting performance that showcased Hoffman's genius but ultimately made you realize how difficult the role Cruise essayed so quietly.
  • darbydarby Rockstar Poser PExer
    Far and away
    Top Gun
    Jerry Maguire
    Eyes wide Shut
  • hephep Member PExer
    1. Top Gun
    2. A Few Good Men
    3. Mission Impossible
    4. Jerry Maguire
    5. Mission Impossible 2

    Runners up
    Days of Thunder
    Interview with the Vampire
  • DarthScullyDarthScully StarWarsChick PExer
    1. Rain Man
    2. A Few Good Men
    3. Born on the Fourth of July
    4. Top Gun
    5. Far and Away
    6. Legend (runner-up)

    i added Legend as a runner up because it was a very good fantasy film which unfortunately didn't get recognized (wrong decade to release it i guess). his worst film to date is Interview with a Vampire (he looked like a [email protected] for goodness sake!)

    Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view~Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • I'm not a fan of Mr. Cruise but I still go to the theatres to watch his movies. Here are my top 5 Cruise films:

    1. Jerry Maguire (lost count how many times I've seen this film)
    2. Rain Man
    3. Born on the Fourth of July
    4. Top Gun (made me want to marry a pilot:D)
    5. Outsiders (for sentimental reasons)
  • micmacmicmac Member PExer
    LEGEND really, really love this movie...
    Jerry Maguire
    Mission Impossible I &II

    im saving the 5th spot for Vanilla Sky... :beam:
  • rinsrins cartoonist PExer
    I loved Tom Cruise ever since Risky Business! :redsmile:

    Top 5 films of TC (personally of course):
    1. Top Gun
    2. Jerry Maguire
    3. Mission Impossible
    4. A Few Good Men
    5. Risky Business
  • The RockThe Rock Old school smackdown layer PExer
    1. Top Gun:socool:
    2. Jerry Maguire
    3. A Few Good Men
    4. Risky Business
    5. Mission: Impossible 2
  • oui_ouioui_oui moi aussi PExer
    1. ethan hunt - misson impossible 2
    2. joseph donnelly - far & away
    3. lieutenant pete mitchell - top gun
    4. vincent - color of money

    <sungki ngipin, galing billiards, cute ng dancestep>
    5. jack - legend ;)

    he sucked as ron kovic in born on the 4th of july
  • eydrytheydryth Member PExer
    jerry maguire
    far and away
    rain man
    the outsiders
  • PAULiNAPAULiNA Member PExer
    Jerry Maguire
    Rain Man
    Top Gun
    The Color of Money
    A Few Good Men
  • BabyFATSBabyFATS Every Body's Buddy PExer
    Jerry Maguire (I'm a sucker for mush!) :mushy:
    Top Gun
    Mission Impossible
    A Few Good Men
    Rain Man
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer
    The only movies I've seen with Tom Cruise in them are:

    Mission Impossible 1 & 2
    A Few Good Men
    Top Gun's not even 5! :lol::lol:

    I've seen only parts of Jerry Maguire and The Color of Money, so I can't consider them. :D

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