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GAME : Movie Connection Challenge

The rules to Connection Challenge are simple. Each question is comprised of the names of two movies. The correct answer is the name of any movie in which a performer from the first movie and a performer from the second movie both appear. For example, if the question were:

Face Off + Singles

The answer would be It Could Happen To You because Nicholas Cage is seen in Face Off and Bridget Fonda from Singles both appeared in the movie It Could Happen To You. It is entirely possible that more than one film could be the correct answer to a single question.

Top Gun + Forrest Gump

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks
Sleepless in Seattle; You've Got Mail!

When submitting an entry, separate multiple answers with commas, semicolons, or smileys.
The one who answers correctly has the right put in a new "puzzle".

So, OK? Lets Start With...

Titanic + To Gillian on her 37th Birthday


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