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reality tv: would u want to be part of it?

this is a hypothetical question. would u want to be part of a reality tv show? why or why not? if yes, which show would u want to be a part of?


  • hat_tr1ckhat_tr1ck Underachiever PExer
    Definitely! Survivor, Big Brother, Temptation Island, etc. bring it on! *okay* :lol:
  • EXUP BROEXUP BRO Disco King! PEx Rookie ⭐
    I actually sent in a tape to MTV back when they were first looking for people for the 2nd season of"The Real World". Sad to say, MTV never got back to me :(
  • extra_wheatextra_wheat ->loner PExer
    sa Road Rules gusto ko!! parang nakakatakot yata kapag sa Temptation Island o kaya Survivor...:glee:
  • DarthScullyDarthScully StarWarsChick PExer

    unless its that Eco Challenge thing, then i'd join. but that's not what you have in mind is it?

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  • spiterispiteri norahnian PExer
    Given a chance, I would love to be a part of The Amazing Race. Im not that adventurous but Id love to see all those places! And for free!
  • reybeldereybelde zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PExer
    Yes! Survivor, Road Rules, Amazing Race...

    Teka is The Weakest Link categorized as a reality TV show? Some say yes.


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