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Enrique GiL and JuLia Barretto - Jeremy at Mira sa MiraBella

The first team up of Enrique GiL and JuLia Barretto :love:



  • Bagay sila di ba?
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    BDAY PROD ni JuLia sa ASAP 19, syemre kasama nya si Quen sa BDAY PROD niya. :)
  • Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil Fall for Each Other in 'Mira Bella'

    Kapamilya stars Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil are set to capture the hearts of primetime TV viewers as they team up for the first time in ABS-CBN’s upcoming fantasy series “Mira Bella,” which premieres this March.


    “All artists, especially newcomers like me, dream to have our own teleserye. And with this opportunity given to me by ABS-CBN, I promise to do my best for our show,” said Julia.

    Like Julia, Enrique admitted that he is also excited for the premiere of “Mira Bella.”

    “This is my first ever fantaserye and I can’t wait to share it with the viewers. It’s a new experience that has taught me new things and has given me the chance to work with other great actors for the first time. It is very refreshing,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Julia and Enrique shared that they believe that the primetime audience will enjoy the narrative of their program. “’Mira Bella’ is perfect for the whole family this upcoming summer season. It is a story about family, love, and acceptance. TV viewers, especially the younger generation, will surely learn a lot from our story,” Julia shared.

    Julia will portray the character of a young girl cursed to have a wood-like skin named Mira, who is secretly admired by her blind best friend Jeremy, who will be played by Enrique.

    Despite her extraordinary characteristic, Mira grows up as an obedient and kind-hearted child because of her stepparents Osang (Pokwang) and Paeng (John ‘Sweet’ Lapus).

    Also joining Julia, Enrique, Sweet, and Pokwang in “Mira Bella” are Sam Concepcion, Mylene Dizon, James Blanco, Mika dela Cruz, and Gloria Diaz. It is directed by Erick Salud, Jojo Saguin, and Jerome Pobocan.

    “Mira Bella” is the newest masterpiece of Dreamscape Entertainment Television, the group that created the phenomenal drama series “Walang Hanggan,” top-rating superhero teleserye “Juan dela Cruz,” and the timely series “Honesto,” which is already nearing its finale.

    Don’t miss the beginning of a beautiful love story in “Mira Bella” this March on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.
  • Julia Barretto on kissing scenes, career paths, and 'Mirabella'

    Julia Barretto speaks up on her team-up with Enrique Gil, the pressures of being a Barretto, and more


    MANILA, Philippines – Julia Barretto, one of the freshest faces on television is set to star in her first lead teleserye role in ABS-CBN's Mirabella, premiering Monday, March 24.

    The 17-year-old model and actress plays Mirabella, a young lady cursed with wood-like skin. The story follows Mira's struggle against bullies, her journey to self-acceptance, and as with most television dramas, her search for love.

    From kissing scenes to career paths, here are some things to know about the upcoming fantaserye.

    1. Julia’s first major teleserye Cofradia was cancelled

    Julia Barretto was originally slated to star in fantaserye Cofradia, a teleserye based on Dominador Ad Castillo’s novel of the same name, reported ABS-CBN. Cofradia, the story about a girl who is insecure of her dark complexion, also had film adaptations in the ‘50s and ‘70s.

    Through a magical candle, the young lady’s physical appearance is transformed.

    The project was however, scrapped, following complaints of racism, revealed Julia in an interview with the press.

    In a recent interview with Buzz ng Bayan on Sunday, March 23, however, Julia revealed that she somewhat lost hope after the Cofradia cancellation. Keeping a positive attitude, she said she continued with her acting workshops until Mirabella came along.

    In a previous interview with ABS-CBN, Julia she had no regrets because she believes Mirabella is “equally exciting, equally beautiful, even better.”

    2. No kissing scene for Julia

    “Bawal po,” (It’s not allowed.) said Julia when asked about a possible kissing scene in the teleserye, reported The Philippine Star. The 17-year-old said she’s in no hurry to grow up and shed her “tweenie-tweenie” image.

    “Ayoko po kasi magmadali, e. Siguro habang tweenie-tweenie pa 'yong projects doon muna ako, kasi hindi na ako makakabalik pag nagmadali ako, e.” (I don’t want to rush things. I’ll stick with my tweenie-tweenie projects because there’s no going back if I rush away from them.)

    Julia revealed that more experienced cast members, Mylene Dizon for one, are those with the more intimate scenes.

    Despite this, fans, can still expect romance between Julia and her leading men Enrique Gil and Sam Concepcion.

    Julia and Enrique hope to pave their own path

    Expectations are high for the newest on-screen tandem Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil, with many fans wondering if their pairing will take off like teen stars Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s more established teen love team.

    Julia and Enrique hope so, according to The Philippine Star. “We’re just doing our best,” said Enrique, who is optimistic about their love team. Meanwhile, Julia hopes for success, but aims to go on a “different path.”

    It’s not uncommon for on-screen partners to take their romance off camera, but Julia told the press that she she “has so much time to enjoy” being single.

    In the Buzz ng Bayan interview, the two, however, revealed that they are learning from each other through the experience.

    Julia feels the pressure of being a Barretto

    Being part of a famed celebrity clan, there’s no denying that pressure is on Julia to be at par with her celebrity parents and aunts.

    Her mother, Marjorie Barretto, told Buzz ng Bayan that her daughter feels pressure from the immense expectations, but she advised her to “remove the pressure and just give it her best.”

    Similarly, Mirabella director Eric Salud understands the great demands, but he believes that Julia will eventually make a name for herself, reported Pep.ph.

    "Julia can never be her titas (aunts) Claudine and Gretchen Barretto but she will be, in time, Julia Barretto,” he said.

    When asked to choose, she said she hopes to follow the footsteps of her aunt Claudine, saying she was a fan of her projects, movies, and teleseryes, particularly fantaserye Marina.

    At this point, Julia, who is all praises for her famous aunts, said her game plan is to “just be myself and figure it out.”
  • Julia Barretto hopes love team with Enrique Gil becomes successful


    MANILA, Philippines – After almost a one year wait, Julia Barretto is all set for the airing for her debut soap opera “Mira Bella.”

    It can be remembered that the Kapamilya network announced that Julia will star in the TV remake of the classic film “Confradia.” However, the network decided to scrap the project over complaints about the project’s alleged racist content. This paved way for “Mira Bella,” the young actress’ first major television project after she was launched last year.

    In the show, Julia will play as Mira, a young girl cursed with wood-like skin.

    “Syempre, when na-cancel yung ‘Confradia,’ nalungkot ako. Pero I didn’t lose hope,” Julia told members of the press in a media gathering on Tuesday, March 11. “Worth it naman yung paghihintay.”

    “I want to take it step by step. Ayoko madaliin ang sarili. I don’t want to pressure myself. Dahan-dahan lang. Ayoko naman bigyan sarili ko ng pressure na kailangan ganito na kaagad,” the 17-year-old actress said when asked if she’s pressured by the expectations placed on her shoulders, especially being part of the prominent Barretto showbiz family.

    Julia added, “Of course we all start here. And we all work hard.”

    The young actress, of course, is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto. Gretchen and Claudine Barretto are her aunts.

    Playing Julia’s love interest on the show is actor Enrique Gil, who will play Jeremy, Mira’s blind best friend.

    The two are hoping their onscreen partnership will click with the viewers and attain the same success attained by the young love team of Daniel Padilla and Kathyrn Bernado.

    “Syempre, kung may love team yung show, mas okay kung mag-click talaga yung love team namin. We’re just doing our best,” Enrique said. “Ginagawa namin ang lahat para sa show na ito.”

    Julia added, however, that she’s want to pave her own path in show business as well.

    “They (Daniel and Kathryn) are very successful, we all want to be successful. Pero sana different path naman yung mapuntahan ko,” she said.

    Enrique and Julia, who turned 17 just recently, spoke to the media to promote “Mirabella” via a birthday party-themed press conference.

    Since both young stars say they’re single, the entertainment press jokingly asked Enrique and Julia if there’s a possibility for their friendship to blossom into a romantic relationship.

    “I’m just 17 right now and I have ‘Mirabella’ to take care of,” Julia said. “That will come e, di ba? It will come. I have so much time to enjoy right now.”

    “Mirabella” will premiere this March on ABS-CBN.
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