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San Beda College of Law: hopeful freshman

Hi everyone,

Really need sound advise, i'm planning to enter law school this sem but is torn between what is workable for a working student and going to the best school. I'm really considering SBC Mendiola (i was an instructor at SBCA for a while) but heard that full time students are preferred.

Been reading blogs but these were from 2009 - 2010 so not very recent. I passed the entrance exam of Arellano but not so hyped up with the school set up considering their fat tuition fee.

I'm willing to work hard because i want to learn from the best but also dont want my efforts to go in vain if the environment is not conducive for working people.

Hope i get practical feedback from this forum ;)


  • Hello, I actually have the same dilemma. I am currently working and I also really want to pursue law school, I am considering San Beda but I am not able to find a more recent blogs and updates regarding the schedule and if it is doable to be a working student and attend san beda law school at the same time.
  • I guess we're all on the same page. Working din ako. Mahirap especially kung di relax sa opis. Pero kaya prn naman I think. Hanap nlng ng haus na malapit either sa work or school. I'm looking for one. Kayo meron na? Maybe we can be housemates since lahat tau nag aaral/trabaho.
  • samui_bksamui_bk PEx Rookie ⭐
    its difficult to be a working student in SBC law. You are all treated in the same manner as regular students. Unlike UP, merong working class from first to 4th year. In SBC, meron yan siguro hanggang 2nd year na pagsamasamahan kayo in one class pero pagdating sa 3rd yr, since kokonti na lang kayo, u will be with regular students.

    Kung kaya naman, mag full time na sa Beda.Or if you are working, *** work nyo sana na makakapag aral kayo sa office ng walang interruption which is hard to find.

    In one graduating class, usually one or two or three lang ang gumagraduate na working student, at umaabot pa sya ng 5 or 6 years sa law school.
  • Pareho lang po ba tuition ng SBC-Manila at SBC-Alabang?
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