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Question about exhaustive listing of law books

hazahaza Member PExer
Hi. Kelangan ko lang ng tulong para malaman ko kung ano ba *** lahat ng law books na ginagamit sa mga law schools kada subject kung maaari lamang. Ndi kumpleto *** listing so pakisupplement nalang *** kakulangan pati na *** ibang mga law schools.

Legal Bibliography
Persons & Family Relations
Criminal Law 1
Legal History
Legal Method
Constitutional Law 1
Obligations & Contracts
Criminal Law 2
Legal Theory
The Legal Profession
Constitutional Law 2
Administrative Law
Credit Transactions
Torts and Damages
Labor & Social Legislation 2
Rem. Law 1 (Criminal Procedure
Rem. Law 2 (Civil Procedure)
Labor & Social Legislation 1
Agency & Partnership
Corporation Law & Securities Act
Public International Law
Private International Law
Rem. Law 3 (Evidence)
Medical Jurisprudence 1
Rem. Law 4 (Special Proceedings)
Taxation 1
Taxation 2
Transportation & Public Utilities
Local Governments
Bills, Notes, & Comm'l. Papers
Electoral Process & Public Office
Sup. Legal Research & Writing

Introduction to Law
Obligations and Contracts
Legal Research
Constitutional Law II
Persons and Family Relations
Criminal Law II
Constitutional Law I
Legal Technique and Logic
Criminal Law I
Legal Writing
Philosophy of Law
Theology and the Social
Teachings of the Church
Statutory Construction
Legal Profession

Criminal Procedure
Corporation Law
Negotiable Instruments
Civil Procedure
Taxation I
Partnership and Agency
Administrative Law, Law on Public Officers, and
Election Laws
Public International Law
Credit Transactions
Legal Ethics
Forensic Medicine
Land Titles

Labor Law I
Labor Law II
Taxation II
Special Proceedings
Torts and Damages
Conflict of Laws
Fundamentals of Thesis Writing I
Legal Forms
Fundamentals of Thesis Writing II

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