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[PEx Movie Club] THE GALA NIGHT-Party starts on page 2!

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Its gonna be a BLOCKBUSTER night!

Attend the official launch of the PEx Movie Club and get a chance to meet fellow film aficionados in our community! Share anything about movies at this special event!


Oscars Red Carpet

Here’s what to expect from the Gala Night:

Dress like a star

Come to the event as your favorite celebrity! A date is not a requirement but it would be so much fun to see you arrive with a special friend!

Movie-themed dinner
Gourmet popcorns, anyone? Enjoy the night with specialty dishes inspired by your favorite movie! You can also share your food with fellow PExers.

Meet the MAN!

Get a chance to meet the MAN who will spearhead this club! Any guesses?

Meet the Gang
Get to know more about the club on March 25, Tuesday! Red Carpet rolls at 6pm!
More details about the club will also be revealed at the event!

See you there!


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