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PhilPop Music Festival 2014


Philippine Popular Music Festival 2014 :D


  • Here are the PHILPOP 2014 finalists! :)

    1. "Dear Heart" – Mike Villegas
    2. "Torpe" – Daryl Ong
    3. "Babalikan Mo Rin Ako" – Soc Villanueva
    4. "NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Break)" – Davey Langit
    5. "Qrush On You" – Q-York
    6. "Langit Umaawit" – Toto Sorioso
    7. "Song On A Broken String" – Jude Gitamondoc & Therese Villarante
    8. "The Only One" – Popsie San Pedro
    9. "Kung Akin Ang Langit" – Ghi Bocobo & Isaac Garcia
    10. "Hangout Lang" – Allan Feliciano & Isaac Garcia
    11. "Salbabida" – Jungee Marcelo
    12. "Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa" – Toto Sorioso
  • The finals night will be held on July 26 at the Meralco Theater.
  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator
    Excited for this one! Last year's batch were really good
  • PEx_MusicPEx_Music Administrator PEx Admin

    PhilPOP 2014 Top 12 Finalists
    1. NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Break) by Davey Langit
    2. The Only One by Venelyn San Pedro
    3. Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa by Ronaldo Sorioso
    4. Torpe Song by Daryl Ong
    5. Babalikan Mo Rin Ako by Soc Villanueva
    6. Song On A Broken String by Jude Gitamondoc and Therese Marie Villarante
    7. Salbabida by Jungee Marcelo
    8. Dear Heart by Mike Villegas
    9. Hangout Lang by Allan Feliciano and Isaac Joseph Garcia
    10. Qrush On You by QYork’s James Palma aka Flava Matikz and Cedric Bonjoc aka Knowa Lazarus
    11. Kung Akin Ang Langit by Cecilia Bocobo and Isaac Joseph Garcia
    12. Langit Umaawit by Ronaldo Sorioso

    PhilPOP 2014 Grand Finals will be held on July 26, 2014 at the Meralco Theater.

    About Philippine Popular Music Festival
    The Philippine Popular Music Festival is a songwriting competition open to all amateur and professional composers who are Filipinos or of Filipino descent residing in the Philippines. The competition not only aims to celebrate the talent of Filipino songwriting, but to glorify the contributions of songwriters and composers to the Filipino music industry.

    More info at http://www.philpop.com.ph

    PhilPOP 2013 Winner: Dati by Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana
    Performed by Sam Concepcion & Tippy Dos Santos featuring Quest

    Download PhilPop 2013 Album on iTunes
  • The Philpop 2014 Finalists
    SOUNDS FAMILIAR By Baby A. Gil (The Philippine Star) | Updated April 4, 2014 - 12:00am

    Ronaldo Sorioso is one of the two finalists (the other being Isaac Joseph Garcia) who has two entries
    The Philippine Pop Music Festival or Philpop is now on its third year, but a song of the same impact as previous competition discoveries Anak or Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika still has to emerge from among the winners and finalists of the past two years. Still, it is great to know that enthusiam about the contest remains at an all-time high. During these trying times for the music industry, Philpop is the best chance there is, for a song to be recorded and heard by many.

    The organizers show no let-up in their efforts to find tomorrow’s classics while our songwriters are ever ready to compete through their works with one eye on the hit charts and another on the P1M grand prize. And one of them will definitely be richer by a million bucks after the winner of Philpop 2014 is proclaimed at the finals night on July 26 at the Meralco Theater.

    If you will take a look at the list of finalists, you will notice several familiar names. These are popular figures in the music industry whose entries also made it to the final 12 of the two previous Philpop competitions. There are also two finalists who placed with two entries each, Ronaldo Sorioso and Isaac Joseph Garcia. This result has drawn criticism from some people. Bakit pwede ang dalawa? Sila-sila na lang ba? Why not give a chance to others?

    First off, the disqualification rules I know of at Philpop are, if it can be proved that the entry was plagiarized, that means composed by somebody other than the entrant, or had previously been recorded and performed in public. There is no rule against returning winners. Anybody can join although they are all limited to only two entries.

    Take note of that. Composers can send in two entries each. Therefore, it follows that both songs have the chance to be in the finals. Besides, I do not think that the “give a chance to others” belief should be applied to an art contest. It would be so unfair to deprive somebody of the chance to compete just because he has two works judged to be better than the others.

    Besides, this can also mean allowing a lesser, mediocre work into the magic circle. I do not think anybody wants that. So, I am really glad that the songs of Sorioso and Garcia are in the finals. Nobody deserves to be punished for being good or better more times than the others. But are they?

    Entertainment ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1
    It is very easy to judge songs based on the technical aspects. That means musical structure and grammar. But that only leaves you with a well-made song. This is why I like what Maestro Ryan Cayabyab has kept reminding Philpop adjudicators these past three years: Look for the song that touches you. Being able to touch listeners is the quality inherent in every song that became a hit, survived the ages and became a classic. We will soon know if any of these songs will touch anybody.

    And the Philpop 2014 contenders are:

    NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Break) by singer/songwriter Davey Langit who is the guy behind the big hit, Selfie Song. He has scored several indie films and his songs have been recorded by Yeng Constantino, Princess Velasco and others.

    The Only One by Venelyn San Pedro. She is also known as Popsie and is the daughter of hitmaker, Vehnee Saturno. She works as an operations and systems support officer for a TV network. This is her first time at Philpop although she has already written many recorded songs by various artists.

    Awit Mo’y Nandito Pa by the multi-talented singer, composer and arranger Sorioso. He was the first runner-up in Philpop 2012 with Tayo Tayo Lang and he has two entries in the finals this year.

    Torpe by Daryl Ong, who is the lead singer of the group Voices of 5. This is only his third composition and it is all about himself.

    Babalikan Mo Rin Ako by Soc Villanueva, veteran hitmaker and competition winner, Kung Ako Na Lang Sana and Philpop 2012 second runner-up for Kontrabida worked for a year on his entry.

    Song On A Broken String by Jude Gitamondoc and Therese Marie Villarante, who are Cebu-based songwriters and first-time Philpop finalists. Jude has written songs for many popular artists while Therese Marie is an award-winning poet.

    Salbabida by Jungee Marcelo, a recording industry veteran with numerous hits to his credit. He placed second in Philpop 2013. His entry is about having a Savior and a lifeline.

    Dear Heart by Mike Villegas, who is a former member of the legendary band, Rizal Underground. His song Negastar was a finalist in the first Philpop.

    Hangout Lang by Allan Feliciano and Isaac Joseph Garcia, who are accomplished writers and arrangers of advertising jingles. They composed their song in just half an hour. Garcia co-wrote two songs that made it to this year’s roster of finalists.

    Qrush On You by Qyork’s James Palma a.k.a. Flava Matikz and Cedric Knowa Lazarus, who are Pinoys whose group QYork got formed in New York, moved to L.A. and now make music for Filipinos. Their entry was inspired by their married lives.

    Kung Akin Ang Langit by newscaster Cecilia Bocobo and composer-arranger Isaac Joseph Garcia. The inspiration for this song was Cecilia’s four-year-old son, Sancho who was born with a genetic condition called spinal muscle atrophy. She hopes that with Philpop, she would be able to create awareness about his condition.

    And Langit Umaawit also by Sorioso.
  • Philpop 2014 Official Album Preview

  • Composer: Mike Villegas
    Song: "Dear Heart"
    Interpreted by: Kiana Valenciano

  • Composer: Chi Datu-Bocobo & Isaac Joseph Garcia
    Song: "Kung Akin Ang Langit"
    Interpreted by: Mcoy Fundales & Clara Benin

  • Composer: Davey Langit
    Song: "NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Break)"
    Interpreted by: Luigi D' Avola

  • Composer: Toto Sorioso
    Song: "Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa"
    Interpreted by: Aldrich Talonding & James Bucong

  • Composer: Allan Feliciano & Isaac Joseph Garcia
    Song: "Hang Out Lang"
    Interpreted by: Duncan Ramos & Young JV

  • Composer: Toto Sorioso
    Song: "Langit Umaawit"
    Interpreted by: Tom Rodriguez

  • Composer: Knowa Lazarus & Flava Matikz of Q-York
    Song: "Qrush On You"
    Interpreted by: Jay-R, Elmo Magalona & Q-York

  • Composer: Jungee Marcelo
    Song: "Salbabida"
    Interpreted by: Kyla

  • Composer: Therese Marie Villarante & Jude Gitamondoc
    Song: "Song On A Broken String"
    Interpreted by: Nicole Laurel Asensio

  • Composer: Popsie San Pedro
    Song: "The Only One"
    Interpreted by: Thor Dulay

  • Composer: Daryl Ong
    Song: "Torpe"
    Interpreted by: Kris Lawrence
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