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Online Application: What do you think?

Hi guys!

I saw this article on Facebook. Want to know your thought? I heard they have another one from March 17 to March 28. Advise please :)

You can find everything online these days. You can find long-lost friends. You can find true love. Now, you can even find your dream job.

Online recruitment is fast becoming the norm both for companies and job-seekers. Everything is easier, faster and more convenient thanks to the power of the internet. But don’t take our word for it. Ms. Lia Lyn Marcos, Director for the Human Resources in SYKES, the pioneer call center industry in the Philippines, shares her experience and insights about the shift. “It’s no secret that call canters are one of the most active companies when it comes to hiring. We hire by the hundreds. So we have to be more efficient in our recruitment. And with so many call centers in the country, competition has become so much steeper. Online recruitment has helped us reach our applicants faster and has made the process more convenient. We see it as a win-win situation.” As a matter of fact, online recruitment proved to be extremely effective for SYKES that they decided to take it to a new level. “Last year, in partnership with Jobstreet, we experimented with the concept of the Online Job Fair. The idea is that you apply online. You get interviewed online. And you get hired online. The only time you will visit our offices is when you sign for the Job Offer or when there are special requirements your position needs,” Ms. Marcos explains. The Online Job Fair was such a success (producing more than 1,500 applications in a week), that SYKES has decided to continue doing it.

Online Job Fair: Application Made Easy

This is how you apply for a normal job fair:

Step 1: You print copies of your resume the night before the big day
Step 2: You wake up early to avoid traffic
Step 3: You dress to impress
Step 4: You wait in line for hours
Step 5: You go to the first interview
Step 6: You wait in line for hours
Step 7: You go to the final interview
Step 8: You wait in line for hours
Step 9: Good news! You passed! Now you have to wait just a little bit more for the job offer

Quite tiring isn’t it? Now, this is how you apply for an online job fair:
Step 1: You apply using your Jobstreet account
Step 2: A member of the SYKES recruitment team calls you for your first interview
Step 3: If you pass, another SYKES personnel will call you for your final interview (if your position requires an exam, you will be asked to drop by our site)
Step 4: Good news! You passed! You can now walk-in for a job offer!

Now that is so much faster and more convenient right? Tristan, a customer service representative, hired from SYKES’ Online Job Fair last February, sure thinks so. “I have applied for different call centers in the past but I have never been through a recruitment process as fast and convenient as SYKES’ Online Job Fair,” he tells us. Tristan has been in the call center industry since 2006. This is the first time he hast tried applying online. “There is a world of difference. When you go to a job fair or you walk-in to apply, you waste your entire day waiting for hours. You wait for hours to begin. And you wait for hours in between interviews. Not only is it physically tiring, it’s also mentally draining. Sometimes, by the time it’s your turn, you’re already exhausted.” He continues, “I applied online midmorning. I got a call for my first interview at 4.30 pm. My final interview happened at 6.00 pm. By 7.00 pm I knew I had a job waiting for me. It was unbelievable!” When asked if he found the interview process more or less intimidating because he can’t see the interviewer, he jokingly replied: “I am applying for a call center position so I should be comfortable conversing via phone right? Then he turned serious, “Kidding aside, the interview process wasn’t entirely different. I think the key is that you prepare, whether you are interviewed via the phone or you are interviewed face to face.”

SYKES’ Brand of Support

“We value the time of our applicants. We know the effort they put in applying to us. That is why we respect their time by making the application fast, convenient and efficient,” explains Jamie Endaya, a recruitment supervisor in SYKES. “So far, we have received positive feedbacks but we are continuously improving the process.” Ms. Marcos, adds, “SYKES is known for being a supportive company. And our brand of support starts with the first step – recruitment.”

What do you think about online job fair? Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment and let’s discuss! We’d love to hear from you!

And to those who want to apply, we'll release the link soon!
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