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Chemical engineering in UP or DLSU-M?

Please compare:
-general knowledge (information) sa field
-practical (hands-on) know-how
-passing rate sa licensure exam
-local job opps
-abroad job opps
-salary (from starting to the later years)
-student life
-important skills that could be earned or things that could be developed by studying in that university (social skills, deep thinker, resourcefulness, connections, values, virtues, etc)
-other impt stuff

Thanks! Urgent!:)


  • I was once a ChE student of La Salle a long time ago. Learned lots and enjoyed it.

    What set this degree program apart from other schools' are its level of research (depth comparable to a graduate degree and funding opportunities in some) and the quick pacing of subjects. Both of these entail a lot of hard work on the student's part. Oh and student researchers are given opportunities to present their work locally and abroad.

    But what you get from getting in is the opportunity to be taught by top-tier professors (highest density of PhD holders in La Salle) with foreign degrees (I wonder though when will they retire). Laboratory equipments are comparatively better than other PH universities'. A lot of students (undergrads and postgrads) from other universities go to DLSU to test their samples.

    -Less time to prepare for quizzes
    -Less time to do well in org activities
    -Not-so-competitive culture among students (only the high-achieving ones do)
    -A number of professors who spoonfeed their students
    -Only a tiny fraction of professors had their undergraduate degrees in La Salle (yes that counts) so they easily mess up scheduling their lessons in trimestral mode - and they never learn from their mistakes.
    -Politics among faculty

    Can't speak for UP but they are great since it's UP :) One good thing I can surely vouch for is the competitive culture which is not as apparent in La Salle.

    My observation on graduates:
    In general DLSU graduates go to corporate side of things
    In general UP graduates go to technical roles/academe

    Good luck!

    PS I don't believe in the licensure exam. Questions are full of *&^@ FYI. So I leave this criterion out.
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