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  • Sana payagan magakaroon ng 4 sister teams. Sana pumasok ang BMEG as another SMC team sa PBA. Kailangan ng SMC dagdagan ang "FARM" teams nila.

    Sa nba din naman may farm teams
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    KamenRaida wrote: »
    sana yung pang 12 KIA motors na lang kung NLEX kc apat na San Miguel teams na yun

    Paki clear nga nlex own by san miguel? Yun ba ang ibig mong sabihin?
  • CaptainCharismaCaptainCharisma Moderator PEx Moderator
    sana pumasok to as Blu Detergent, tapos si Asi ang franchise player, circa 1998 lang ulit :lol:
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    Transfer from Big Chill to Blackwater brings Reil Cervantes closer to PBA return :)

    Reuben Terrado
    03-02-14 06:04 pm

    BLACKWATER Sports began its lineup retooling in the PBA D-League ahead of its planned move to the pros by signing former Barangay Ginebra draftee Reil Cervantes.

    The decision to sign up Cervantes came following his stellar stint with Big Chill, which finished runner-up in the Aspirants Cup behind champions NLEX Road Warriors.

    Big Chill coach Robert Sison confirmed Cervantes is, indeed, bound for Blackwater after a fruitful one-conference stint with the Superchargers.

    “He will sign up with Blackwater. He just had a conference-long contract with us,” said Sison.

    Cervantes’ signing is seen as one of the moves by Blackwater as the team prepares to finish its final D-League campaign with a bang when it defends its Foundation Cup title.

    Cervantes had a remarkable conference with Big Chill after spending most of his time sitting on the bench during a forgettable PBA stint that saw him picked ninth overall by Barangay Ginebra in the 2011 PBA draft.

    He ended up as one of the candidates for the Most Valuable Player award of the Aspirants Cup.

    Sison said the former Far Eastern University stalwart’s move to Blackwater has the blessings of team management.

    “Our team owner James Tiu, coaches, and the whole team welcome the career move of Reil and we are expecting him to be back in the PBA real soon through Blackwater,” said Sison.

    “We can say that we are proud to be instrumental in making players fulfill their goals of going to the big league.”

    Cervantes is considered a free agent in the pro league and can be readily signed by any team.

    Blackwater Sports is looking to move over the PBA after recently submitting a letter of intent to the league.

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  • Sana maapprove yung application ng Blackwater and Kia. It's high time that the PBA expands because there has been an influx of talent in the recent years. Ang reservation ko lang dito is baka maging farm team lang yang Blackwater. Wag naman sana. As for Kia, the company is a globally-renowned conglomerate so it's far-fetched that they'll fall prey to SMC or MVP's bullying.

    I'm also curious about the 13th franchise that is now negotiating with them. If my gutfeel is right, it could be Phoenix Petroleum since Petron is already dropped by SMC. I hope PBA approves all applications. But more than that, I hope the expansion will bring balance to the league and not cater to the needs of the crocodiles like SMC and MVP.
  • May be a quid pro quo deal between the RSA and MVP Groups. Since 8 votes are needed to make themselves eligible for the PBA, the MVP Group will approve the entry of Blackwater Elite into the PBA by giving their two votes provided that the SMC teams will give its nod to the entry of NLEX into the PBA.

    That would make a total of 12 teams. It's also possible to consider KIA's application - the question though is who their link to the PBA is to get the coveted 8 votes. Tanduay won't probably have resistance from their former arch enemy, SMC, to join the PBA if ever they apply since RSA and Lucio Tan (LT) are now partners at PAL.

    No, it won't be 14 teams next season. That's possible but really, a long shot. 12 is the PBA's target and it looks like Blackwater and NLEX will have the inside track because they have supporters from the PBA Board to help them out.

    Question lang po sir JPM... Hindi po ba may rule ang PBA regarding new sister teams sa PBA? Ang naalala ko lang dati, nung binili ng SMC yung Purefoods, SMC was somewhat forced to drop one franchise from among the 3 teams it has in the league which is SMB, BGK and Purefoods. But since SMC purchased Purefoods by the time it already has been part of the league for years, PBA had made an exception and let SMC keep all 3 teams. Same thing happened with Coke.

    Valid po ba na mag-apply ang NLEX to be MVP's 3rd team in the PBA since they will be coming from the outside? Wala bang limit ang number of sister teams na pwedeng pumasok sa PBA?
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    Quinito Henson ‏@TheDeanQuinito 21h
    On Thursday, PBA Board will take up applications of Ever Bilena-Blackwater and Columbian Autocar-Kia to join league in 2014-15-40th season

    Quinito Henson ‏@TheDeanQuinito 21h
    A conglomerate considering to enter PBA as 14th team defers application to 1-3 years-another group seriously considering to be 13th team

    Quinito Henson ‏@TheDeanQuinito 21h
    Time to join PBA now, say chair Segismundo and com Salud-peak of Game 6 on TV5 showed 5.4M viewers 53.7% audience share, so far 7 20k crowds

    NLEX, Phoenix Petroleum Fuel, SM? PBA as a 'dying' league seems on the uprising.
  • torchie82torchie82 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    PBA rides wave of breakthroughs
    By Joaquin Henson (The Philippine Star) | Updated March 3, 2014 - 12:00am

    MANILA, Philippines - With attendance and TV ratings going through the roof in the just-concluded Philippine Cup, the PBA is gearing for expansion as Asia’s first play-for-pay league embarks on a major drive to open its 40th season on a high note.

    So far this season, the PBA has registered seven playdays with at least a 20,000 crowd, including two in the Philippine Cup finals, and there are two more conferences left. In three conferences last season, only four playdays posted at least a 20,000 attendance. TV ratings went sky-high in the Game 6 clincher of the recent Philippine Cup finals with a viewership peak of 5.4 million and a whopping audience share of 53.7 percent, clear indicators of a strong partnership with TV5.

    The PBA will open its 40th season late this year after the national team plays at the FIBA World Cup in Spain on Aug. 30-Sept. 14 and the Asian Games in Incheon on Sept. 19-Oct. 4. The league opened shop in 1975 with nine franchises. The membership dropped to six in 1985, increased to eight in 1990 and nine in 1999 before starting the new millennium with a core of 10 teams.

    On Thursday, the PBA Board of Governors will decide on the applications for two new franchises. If the applications are approved, the PBA will open its 40th season with a record 12 teams. Last Friday, Ever Bilena Cosmetics filed a letter of intent to join the PBA signed by chairman and chief executive officer Dioceldo Sy and chief operating officer Silliman Sy. Ever Bilena will use its Blackwater brand in the PBA if the application is approved. A week earlier, Columbian Autocar Corp. sent its own letter of intent signed by president Ginia Roxas Domingo. Columbian will use Kia as the brand of its PBA team if approved.

    Both Blackwater and Kia are known to be passionate supporters of basketball. Blackwater is the only team to win a PBA D-League championship other than NLex and Kia is the NBA’s exclusive automotive partner, sponsoring all its performance awards, including the All-Star Game MVP, the season MVP and the Rookie of the Year and the NBA Cares. One of Kia’s global spokesmen is Los Angeles Clippers center Blake Griffin who jumped over a Kia Optima to win the NBA 2011 slam dunk championship. Kia also has sponsorship agreements with the LPGA, Australian Open and FIFA.

    Columbian Autocar Corp. distributes Kia, BMW, Peugeot and Daihatsu among others. Kia employs over 44,000 workers all over the world and produces over two million vehicles a year in 13 plants in eight countries. It has dealerships and distributorships in 172 countries with annual revenues of over $42 Billion. Kia was established in 1944 and is Korea’s oldest car company.

    Dean's Corner ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

    A source said Kia sold 6,000 units last year and is in line to sell 10,000 this year, 15,000 in 2015 and 20,000 in 2016. Kia’s involvement in the PBA will be a major marketing thrust. If Kia enters the PBA, it will mark the first entry of a car brand since Toyota in 1975-83.

    PBA chairman Ramon Segismundo said the timing is right for expansion. “In my view, we have arrived as an Asian and global basketball power and nation,” he said. “We need an even more vibrant, dynamic and broader-based PBA.”

    Segismundo hinted that a 13th franchise is in the works but declined to identify the prospective applicant. The scuttlebutt is even a 14th franchise was under negotiation but the buyer, a huge conglomerate, deferred its application for one to three years. Segismundo said the PBA Board will not be limited to keeping the membership to an even number. Applications will be considered based on quality and merit, not on how many teams are in the league. A team that’s certainly ripe to join the PBA is NLex, winner of five of six PBA D-League titles.

    Segismundo confirmed that Columbian Autocar sent its letter of intent ahead of Blackwater. “Kia is a global brand and opens a link to the Asian market,” he said. “It will make for a stronger PBA. It relives Toyota’s passionate management. Blackwater is a consumer brand with a mass appeal. It has a rich basketball tradition through Mr. (Dioceldo) Sy and is an inspiring ascension from the PBA D-League. According to Blackwater, they are looking at three to four years to win a championship. Both Blackwater and Kia envision to be with the PBA for the long term. It’s a great time to be in the PBA, now and in the future. It’s very, very exciting.”

    PBA commissioner Chito Salud echoed Segismundo’s optimism. “This is the perfect time to join the league,” he said. “The players are putting their hearts into the competition. There is no dearth of quality players. The fans are hot and raging. The games are exciting and played on a high level. Our live attendance and TV viewership are impressive. Any serious prospective applicant for membership will certainly partake of the benefits of the league’s resurgence.”

    Sy said becoming a member of the PBA is the dream of every sportsman and businessman. “I can feel God’s hand that made Blackwater’s entry into the PBA smooth as silk,” he said. “Everything just fell in at the right place at the right time. We’re hoping the PBA Board approves our application during Thursday’s meeting. It will be my best birthday gift ever.”

    In Ever Bilena’s letter of intent, Sy said “we will abide by the PBA rules just as we have always been a member of good standing in the PBA D-League (and) rest assured that we will give our full support to the PBA being the premier professional basketball league.”
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    Question lang po sir JPM... Hindi po ba may rule ang PBA regarding new sister teams sa PBA? Ang naalala ko lang dati, nung binili ng SMC yung Purefoods, SMC was somewhat forced to drop one franchise from among the 3 teams it has in the league which is SMB, BGK and Purefoods. But since SMC purchased Purefoods by the time it already has been part of the league for years, PBA had made an exception and let SMC keep all 3 teams. Same thing happened with Coke.

    Valid po ba na mag-apply ang NLEX to be MVP's 3rd team in the PBA since they will be coming from the outside? Wala bang limit ang number of sister teams na pwedeng pumasok sa PBA?

    There was a rule approved by the PBA Board sometime in 2011 or 2012 where they limited the total number of teams coming from one owner to three. This allows the MVP Group to field one more team in the PBA.
  • PXeLPXeL PEx Rookie ⭐
    Mag ONE-TIME, BIG TIME na lang kaya sila. 5 teams agad ang idagdag nila ni next season.

    Tanggapin na nila ang Blackwater,KIA, NLEX, Phoenix at SM.

    Tapos gawin nilang 3 conference, single round eliminations.Dagdag din sila ng araw para sa laro.
  • maybe it should be 2 conference na lang and make it tournament long. inter-intra or two round robin for AFC and an import laden conference. and best-of-7 series both semi and finals. it looks more exciting *okay*
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    Di ba yan yung PBADL team na gusto ni Banchero maglaro kasi affiliated sa SMC?

    Once makapasok ang BW sa PBA, kukunin nila si Banchero at Parks...

    Malamang ma-trade si Banchero sa SMB, si Parks naman sa BGSM...

    Pag ginawa nila yan, farm team lang talaga sila


    Blackwater team owner Dioceldo Sy said given the agreement they already have with San Miguel Beer, the newly-crowned Asean Basketball League champion, he’s convinced that the Fil-Italian playmaker will play for no other D-League team other than with the Elite.

    “Pinahiram na siya (Banchero) sa amin ng San Miguel eh. So even if he goes through the draft, di naman siya maglalaro sa team na magda-draft sa kanya,”
  • KevinDurantKevinDurant PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yes. I am having the same apprehensions. Lalo na when they publicly stated that they want Banchero and Parks. As we all know target sila ng San Miguel group.
  • Let KIA and NLEX in.

    NO to Blackwater. Another SMC affiliated team.

    Expect that if ever they bring in Parks and Banchero, they'll probably trade them to aging veterans of the main SMC teams.
  • magtatampo na naman si uytengsu nyan
  • torchie82torchie82 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sy ready to pay P100 million franchise fee for Blackwater's foray into PBA

    OWNING a franchise in the PBA these days doesn’t come cheap, indeed.

    Blackwater Sports team owner Dioceldo Sy admitted he’ll be coughing out a total of P100 million for a franchise fee for his company to become the newest expansion ballclub of Asia’s very first play-for-pay league.

    Sy, a certified basketball lover, said at least 30 percent of the total amount will be paid as soon as the league board approves Blackwater Sports' application to be the league's newest team.

    “I am more than ready. This will in fact be a long-term participation. I believe in the marketing power of the PBA. I am seeing our company grow more in three to four years,” Sy said.

    The franchise fee is believed to be at least a 40 percent jump from the time the league accepted a new expansion ballclub in Red Bull 14 years ago when the George Chua-owned franchise shelled out a total of P60 million.

    Sy bared he normally spends P200 million in advertisement for all of his products that ranges from cosmetics, ready to wear, and household goodies. He owns the country's top cosmetics company, Ever Bilena, among other business ventures.

    He added financing for his pro team will come from the same budget once it undergoes rechanneling.

    “I am not worried. I am very excited on this new venture. We don’t feel the heaviness (of the budget) because we spend a lot in advertising. Basta same fund, just a portion shifted to the PBA,” said Sy, a star center of Uno High School during the 1973 to 1976 Tiong Lian season.

    Spin.ph was fortunate enough to be given a tour by the amiable businessman/sportsman of his one-hectare factory in Kalookan City on Monday to show the busy production of his company, whose major products are Ever Billena and Blackwater.

    And as passionate as he is about the game, Sy vows to come up with a highly competitive team that can vie for the championship in three to five years time.

    “I am being realistic. I cannot easily win a PBA championship. Obviously, we are hoping to be in the Finals in maybe three or four years,” said Sy, who has won titles in amateur tournaments, including the D-League and the defunct Philippine Basketball League (PBL).

    Sy also stressed the company is not in the PBA for the short term.

    “Time frame for the team? We’ll go long-term. I don’t mind having this time until my next generation,” he added.

    Asked if he is ready to go up against some of the country’s biggest companies which are also in the league such as San Miguel and the group of Manny V. Pangilinan, Sy was realistic but undaunted.

    “Sa ngayon, saling pusa lang muna kami. They’re huge conglomerates. We still have to learn the ropes. Pero in time, I am sure we will be there (winning),” he said with a smile.

    Sy also clarified that his partnership with San Miguel will be over once Blackwater gets the approval to become the newest team in the pro league.

    Blackwater and the SMC group have a current partnership in the PBA D-League and earlier, in the Asean Basketball League (ABL).

    “No, we can never be a farm team. I have a credibility to protect, and besides, we don’t have a direct business partnership with them (San Miguel),” said Sy, whose first venture into big-time basketball came in 1997 when he formed the Blu Detergent team around Asi Taulava and Jimmy Alapag.

    “Rest assured that we will be independent. They don’t have to worry and speculate. We will be independent,” he added. “It was just because of player trades from D-League to ABL kaya kami nagka-partnership noon (with San Miguel)."

    Sy’s wife, Kristine, revealed how she has been praying hard for their company to finally be given the green light by the PBA board as the league’s 11th member.

    “Pangarap talaga ni Dioceldo ang magka-team sa PBA. He really wants it. Sana makuha niya. I can see and feel his passion. He loves basketball, he plays and watches it with all his heart,” said Mrs. Sy.

    “Dioceldo kasi believes that becoming a member of the PBA is every sportsman/businessman’s dream. He also feels that God’s hand is behind his decision to reach for this dream,” she added.

    Follow the writer on Twitter: @snowbadua
  • BestintheworldWJBestintheworldWJ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    So totoo ba na affiliated BW ang SMC?

    Kung totoo ito farm team nga ito. Jusko dagdag Farm nanaman.


    BOSS JPM, ask ko lang may share of stocks ba si ANG sa global port?

  • confirmed! Farm Team ng San Miguel Corporation

    more farm teams means a greater chance of winning for San Mig Cofee, San Miguel Beer and Ginebra San Miguel

    dag dagan mo pa ng Kumisyo-err at Refefees

  • streetfoodstreetfood Play Hard PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️
    Maganda to para sa PBA , sana hindi nalang basta basta ibigay si banchero at parks sa ibang teams hahahaha.

    Ilang players pala ang pwede i direct hire ng BW kung sakaling makapasok?
  • darknight10darknight10 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Actually, in 4 years atmost, they can create a competitive team. As long as they don't engage in the out of this world trades that is happening in the PBA now.

    Last place = 1st overall pick
    1st overall pick = potential franchise player

    Andami nang young talents ngayon so hindi mahihirapang makapaghanap ng mga PBA quality players ang mga teams. Kahit sa 2nd round makakahanap ka pa ng potential players. (Teng, Melton, Chan, Fonacier)

    Nasa mgt yan. at siguro sa swerte na rin. If they get a Fajardo/Williams(prior to his rare illness), then that will be the best for them.
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