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Blackwater Bossing

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Blackwater closer to becoming 11th PBA team after clearing due diligence by league


BLACKWATER Sports cleared a major hurdle on Thursday night and took a major step towards becoming the first expansion team to be accepted into the PBA in 14 years.

The Dioceldo Sy-owned team, which has had a history of successes in the amateur leagues, cleared a review of its financial capability to put up a PBA ballclub and has been given the green light to submit a letter of intent to formalize its application for a league franchise.

Although the application will still need the approval of the league board, PBA chairman Ramon Segismundo said all signs point to Blackwater becoming the 11th team when Asia's first play-for-pay cage league opens its 40th season in October.

“All indications lean towards them (Blackwater Sports) joining us next season,” said Segismundo, who has been aggressively pursuing expansion for the league under his chairmanship.

Sy has been fielding teams in top commercial leagues for the last 15 years beginning with the Blu Detergent team that brought in Asi Taulava through the PBL in 1997.

Of late, his Blackwater Sports team is also a perennial title contender in the PBA D-League.

There also appeared to be no question about Sy's capability to fund a PBA team for the long term. The businessman owns Ever Bilena, the county's biggest cosmetics company, and is also into networking of ready-to-wear products, among other businesses.

In an interview with Spin.ph, Sy said he was elated that the league has already opened its door to them.

“I am very happy. This is my longtime dream. Anlapit ko na sa pangarap ko na 'yun. Thanks to commissioner Chito Salud and the PBA for welcoming us with open arms,” said Sy, who was joined by brother Silliman and business partner Wilbert Loa in the meeting with PBA officials at the Tao Yuan Restaurant in Robinson’s Place Magnolia.

“I believe that PBA is the best marketing tool to promote my products. Tamang tama kasi mag-e-expand ako ng business. From fragrances, maglalabas na rin ako ng mga Blackwater soap. The PBA can provide the needed brand recall sa mga produkto natin,” he said.

After it submits a letter of intent Friday afternoon, Blackwater Sports will now wait for the response of the PBA board which will convene on March 6, incidentally the birthday of Sy.

“Tamang tama nga birthday ko yun eh. It will be most special birthday gift ever. Pero last night was one of the happiest moments of my life,” said Sy.

Asked if he has the capability to maintain a PBA team for a long period of time, the amiable businessman was undaunted.

“Yes, more than 15 years na tayo sa basketball and our business is consistent in selling our products,” said Sy.

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I hope this will be finalized soon, after their entry it will be more likely that another team will follow suit to keep the even number of teams for easier scheduling.


  • torchie82torchie82 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Blackwater Sports eyes PBA entry next season

    Blackwater Sports champion of PBA D-League 2013 Foundation Cup. Photo by Nuki Sabio/ PBA

    MANILA, Philippines — Blackwater Sports, a perennial title contender in the PBA D-League owned by cosmetics magnate Dioceldo Sy, has been asked to submit a letter of intent to support its bid to become the 11th ballclub in the Philippine Basketball Association next season.
    But the PBA Commissioner’s Office refused to comment on Blackwater’s application to join the league as an expansion team until the league’s board of governors convenes on March 6.
    “I will not comment on that until Blackwater submits in black and white its intention to join the PBA,” said PBA commissioner Chito Salud.
    Sy, who owns Ever Bilena, the country’s biggest cosmetics firm, has a long track record of fielding teams in commercial leagues for the last 15 years.

    The businessman even tapped Asi Taulava to play for Blu Detergent in the defunct Philippine Basketball League in the late 90s.
    “If they meet all the requirements, we’ll welcome them,” said former PBA chair and Rain or Shine governor Mamerto Mondragon.
    Coached by Leo Isaac, Blackwater Sports won the 2013 PBA D-League Foundation Cup but lost to Big Chill in the semifinals of the recent Aspirants Cup.
    “They’ll have to go through the board. But as far as [co-team owner] Terry [Que] and I are concerned, we’re OK with that because he’s [Sy] our friend,” said Rain or Shine team owner Raymund Yu.
    “We know he’s [Sy] also very passionate about basketball like us.”
  • torchie82torchie82 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Parks, Banchero eyed as Blackwater's direct-hire recruits ahead of jump to PBA


    AN explosive backcourt featuring amateur stars Bobby Ray Parks Jr. and Chris Banchero could likely make up the roster of Blackwater Sports if and when the franchise finally gets the nod of the PBA board to become the league’s 11th member ballclub.

    A source told Spin.ph that team owner Dioceldo Sy will be pushing to have direct-hire rights once its application is approved so Blackwater can tab two of the finest players in the amateur ranks today.

    Depending on the board, an expansion team like Blackwater Sports is usually given the concession of bringing with it as much as five players directly from the amateur ranks.

    Sy confirmed to Spin.ph the Elite are now trying to lure in Parks to join the team in the coming D-League Foundation Cup where the team is the reigning champion.

    “Yes, we are now trying to establish links with him (Parks). We want him with us, we have already sent a feeler,” said Sy.

    Parks will be available for the season-ending conference of the D-League which opens on March 18 as his former squad the BDO-NU Bulldogs, is not fielding a team to the tournament.

    “Basta we will talk to him. And we will also seek help from his patrons for him to become a part of Blackwater Sports,” said Sy, who is known to be close to SM Group of Company big bosses Hans and Manny Sy, the major backer of National University.

    Although he plays for Boracay Rum in the D-League, Banchero has an existing contract with Blackwater Sports as an official endorser.

    The good-looking Fil-Italian guard was supposed to play for the Elite during the D-League Aspirants Cup only to be hindered by a new league ruling requiring all incoming rookies to go through the draft, where Banchero was eventually selected as the no. 1 overall pick by Boracay Rum.

    “Kakausapin ni Boss Dio (Sy) yung si Chris. I am sure he can be an impact player. He is a good playmaker, plus his looks will definitely draw fans to support the team,” said a Blackwater Sports insider.

    “Saka Banchero greatly represents our products. So I think it will be pursued,” added the source.

    Some of the marquee names currently playing for Blackwater in the D-League which the team can consider as possible direct hires are prolific Adamson guard Jerico Cruz, UST stars Kevin Ferrer and Paolo Pe, and 6-foot-7 Fil-Am center Andrew Avillanoza.

    Another information reaching Spin.ph bared the Ever Bilena franchise is reportedly negotiating with Cagayan Valley Rising Suns hotshot John Pinto.

    Likewise, former PBA draftees Reil Cervantes and current Blackwater star Allan Mangahas are also expected to be included in the lineup.

    Meanwhile, Blackwater Sports will conduct tryouts on March 3 to 5 for its title defense in the Foundation Cup, which is expected to serve as the team’s farewell campaign in the developmental league.

    Follow the writer on Twitter: @snowbadua

    Parks and Banchero as possible direct-hires...
  • torchie82torchie82 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    An interesting take by Mr. Francis Ochoa:

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 16m
    For every ROS or Globalport (so far), you've had spoiled brats and backroom negotiators with a PhD in crafting insidious deals.

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 19m
    So please, please dear #PBA. Character check. Due Diligence. Tighter scrutiny. Your expansion track record isn't exactly noteworthy.

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 22m
    If you can't play by rules in one league, you'll never play by rules in any other league. #PBA #Blackwater

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 24m
    How you treat one league is how you'll end up treating any other league you'll join in. #PBA #Blackwater

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 27m
    Right now, I'd rather the PBA add a sister team than fly-by-nighter, flea-market stall renter that'll act as portal for 1-sided trades.

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 30m
    Past behavior will give you a clue as to how owners will be once they're in #PBA. #Blackwater

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 31m
    I would, for example, interview #Blackwater DLeague players. AND look at owners involvement with Hope School, what they're doing there #PBA

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 34m
    Due diligence is not enough. #PBA should do background check to know character, identity of new owners. #Blackwater

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 34m
    Also, #PBA cannot afford a team that will wait 5 years before putting together a winning season. #Blackwater

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 35m
    #PBA has to expand, but it cannot afford another team that deals its players in a garage sale. #Blackwatwer

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 37m
    Third: Does it have a long-term plan? Can it guarantee at least a 10-year stint in the league? #pba #Blackwater

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 38m
    Second: Does the team engage in business with current #PBA squads? Does it have business interests with other teams and v versa? #Blackwater

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 39m
    First: Is the team seriously looking to contend for a title? What's the time frame of owners to compete for crown? #PBA #Blackwater

    Francis T. J. Ochoa ‏@francistjochoa 40m
    I'm all for #PBA expansion and welcome Blackwater interest. But board scrutiny should carefully look over a couple of concerns.
  • darknight10darknight10 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Parks and Banchero? Hmm. Sounds good.

    BTW, anyone has a background of the owner of Blackwater? I don't care if they have connections with SMC, as long as they are also a "big" company, they won't be bullied by SMC. AFAIK, they own Ever Bilena and other stuffs. So he's a pretty good owner IMO.

    As long as BlackWater is NOT under SMC, instead, they are on the same "level", then it's good.
  • torchie82torchie82 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Another interesting update, KIA Motors also applied and mas nauna pa sila ng filing of application of Blackwater.
  • Parks and Banchero? Hmm. Sounds good.

    BTW, anyone has a background of the owner of Blackwater? I don't care if they have connections with SMC, as long as they are also a "big" company, they won't be bullied by SMC. AFAIK, they own Ever Bilena and other stuffs. So he's a pretty good owner IMO.

    As long as BlackWater is NOT under SMC, instead, they are on the same "level", then it's good.

    stuffs?! :glee:

    panalo ingles mo, brad :glee:
  • another farm team? may financial capabilities ba talaga to?

    sana mali ang iniisip ko
  • BubblesButtercupBubblesButtercup I Love Holly Golightly!!! PEx Expert 🎖️
    I dont care kung farm team basta dumame ang teams ok na saakin yun
  • Zep_TepiZep_Tepi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Parks and Banchero? Hmm. Sounds good.

    BTW, anyone has a background of the owner of Blackwater? I don't care if they have connections with SMC, as long as they are also a "big" company, they won't be bullied by SMC. AFAIK, they own Ever Bilena and other stuffs. So he's a pretty good owner IMO.

    As long as BlackWater is NOT under SMC, instead, they are on the same "level", then it's good.

    From what I understand, Dioceldo Sy is the owner of Ever Bilena and used to be a chairman of the PBL. He is said to be close to Henry Sy’’s family though they are not related.
  • Zep_TepiZep_Tepi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Blackwater Sports set to join PBA, says Sy

    The buzz had been there for some time, but nobody bothered to deeply dig into the matter until recently.

    Blackwater Sports, a team in the PBA Developmental League, was reported to be moving up to the professional level, and the first thing that was required of owner Dioceldo Sy by the PBA Commissioner’s Office was for the cosmetics conglomerate to submit a letter of intent.

    Personally, I did not verify the reports, but sometimes, things have a way of unexpectedly falling into one’s lap.

    * * *

    Friday afternoon, I was having a late lunch with a business associate at Fridays along Sgt. Esguerra Avenue when guess who walked past our table en route to the men’s room.

    Dioceldo Sy.

    I greeted him and he graciously promised to give us two minutes of his time
    for a very brief interview. Two minutes were all we needed.

    “Yes, Blackwater is as good as in the PBA,” confirmed Sy, whose main brand in the cosmetics industry is Ever Bilena. “Blackwater will be the 11th team in the PBA when the 2015 season opens in October.

    “We’ve long been working on our application and we’re now in the end phase of tying up loose ends.”

    Sy said the coaching staff, led by former PBA cager Leo Isaac, will be carried over the next level, including a number of players ready for the pros.

  • Jay P. MercadoJay P. Mercado Moderator PEx Moderator
    May be a quid pro quo deal between the RSA and MVP Groups. Since 8 votes are needed to make themselves eligible for the PBA, the MVP Group will approve the entry of Blackwater Elite into the PBA by giving their two votes provided that the SMC teams will give its nod to the entry of NLEX into the PBA.

    That would make a total of 12 teams. It's also possible to consider KIA's application - the question though is who their link to the PBA is to get the coveted 8 votes. Tanduay won't probably have resistance from their former arch enemy, SMC, to join the PBA if ever they apply since RSA and Lucio Tan (LT) are now partners at PAL.

    No, it won't be 14 teams next season. That's possible but really, a long shot. 12 is the PBA's target and it looks like Blackwater and NLEX will have the inside track because they have supporters from the PBA Board to help them out.
  • Ahura MazdaAhura Mazda Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    I dont care kung farm team basta dumame ang teams ok na saakin yun
    Wow. Okay lang sayo kung babuyin nila ang liga katulad ng ginagawa ng Air21 at Barako?
  • Zep_TepiZep_Tepi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    So I guess that leaves KIA out in the cold. I wonder though if it's possible for them to buy Barako? I'm not too familiar with the rules.
  • Zep_TepiZep_Tepi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Forget the question. Bakit naman papayag ang Barako eh kumikita nga pala sila :lol:
  • zezar_azarzezar_azar PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yun oh! Another farm team in the making. I-push na yan! :lol:
  • shazam761shazam761 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I just wish that those applicants who are serious about joining the PBA and intends to be really competitive like KIA Motors would just buy the franchise of Barako and Air21, these 2 franchises are big eyesores in the PBA. They are like, just trolling out there. We need serious participants to achieve a more level playing field and have balance in the league. Otherwise, the league will fold-up because more than half of the games will have no audience either in the venues or on TV.
  • sana yung pang 12 KIA motors na lang kung NLEX kc apat na San Miguel teams na yun
  • torchie82torchie82 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Two new companies express formal interest in joining PBA next season

    Korean car maker Kia and PBA D-League squad Blackwater Sports have expressed formal interest in becoming part of the PBA.

    League commissioner Chito Salud confirmed this latest development to InterAksyon.com.

    “Our office has received two formal letters of intention to join the PBA in its 2015 season — Columbia Automotive Corporation (Team Kia) and Ever Bilena Incorporated (Blackwater Sports). Their admission as new franchise holders is subject to 3/4 approval by the Board of Governors,” Salud said.

    According to Salud, the companies still need to file necessary paperwork before he can make his recommendation to the board.

    “They will need to submit among others important documents like company profile, financial status if they can sustain financing a PBA team,” added Salud.

    “Once I’ve assessed their papers, then I can make my recommendations to the board. They will need eight voting members or 3/4 of the board to get accepted. Iba yan kumpara sa 2/3 needed when you’re buying an existing franchise.”

    A league insider who requested anonymity said that Kia has an inside track in getting accepted as the PBA’s newest member.

    “Mukhang sigurado na eh,” said the source. “Pero kailangan pang desisyunan ng board.”

    The Kia brand is active in its sponsorship of basketball worldwide. The car maker is a top sponsor of the NBA and once put up a team in the Korean Basketball League.

    Amateur basketball history

    The Blackwater organization, on the other hand, has a long history in amateur basketball with team owner Dioceldo Sy having served as chairman of the defunct Philippine Basketball League.

    The team is the defending champion of the upcoming Foundation Cup in the D-League. Blackwater coach Leo Isaac said he is not privy to plans of joining the PBA, saying instead that the team is concentrating on defending its title in the tournament that begins in three weeks.

    Another D-League squad, meanwhile, is also mulling a move to join the PBA.

    Five-time champion NLEX is reportedly being wooed to add its name to those intending to join the pro league.

    “That’s the plan,” said a team insider. “In fact, a high-ranking official of the PBA is convincing us to move up. What we’re discussing now is what kind of team we can build in the PBA since we’ve already built a reputation in the D-League.”

    NLEX is part of the MVP group of companies, which already bankrolls two teams in the PBA — Talk ‘N Text and Meralco.
  • BubblesButtercupBubblesButtercup I Love Holly Golightly!!! PEx Expert 🎖️
    Sa nba din naman may farm teams
  • KevinDurantKevinDurant PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I hope both applications are accepted. More jobs for players.
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