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BasketMe, a new international website

I would like to introduce you a new international basketball website, that give a lot of information about the PBA, but the creators are spanish and they want to become known in Philippines.

They did a spanish website in 2006, during 7 years (basketme.com), and they decided to do the international website on October 2013 (basketme.net), covering a lot of the main competitions around the world: PBA, NBA, WNBA, Euroleague, World Championship, etc.

It's a great job, because we can consult the advanced standings, with wins, losses, home balance, away balance, points in favour, points against, difference of points, average difference per game, and streak of wins or losses:


On other hand, the playoffs are shown in a smart and nice bracket:


But the best are the statistics. We can consult the advanced PBA statistics, with 29 parameters, every one by accumulated, per game, or per 40 minutes. And the statistics by team:


It's not only about the PBA, else about all 19 competitions that they're covering around the world, in addition with 70-80 daily news (headlines). The majority of these news are about the NBA, but they publish news about all competitions every day.

The website is http://www.basketme.net and their Twitter, that is very active, with more than 2.000 followers, is http://www.twitter.com/basketme.


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