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IMY by Iktus (2014) Filipino

Iktus (2014)

1 Hiling
2 Mahal Kita (ILY)
3 Imy
4 Eto
5 Wag Na
6 Paalam
7 Alaala
8 Imy (Acoustic)

Genres: Pop, Music
Released: 21 February 2014
(c) 2013 MCA Music, Inc.

Download at:
IMY- http://soundcloud.com/user9336023/i-m-y
IMY acoustic- http://soundcloud.com/iktusmusic/imy-by-iktus
Hiling- http://soundcloud.com/iktusmusic/hiling
Wag Na- http://soundcloud.com/iktusmusic/wag-na
Paalam- http://soundcloud.com/iktusmusic/paalam
ILY- http://soundcloud.com/iktusmusic/new-song-draft-untitled-pa

Buy at: http://itunes.apple.com/ph/album/iktus/id808799554

facebook: www.facebook.com/iktusmusic
IG: iktusmusic
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/iktusband/videos

Members twitter:
bass: http://twitter.com/dreibass
drums: http://twitter.com/iktusdrew
guitar: http://twitter.com/cmndza
vocals: http://twitter.com/cj_panaligan

Here's how to vote online for Iktus' music video "IMY" on MYX:
1. Go to myxph.com
2. Click "register"
3. Fill-up the registration
4. "Join Myx" window will appear
5. Open the email address you used to register
6. Open the message from myx and click the link provided to verify your account
7. After clicking the link, you will be directed to myxph.com again

To vote:
1. Click "HOME"
2. On the right portion of the screen you will see "POLLS"
3. Click the white round button
4. Type "IMY - Iktus"
5. Click vote
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