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better off alone?

abscbnabscbn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
what do you think guys? are we better off alobe by ourselves or we need someone to be with?:)


  • it's nice to have someone whom you love and love you in return...someone you can grow old with, but being alone doesn't make you a lesser person. :)
  • me, i'd rather be alone than settle for someone na hindi ko naman talga gusto. kasi naman ung gusto ko, clueless eh.

  • siguro if you're still young, you can be better off alone pero
    pag tumanda ka na, life will be so lonely kung wala kang partner
    to share it with. all of us will find our partner someday so kung wala ka, you'll be left alone. :unhappy: and that must be the loneliest feeling na mararamdaman mo.
    the feeling of loneliness. :mecry:
  • Sta|kerSta|ker PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    depends really... some sucessful people made their best at the state of being alone..
  • it's always nice to have someone u can get along and have fun with... someone u can let into ur life. just don't expect he'll be there forever.
  • ...may kasama ang isang tao. When we grow old we really need someone to be with. Mahirap 2manda nang mag-isa.:D
  • i think its really hard...:shedtears: cuz nobody will take care of u, and u have nobody to share ur lyf with...

    before, i was thinkin' dat if ever dis happens to me, il juz prefer being a nun.. so dat at least, i can even spend my lyf wid HIM... but as much as possible... i rili dont wanna be a nun...:ayaw:
  • it's nice to have someone you could be with .... always there by ur side .... who will listen ..... whom you could share with ....

    pero ako nakasanayan ko nang alang kasama .... mas at ease at sa sitwasyong ito .... i guess i'm better off alone ;)
  • :stan:
    I dont know about you but I cant see myself spending my life alone.
  • Originally posted by xueli
    me, i'd rather be alone than settle for someone na hindi ko naman talga gusto. kasi naman ung gusto ko, clueless eh.


    I've gotta agree with this. Better to be alone than settle for "second best" or be someone who is going to be a burden to the other
  • To have someone to love who loves you too is the best!
    To have someone to love but can't love you back, hurts!
    But to be alone doesn't mean no one loves you! You just don't notice them or maybe you just don't want to give attention to them...

    Sorry, I guess it's not related!
  • abscbnabscbn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    for me naman in a way that am better off alone...wala akong intindihin na dadag na burden sa buhay ko, sometimes kasi when you have someone, nagiging dependent ka na dun sa tao, tapos pagnawala na sya, poof wala ka na rin, am not taking this from my personal log files ha, sa friends lang.

    saka you can be happy with the company of your friends and you can fight all you want, but still ending up still as friends, eh pag in a relationship, break kung break, divorce kung divorce.:)
  • ALONE!!! sanay naman ako eh
  • for now, anywayz...

  • MOVED: Realm of Thought :umbrella:
  • im better off alone now. i don't think i'm ready for a relationship now. i don't think i'm willing to give up my lifestyle now. d fact na i'm not ready to alter my lifestyle is a sign na i should be alone now n mag enjoy muna ko.i can't handle the pressures n expectations of a relationship as of now.we just myt hurt each other so wag na lang muna. :blowsmoke: :alcoholic:

    in d long run, i'd want sum1 i can spend my life wid. by den i'd be ready to give up things just for him. i just want to make sure ren na wen i go into another relationship, i'm ready n willing. :sweet:
  • Uhhh...

    I still think there's someone out there who's willing to spend the rest of her life with me and all my craziness...and be happy in my world.

    Then again, it's great living alone. You're accountable only to yourself and you don't give a sh!t what people think.

  • Originally posted by abscbn
    what do you think guys? are we better off alobe by ourselves or we need someone to be with?:)
    We all have the same mindset when we were young (e.g.: I will not smoke and drink, i will get married at this age, I will have this number of kids, etc). But what do you think happen to these thoughts of ours?

    Only time can answer your question. Just relax out there and enjoy life. Yes, it's true! It's true!

  • there will be times na you're better off alone but most of the time you'll wish na you're experiencing the happy things in life with someone :)
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