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Who got the better deal: Portland or Houston?

I think it benefited both teams.....
but the Rockets got a slightly better deal.
Pip will giv the blazers the experience it needs come playoffs or championship time...

on the ader hand, the players that Houston got will give them youth and atlethiscm esp. with Shandon and Stev Francis around. deir franchise hav a bright future ahead...


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    If the rumors are to be believed, the Rockets will drop 4 of the 6 players they received for Pippen and will keep only Walt Williams and Kelvin Cato. Considering they could have received Glen Rice and Robert Horry if they pulled the trigger earlier, I think Houston got a raw deal since they just wanted to dump Pippen.
  • sorry, i think i dont agree w/ you man. for me portland got the better deal. so what if they lost 6(?) players, they got Scottie Pippen, SCOTTIE PIPPEN! they were doing well last season and i dont think losing those players affected the roster, but the addition of SP would definitely be an impact and i think SP fits the team better than sa Houston
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    I think that Portland got the steal of the year!!! If they manage to mesh well, they have a chance to win 70 plus games next season. That may seem to be an unreachable mark, but their line-up is unbelievable!!!
  • pippen is quite old...at least Houston saved money while getting fresh legs for it. ;)
  • i know pippen is pippen...he's really very good but he just doesn't fit into the rockets' system, taga-pasa lang sya kay olajuwon n chuck ...at least now they got not that popular players but can contribute naman...so losing pip n getting those 6 players(3 na lang ata as of now), steve francis, and shandon anderson....made them a better team, i suppose...
  • Cato and Williams for Pippen?
    I can think of many others who can contribute more than Cato and Williams which other teams would be willing to give up for Pip! Why did the Rockets agree to all 6 if they're not gonna use 'em? Pippen has 6 championship rings and knows the feeling of winning, Houston should've been more patient in getting proven players.

    Houston wasn't shafted, but they certainly could've gotten more.

  • On paper, it seems that Portland got the better deal. I mean Scottie Pippen is among the 50 best players in NBA history. He is also a multi-titled veteran who can help a young and talented team like the Blazers to get to the finals. But just how well Scottie blends with this team remains to be seen. I think Portland already had it's hands full trying to keep Damon Stoudamire, Rasheed Wallace, and Jim Jackson happy last season. Add in Pippen who has had his own share of troubles and it promises to be an interesting season for Portland.
  • I think that Houston got the better deal. They really did not need Pippen at all. Now Houston has got 2 stars and a hell of a bench with semi -star players and mind you, these semi stars were former stars such as Stacey Augmon and Walt Williams while Kelvin Cato is one helluva blocker. Portland really rely on it's semi star line up but unfortunately, they just broke it.

    HOUSTON got the better deal.
  • Guys, you won't know now who got the better deal. We'll all know who got the better deal at the end of next season. Whoever emerges on top of the other benefitted the more.
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