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    Originally posted by JENSIE_G
    For Musique... :)

    Last year's Venezuelan rep in Miss Earth...
    Osmel Sousa should really buy the Venezuelan franchise for Miss Earth... Para naman lumakas lalo ang laban ng Venezuela sa Miss Earth...


    I think she looks like Posh Spice...anyways, shes better looking than this year's bet..sorry ha, mukha talagang ant ung mukha ng bet ng venezuela this year eh! :ayaw:

    About Miss Russia...dont think she can defend MU crown though...
    ONe of the least known Miss Venezuelas, Veronica Schneider, Miss Venezuela World 1997. She did not make the top 10 in Miss World. Every time a Miss Venezuela does not make it in Miss World, it's parang nakakapanibago, it's unlikely not them not to make it. A bombshell no?

    Ay grabehhh!!! Ang ganda nya!Ang Miss World talaga weird! :rolleyes: One hundred plus pages na to at di ko pa rin matanggap na natalo si Ruffa sa mga un! hmpf! :p
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    I can feel it! hehe!

    Rehearsal pics of the delegates...
    miss4.jpg miss9.jpg
    miss7.jpg miss6.jpg

    The delegates during their trips around TNT...
    miss2.jpg miss1.jpg

    Rare pics galore!
    ft2.jpg ft1.jpg
    ft3.jpg ft4.jpg
    ft14.jpg ft7.jpg

    Miss Colombia Marianella Pacini takes a break with her boyfriend... yeehee... hehe... :D
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    Originally posted by cathybee

    sorry ha, mukha talagang ant ung mukha ng bet ng venezuela this year eh! :ayaw:

    HAHAHA! Funny ka talaga mag-comment! Ant ka dyan! hehe! :D
    About Miss Russia...dont think she can defend MU crown though...

    Yeah, I don't even think this girl will make it to the Top 10 next year in Panama... Gut feeling lang...
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    Remembering Eva Ekvall's makeover... :)

    From THIS to THIS...
    missve6.jpg pageant461_image1.jpg

    Thanks to the MUO stylists, they were able to bring out Eva's youthful glow... Here's Eva's official headshot in MU2001...

    More shots of Eva... Ang ganda niya dito sobra!
    eva4.jpg eva-luisa2.jpg
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    Miss Indiana Pratima Yarlagadda competes in the evening gown of her own choice. She could have been the 1st ever Indian Miss USA...
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    Remebering Kimberly Ann Pressler... :)

    Kimmy is the 2nd ever Miss USA to miss the semi-final cut in Miss Universe...
    MISSUSA99_l.jpg dayafter1_l.jpg
    11l.jpg homepg1.jpg

    Kimmy (2nd from left) during the Miss USA 1999 Opening Number... I loved that year's production! All 51 delegates wore cutting-edge designs by Max Azria. :)
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    Another picture of Eva Ekvall in swimsuit

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    Eva Ekvall really had superb catwalk skills! Even better than any other Venezuelan I could think of. Pantay lang sila ni Minorka.

    Eva exectues this certain "turn" na pang-supermodel talaga. Ibang klase...

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    Pictures of Miss Brazil 2002 during the Blupoint swim fashion show


    An epitome of a Brazilian bombshell... notice the features of having Brazilian/Portuguese blood, very different compared to her Spanish speaking neighbors. Too bad for those thunder thighs.
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    Minorka was stiff...
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    It's been a while since I last posted pics of Zorah here... :)

    Zorah during her final days as Bb. Pilipinas UNIVERSE 2001...
    pageant469_image1.jpg pageant469_image2.jpg

    Zorah shares a light moment with her best friend and fellow delegates during Miss Universe 2001 in Bayamon...

    The first 2 pics are from Mabuhay Beauties.
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    Lara_D: Stiff? Hmm... siguro nung interview portion lang... Para bang confused siya kung pano magpo-pose at tatayo habang kausap si Bob Goen.

    Pero nung swimsuit at evening gown competitions you can clearly see how she sashayed onstage... bihirang-bihira yun especially for a lady 6'2" in height...
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    Remembering Vanessa Mari?o Gra?a...

    Vanessa won the Miss Lugo 2002 crown. She was set to compete in the Miss Espa?a 2002 pageant when topless photos (such as this) of her were released... She was immediately expelled by the Organizacion Miss Espa?a from the national pageant... However, she was allowed to join after the Miss Universe Organization released a statement saying that it's okay for aspiring MU contestants to pose topless as long as it was done for art's sake... Whew!!!

    Sayang Vanessa didn't win Miss Espa?a 2002! She's so damn HOT!!! :)
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    Arpeggio Photogenic Award Winner

    Isis Marie Casalduc Gonzales
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    Daniela Stucan is stunning in this picture. Sayang hindi siya nag advance sa Miss World Cup round 2 ng GB.

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    Musique: Yeah I agree. She deserved the Miss Photogenic award. :)
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    suplad0: :)
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    Is it just me or Miss Panama looks like J Lo?


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    For Musique... :)

    Another stunning shot of Daniela Stucan... She has super strong Italian features... As we all know, there are also lots of Italians in Argentina just like in Uruguay...

    She should have been sent to Miss Universe din sana... :)
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